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Bird Watchers flock to see RARE bird, then watch it get KILLED by wind turbine!

Wind turbines and wind power huge bird killers


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Wind Turbines Waste fossil fuel, not preserve it

One year ago yesterday it was a headline in my local msm newspaper: "Wind farm proposed"(mile and 1/2 West of my house).
I've been on this issue since the 2007 Calumet County(WI) County Fair. Calumet County Citizens For Responsible Energy(CCCRE) enlightened me and started me on a journey of truth. Not unlike Ron Paul and the Daily Paul Liberty movement. There is nothing good about wind turbines or wind "energy" unless you don't mind being involved in tyrannical extortion of money for the sake of Al Gore/Jim Doyle(former WI governor)/Scott Walker(present WI governor) "green" fraud....or if all you care about is profiteering for yourself and/or your favorite wind farm developer.

I welcome any feedback on this issue, but my views will not change

There are possibly two alternative energy concepts that I can agree to: Coal to liquid technology(to keep mercury out of the air) and Thorium nuclear. Most others are a waste. See: Headlong Into An Energy Nightmare-Russell Walker, P.E. 13 January 2013. His e-mail: littlefarm1@windstream.net

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

My husband did a paper on Coal Liquidfaction

in 1975-76. He said that Exxon spent millions studying the feasibility however they scrapped their plans as it cost about $40 per barrel to produce compared to oil at $25. (Last I heard OPEC said they needed $50 per barrel to break even.) The coal process was clean in the sense that it kept the mercury out of the air, as you noted, and also the sulfur could be used for a variety of beneficial pharmaceuticals.

I like the idea of thorium...

I like the idea of thorium nuclear, the government doesn't like it. It is too safe, much cheaper, easily available and less toxic waste. And let's not forget last but least it can never meltdown and you can not get plutonium as a byproduct and make nuclear bombs. These are all deal breakers for our great government. Thorium plasma batteries show a lot of promise, (if you don't get killed owning one) with a shoe box sized one being able to power your cars or houses for 3 to 7 years without recharge.
Another alternative energy that shows promise is what was once called cold fusion that is currently call LENR (low energy nuclear reactor) Check out Ecat.com and Andrew Rossi. If he can get all the certification and work out the bugs you will one day have your own affordable power supply in your house.

Check out http://peswiki.com/index.php/Main_Page for other interesting types of alternative energy


This kind of reminds me of ...

This kind of reminds me of an old video of a seal that was nursed back to health and released back in the ocean. That freedom only lasted a few seconds until a killer shark jumped up and swallowed it whole in front of a stunned audience of Peta people. Life has its irony.


people laugh

the reason we eat as much organic as we can get is because of the chemicals pesticides etc.will it spare us ..probably not but it sends a small message...as for the birds imagine a world without them you wont notice what they represented until they are no longer around .when you walk thru your town and come thru a thick putrid fragrant air mass as in dryer sheets or scented fabric softeners do you ever think hmmm that cant be too good what's in the air ..hmmm...it probably is not..hmmm...you can spend forever finding these very questionable toxic substances but the sleepwalkers don't give a damn..

WHATS: Grey & White, Grey and White.....

..THEN Red and White and Grey and Red and White and Grey?

a White-throated Needletail with an NSA/Mercedes-Benz microchip implant.

...move along now...nothing to see here now...back to your homes now....

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

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Basically our species has reached a size such that anything

we do on any kind of scale, actually has planetary effects. What those effects will be long term is anyone's guess. But our voracious growth does remind me of bacteria in a petri dish, which multiply exponentially until they consume all their limited resources and - kaput -

The question for us is how resourceful we can be with our limited resources. Or if we could make an orders of magnitude jump to unlimited resources - as we have a basically unlimited energy source in the sun. Can we get that technology done?

If there were ever a time for a good old fashioned, "Let's go to the moon!" Kennedy moment, now would be it. Instead, we got Obamacare. And why is climate change so controversial? Isn't it obvious?

