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Turn Your Back This Fourth of July

In a few days, we will all have an opportunity to peacefully inflict a major psychological blow on the rapidly coalescing police state by the simple but powerful act of refusing to play along with the absurd pantomime on the 4th of July that we live in an even nominally free country – one with the rule of law, an operative Constitution and respect for individual rights. One that isn’t a thugocracy.

We can turn our backs on the flag. Decline to participate when urged to cheer and sing. No fireworks. No barbeques. We can sit down – and bow our heads.

We can mention the unmentionable: That there is no longer any meaningful limit to the power of the government over our lives. No line beyond which it may not tread. That it lies, spies and tyrannizes. We can admit to ourselves the shoddy – and frightening – reality bubbling up all around us.


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((((((HEY GRANGER!))))))))))

...Bully for you!
Remember Donald Sutherland in Kelly's Heroes? (Negative vibes, man)
So....here's a positive...this is reminiscent of your hard work.
Enjoy, and Give Reverance to Independence Day!


"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

((((((((((((Danton)))))))))) Thank you

I never saw that before.. it really struck my heart.

Please come to my toga party at the RNC convention in 2016.


I think these...

...ideas are to express frustration at Americans glossing over the very real encroachments on Liberty we are seeing increase year by year, making a mockery of the heritage we are celebrating. I am concerned that most people would just have the same reaction you're having and lose sight of that point in their rush to cast it as unpatriotic or unAmerikan. It would be similar to the masses misunderstanding someone wanting to not participate in a commercialized Christmas for a year in order to reflect on the real reason for the season. They might be called Scrooges.

I'll still participate in the celebrations of our heritage as always; but I will be thinking more and more of ways to use this day of remembrance to point out how the things going on today mostly contradict it.

Do you have any constructive ideas how to do so? Or are you saying that anybody who doesn't fall in-line with the too-often mindless motions is a 'Scrooge'?

They are dangerous ideas fueled by apathy


Get on a central committee, get involved in board of supervisors, go to meetings, educate yourself how government is constructed, who is who and what are their stands, learn Robert Rules of Order, GET INVOLVED.. BECOME PART OF THE SOLUTION Learn to work with people, eliminate those within who don't respect the constitution, replace them with yourself.

KEEP THE SPIRIT OF LIBERTY and INDEPENDENCE from the UN Alive by celebrating, not forsaking and protesting.

Too many here have it backwards and are falling for propeganda rather than standing for FREEDOM.

Too much either or.

It seems like I hear too much bickering over effecting change from within a political party and effecting change through involving yourself in persuading hearts and minds through interaction with neighbors, friends and family outside that context. It shouldn't be either-or -- it should be both. What does being involved with the GOP committee (which I am) have to do with handing out pocket Declarations and Constitutions to others on a personal level, on the Fourth? I asked if you had any constructive ideas for how to use the Fourth in a positive way to point out the current growing tyranny -- in other words, what could we do instead of triggering the wrong response with this kind of flag?

Isn't just celebrating the Fourth as if everything is ok in the present also a way of promoting apathy?

To answer your question

Being on a committee AFFORDS one the opportunity to be in a 4Th of July parade and have the RIGHT to pass out constitutions.

You're on a committee? What committee?

What isn't OK? A parade being bombed by those who burn USA flags is NOT ok. You want to go on and on about BAD AMERICA. How s that working on your committee? What committee?

I've been involved...

...as a member of our county GOP's executive committee, attend our central committee meetings to vote on things, will be on our bylaws committee and will be going as a delegate to the State platform convention. I don't appreciate the haughty condescension that you have towards others who work outside that, though. As if anything outside that is worthless. You don't have to be on a committee to effect change through living out Love and Liberty. All the laws you might change will be for naught if the people's hearts and minds aren't in sync with that.

I understand having an issue with this particular tactic with the flag -- you don't have to segue into bashing anything outside the GOP.

Who made you the protector of the disenfrancised?

