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I didn't know, but Frédéric Bastiat did run the French 2012 presidential campaign race...

Here are a few of the clips:

"Bastiat 2012 - La solution libérale"



In the 19th century, great thinkers fought for liberty.

They warned us against the evil and dangers of socialism and collectivism.

But their contemporaries didn't take them seriously.

Ourselves, we have forgotten the meaning of their fight.

Everywhere natural capitalism has been able to bring grandeur and prosperity.

Liberals had on their side the evidence of the success of liberty.

But in Paris, that's the socialists who won the argument.

And even ourselves, often we are still accepting to take them any seriously.

It is not too late.

It is up to us to make the right choice.

To bring an end to crony capitalism and big banks bailouts.

To bring an end to political corruption and TPTB's lobbies.

To bring an end to paralyzing regulations and overwhelming taxes...


"Bastiat 2012 - clip de campagne"


"L'héritage de Frédéric Bastiat vu des Etats-Unis"

(The legacy of Bastiat seen by the United States)


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Cool stuff!

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Yes, this is.

Yes, this is.

This totally made my day, my friend.

Finally catching up.

Let's just stand on, people !


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