He's the man.

The Planet wil be purring along long after we are toast.

The Chinese will one day walk on Mars. We can't even manufacture tires anymore.

Sure, some of us may just be mold but we're all...funghis

The beauty in this "bacterium" is that most of it is self aware enough to see its own impact, as you clearly do, Michael. We can see that a select few seem to thrive in sh*t. That's nature I suppose.

Well, good news is, we're not fungus. We are intelligent human beings capable of seeing the shortcomings of our ways. We have only begun to be Globally self aware. We, as a whole, are not the problem. Only the "cancerous" among us are. And if we are able to become the disease, then we are equally capable to be the cure.

But the disease has so much influence over our organic system. It has become such an efficient parasite. Draining our energy to the point where all we can do is stare at it as it sucks us dry.

We have lit the flame of Truth and it's growing into a fire. Grab a stick, get it red hot and burn the leeches off.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Be careful what you wish for, Michael.

Rallying to go to the moon (sic) in today's times means calling for the government to fix it for us. We don't want that.

In answer to your other question first, "can we get that technology done?", I can tell you that it's already here. It's been here and as you might imagine, it's been fighting monetary control now for a few years. Of the technologies that I'm aware of, which are all non-public and fully resource positive, their progress is nothing short of staggering. They span multiple industries from energy and water to communication, to food, to finances and on to education. Once the last financial roadblock gets successfully hurdled, they will thrive on each other. Then, just like the adoption rate of cell phones has gone exponential in recent years, these technologies will sweep the globe faster than any regulation can keep up. The short version is that before you know it, you won't recognize a number of industries.

But, returning to the rally movement topic, just know that it's being done and won't take much longer. The days for doing it publicly and by the Keynesian rules have all passed by because the game has changed substantially. Basically, in the game now, an economics degree is the worst hindrance you could have.

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You sound like the guy who wrote this book

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think - Peter H. Diamandis.

I saw him speak a few weeks ago in NYC. He's good. Extremely agressive marketer


I understand that the technology is here for a lot of these things - it is a matter of getting it deployed in time. Like William Gibson says, "The future is already here - it is just not evenly distributed yet."

He's the man.

Abundance definitely is around the corner

We just have to encourage it to benefit the masses and not just the elites.

Peter's fun to watch. I do like his (and all those guys he references) books and speeches. He's exciting to listen to. Unfortunately, when you listen close, the shine is gone. This is one reason I wrote my book - to counter Peter and a few others who have the tech knowledge of what we can do but lack libertarian/free market principles to get it done.

Have another look at what he's saying at 10:57. Basically, he's pushing for the monopolization game we currently have in the investment world to take over the philanthropy world. Here's our basic difference. As someone who has fought extremely hard with investors for more than a decade, I can tell you that the only problem with technologies not getting made is this sell-out system we have. Peter thinks that offering a prize to leverage his charity will attract so many people, which it kind of will, but it won't attract the right types. When you sign up for these contests, you sign away many of your rights to run the future business in the black. Running businesses always in the red is what got us here! So, he'll get people who will sell their company out for the quick buck and leave it in the hands of Goldman, GE, BP or any other shark company. He won't get those who truly want the tech to reach the masses. That takes an entirely different business model.

Oh, and lastly... Mr. Diamandis only knows of maybe 40-50% of the really 'new' tech that's headed our way. ;)

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What a bunch of elitist drivel.

If this is representative of modern thought, we are surely doomed.

Undo what Wilson did

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As our needs for power grow

the number of birds on the planet will decrease.

That is my interpretation of this article. If it were a "clean" coal plant, it might have killed 8,000 people through air pollution, but no one would have ever put 2 + 2 together. "People just dying of cancer at an increased rate."

Why? There is some externality that is being produced that is causing cancer. Where is it? Is the confusion that is being caused about it intentional?