Anything outside is worthless because it FAILS to stand and be counted.. rather it sits on a fence like vultures and waits, while raging against the machine it refuses to particpate.

The peoples? The peoples are in for a ruder awakening than what they think if they continue to sit outside and wait for a miracle.

I'm going to bash everything outside the GOP just so you can join the losers and have something to not appreciate even more.

Make my day CRY LOUDER!

So are you telling me...

...that what you're doing in the GOP committee is more important for Liberty than what, say, a pastor, or a teacher, or a parent, or a student, or a coworker, or a relative, or a neighbor, or a friend is doing to effect changes in hearts and minds outside of your committee?

More condescension to assume that anything other than being on a committee is a failure.

What committee was Christ on? His actions changed more not only spiritually but politically than you or I could ever accomplish just within some political party. He changed hearts; he changed philosophies. As much as some would disagree, those philosophical changes' effects can be traced down to be a major role in Western Civilization and in our Founders' worldview (even if some weren't explicitly Judeo-Christian.)

Am I tearing down what you're doing? No! I'm saying, don't condescendingly dismiss anyone that isn't following your exact recipe for change.


I'm telling YOU that getting elected or appointed to a committee, and on the board of supervisors, and working within you local and state governments, where you can exercise the machine rather than fight the machine from the outside, is far more important than waving signs and blowing whistles letting people know you are lost and need help.

NO ONE has the power to change anyone. You may have the power to change YOURSELF. Try it.

Christ was on a rabbitical committee.. he was a Rabbi lest you forget and furthermore he is GOD. You now going to say we are God?
His actions broke the old covenant and gave us a new covenant where by FAITH rather than birth, one is chosen.

You chose to hear a condesending tone from me based on YOUR expectations, while you have the audacity to lable me to a box you believe you can attack me, and make me back down to a tone YOU want. You want to tell me that I have the GOD like power to change people's hearts. I don't buy that.

God using us...

...doesn't make us God. You can't tell me that a professor at a university who is daring to expose minds to the truth rather than propaganda is less important for change than you sitting on a committee. The pocket Constitution I received from a homeschooling dad when I was young did more for me personally in leading me to Liberty than watching you wave from a GOP float in a parade would ever have done. (Oh...oops...he didn't have the RIGHT to give me that Constitution.) Again, I'm not saying either-or. I'm saying both are important arenas.

It is condescending to assume that anybody who is not currently involved on a GOP committee is therefore a failure and not being used for effecting change. Sure, we should encourage people to become involved in the party; but not by caustically tearing down everything outside of that.

I am not trying to put you in a box. You seem to be pretty quick on the draw to label people as Jihadist sympathizers, wanting to blow up parades, etc. for thinking that it is sad that our country is not what it once was and trying to point that out to others. Rather than just bashing people for particular tactics you disagree with, I was just suggesting you constructively point out alternative, positive ways to illustrate that. And, yes, I do think it is arrogant to claim your committee involvement is the end-all, be-all, and to look down your nose at others as mere vultures sitting around. Some people are like that; some aren't. It's too broad a brush you paint with.

Having said all that, I don't desire to just butt heads with you. Thank you for your hard work on the committee and being an example to others in that arena. I do appreciate it. I also appreciate your example as someone of faith and love in your various postings here. Let's set this aside and go forward together in peace.

I can tell you

That a professor is limited to what he can profess in the secular trade of education. Professors are not free and are not encouraging freedom, but encouraging enslavement to a system that binds us to bad laws that make bad people. All one has to do is see all the prisoners of victimless crimes in prison forced to work within a prison industrial complex that prefers victims of the system rather than violent criminals.

That professor is not going to be elected or appointed to a committee whose job is to vet and nominate candidates and issues, and goes to conventions to get their candidate the nomination unless that professor does what many of us did.. petiton for ballot access, get elected to a committee, show up to the meetings, get others appointed to the committees, debate employing Roberts Rules of Order to vet and win our candidates and issues futher ballot access on local, state and national levels.

It's wonderful that your Dad gave you a pocket constitution and you appreciated that to the point of honoring it. I respect BOTH of you.

If carrying that pocket constitution is good enough for you, sobeit. But to think that is enough,, that if all we did was carry a pocket constitution would restore the Republic to constitutional government with a Bill of Rights that protects our rights, you are mistaken. I wish it was so easy.

Maybe you would be more moved to see my GOP float pass out pocket constitutions and have anti-drone drills that promote peace and freedom rather than waving signs that say, "Join the GOP".. and that's why we are not waving signs that say "Join the GOP", but passing out pocket constitutions and having anti-drone drills instead?

My professor...

...who taught physics but after class chatted with me and others about politics and mentioned that he was for Liberty helped break the whole left-right paradigm that had been metastisizing in my mind and instead planted seeds for me to see the true Liberty-vs-tyranny struggle.

My professor who taught a class on musical anthropology underscored principles of Liberty vs interventionist aggression when discussing various cultures around the globe.

My professor who taught microeconomics and was claiming that there was a 'right to public education' in the Constitution was caught off guard when I approached him after class in front of other students with this same pocket Constitution in hand and asked him to point out where it said that. He looked and looked but, of course, it wasn't there. I have no idea, but I may have helped plant seeds that day.

My point with Christ was that, whether or not He was involved with various institutions of the day, the Gospels don't emphasize this. They emphasize His personal interactions with people, on the hillside, on the road, at a wedding, with fishermen, with prostitutes about to be stoned, with lepers and blind men, centurions, etc. I'm saying that these personal-level interactions can mean very much in people's lives--not only spiritually, but also philosophically -- which then pours out into every area of life, including politics and voting, through a shift in thinking or worldview.

I think it's great what you're doing in the context of the party. I'm just asking that you not knock those who are doing work outside that context as well.

I apologize if any of my words were said in a wrong way. I have no desire to personally attack you!

I think it's GREAT

you schooled your professor! KUDOS!!! Made my day! I'm proud of you. That takes guts. That means you have what it takes to succeed, and I have no doubt you will succeed.

If you can school me how to vet and nominate a candidate that actually has a chance to win the presidency, I'm all eyes.

Lord Jesus Christ is GOD.. I am not.

Thank you for being you.

Thanks :)

Thank you, (((Granger))). Have a beautiful Lord's Day and a blessed week. :)

I don't believe God uses us

I believe God gives us CHOICES.

It's not condesending to give facts, even if those facts are not appreciated by those who resist and CHOOSE to NOT place themselves where they FEAR to go. God removes FEAR and rewards us with blessings, grace and mercy.

Many things move people.. and many times, I'm sorry to say, it is not honey but anger. Anger is a fuel.. you can constructively employ anger by fueling a vehicle to take you places, or you can store it up and eventually meet a spark that will explode.

Correct, you are not trying to put me in a box. You are actively putting me in a box, attacking me with accusations of being condesending to FORCE ME TO CHANGE. If I was weak, you would move me, but I am not weak, thus you have met a wall that crushes the box you insist I belong.

I believe many do not know history, have a poor understanding of the currant events, and want to escape by employing blame and excuses as reason, thus refusing to get in the good fight for freedom.

As a Catholic, a very old religion, we understand that governments come and go, empires are built and fall, change is enevitable, so no nation is going to be what it was. WE ARE THE FUTURE, not the past. The world is NOT Jesus's kingdom, but illusion. Many abet Jihad by supporting Palestine over Israel. I don't blame them because I see how MSM is part of this illusion, because MSM supports a UNNWO.. they work to enforce the illusion that Israel is about enslaving people to the point of murdering them based on racism,, but the exact opposite is what is true.. Israel has been fighting enslavement since they escaped Egypt. The world has always attacked Jews, and now it attacks Israel that is a country made of more than Jews, but Christians and Muslims. Obama administration is NO friend to Israel.