In answer, the cause is the food. Or as Renato says, "It's all in the food, Mikey. It's all in the food."

The gosh darn problem is that the food industry - the junk food industry, but that goes without saying now. Anything that has been processed is junk food. 90% of what is sold in grocery stores is simply not edible. Should not be eaten.

Drugs, basically. Processed foods provide taste & texture, if not optimal nutrition. Food directly evokes and responds to a primary emotion. It is second only to sex in that aspect. Eating is the second most intense emotional experience to a human. It is a choke point as a mechanism of control, and it has been taken over by about 5 food conglomerates who are fat and pacing greedily around that choke point.

"What else can we throw down those endless holes? How about some breakfast sandwiches, but instead of bread - pancakes! Make it about a thousand calories, half of them fat. Who cares? We aren't eating it! Shovel some more! They love it!"

And just like there are a handful of media companies that control everything. They're in cahoots - telling us all what to eat during the "programming." The entertainers are only there to keep you for the ads. The ads are the real show. Not Rush. Not Hannity. Not that new kid on MSNBC with the dark eyes - Chris Hayes. The real stars are the ads.

The ads are the control system. The ads keep you in the toxic cycle. The toxic cycle of food. All other cycles can be described as some variant on "Living your life for other people's opinions."

I'm tempted to get cable back just to study the ads!

He's the man.

Its really complicated

The ability to process food has done alot to decrease starvation. While I garden, use farm markets, etc. I don't think I could get enough calories from these sources. I don't think the non-industrial food sources could feed us all, at least not without a huge number of people becoming farmers - and even then I'm not sure. Of course, if we went back to 20% of the population being farmers, who would service the elite ?

The real control points are Food, energy, medicine and information. A physicist that these are all essentially the same thing - boiling down to information. what do government try to control ?

The only real control point is money

All others are derivative pseudo-controls. By controlling money, ethics and behaviors towards every other action can be influenced. Those influences ALWAYS corrupt the process and place more allegiance in the ultimate hands of those who control the money.

Stop the money influence and we will watch all other things in this world change for the better as people regain the prosperity they have lost in the last century.

Currency is essentially

information - but I see where you are going, currency is an extremely important carrier of information

Michael Nystrom's picture

currency is a very important information carrier

And it has been corrupted, totally and completely.

The information currency carries now is, "Fuck you. I fuck you."

That information comes directly from the top - the Fed itself. A currency should be stable. It should be subject to the same rules, by everyone.

But somehow, the Fed has managed to usurp control, and create more money with the stroke of a key than you or I will ever make in our lifetimes. They don't have to lift a finger in work or labor. And the message to you, and your hard work, and your savings is: Fuck you. And it is transmitted each and every time a currency transaction takes place in this country.

If there is a single reason our society is disintegrating, it is this. $4.00 for a cup of coffee? You know you're getting screwed. Wall Street bankers make hundreds of millions while you're pulling in $10/ per hour?

Since people know they're getting screwed, their only way to get it back is to screw someone else further down the line. And the fabric of society is strained further.

He's the man.

Does anybody else

like birds but hate birdwatchers?

fireant's picture


I don't hate them, but nothing destroys an afternoon of enjoying the beauty and complexities of nature faster than a herd of watchers with their cameras, glasses, books out oohing and aahing with each other.

Undo what Wilson did

pretty sick to hate/get

pretty sick to hate/get annoyed by people enjoying themselves when they aren't hurting anyone. they are enjoying a part of this world that interests them.

I know, it

is awful of me.....but still. I mean, come on, smug urbanites wearing their polyester windbreakers and using hiking poles to walk on groomed trails while they talk about how dogs ruin nature...urg....there I go again. Forgive me.

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Lighten up.

What is sick is when we become so PC we can't poke fun at one another.

Undo what Wilson did


This planet is so much more beautiful when we go green... then red. haha

That's just funny