By informing people that they have an alternative in the GOP, which folks like me were on the front line and FOUGHT to secure for those who are not so strong.. we now have liberty committees.. I'm not forcing anyone to join a committee, some committees are already full, but that's no reason to not support a committee that can afford opportunities that indiviuals can not afford.

For you to assume where I look (down my nose), says more about where you look, afterall, you are REACTING to my posts.. YOU find it condesending because YOU have placed yourself below me. If you saw yourself as an equal you would not see me as condesending but offering opportunity. You have worked hard to knock me rather than stand with me.

I have enjoyed many of your posts and do not see you below me, nor anyone here.. I respect everyone's choice, after all it is not for me to judge, which you may believe that I am; However, I am not judging, but informing: It is committees that make the nominations, vet candidates, vet issues, and get the job done. I didn't create this system. I worked hard to understand it, and then make the choice to get in to change it.

IOWs, I'm not asking anyone to do what I have not done, and to me, it would be condesending to ask others to do what I am unwilling to do. If they don't want to do what I have done, that's fine by me; However, I am not going to say that they have equal power when it comes to vetting and nominating candidates, getting resolutions, inniatives and propositions vetted, because that would be a lie.

Peace be with you and may God grace you with his love and mercy by bestowing upon you abundant and constant blessings.

Again, it's not either or...

The neighbor at our block's fireworks display, sitting on the curb and talking about Liberty was important in my life. I'm just asking that you not dismiss the importance of these personal interactions that can go on, outside the context of GOP involvement. I am not saying GOP involvement is therefore not important.

And when it comes to us making free-will choices and God working through those choices to work change, again I would say it is both, not either-or. He even uses our wrong choices to steer things toward good. (Example: Joseph's and his brothers actions and choices were then used by God to bring their family out of the famine into the plenty of Egypt. Gen 50:20: 'You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.' Intricate dance between our free-will choices and God's.). But that's a whole theological rabbit trail, eh? :)

fireant's picture

Appreciate your comments Granger,

and your steadfastness.
I used to fly only the inverted, distress signal flag, but found, even after explaining it's meaning, it merely pissed off people to the point any chance for dialogue was lost.
You are spot on. It is much easier to complain and protest than to get involved and actually accomplish something. Until we focus on our own Congressional districts and re-take the "House", I doubt we'll make much headway, and rioting in the streets will only hasten the ugliest form of tyranny known to man.
Peace, and thank you for your hard work.

Undo what Wilson did

Thank You ((((fireant)))))

We are making headway.. just look at the GOP reports coming from those on committees.. they are uplifting testimonies of the real impact we are having.

I get emails from the state about Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, not Jeb Bush or McCain.. they are not only waking up, but lifting us up, respecting us, working with us.

Those who are in need to advance.. throw fundrasisers and get off the floor and into the suites.

Do you realize what a HUGE party the NRC 2016 is going to be? If you thought 2012 was a party.. you ain't seen nothing.. we are already vying for who is going to have the honor of nominating Rand.

This is a VERY EXCITING time.. Do you surf? If I was to compare this to surfing.. we're taking Waimea. Cowabunga

Can you post that pic

so that we can print it off on a large scale please??

Hum...the pic is posted the only way I know

Here it is again with a link.


OK Thanks


We can at least...

...still celebrate the past while using it as a remembrance of what we must restore. Maybe we should be using it as an opportunity to hand out those little pocket Declaration/Constitution booklets.

This kind of feels in a way like what many Christians lament about Christmas -- it's largely lost focus on the original meaning and its continued importance, as it's been secularized and commercialized. But I will still celebrate Christmas while being mindful of its real meaning. I'll do the same with the Fourth.

Yes, the flag does still wave ... It's sad that 'o'er the land of the free' now seems like nostalgia for the past or just a cruel joke.

Another day of Government

Dictators telling free people they are not free.


I am having a funeral.

My guests will be donning black. I am serving charcoal grilled ribs and blackened black grouper with black beans, nightshades, eggplant, mole negro, squid ink pasta with black truffle oil, and, of course, blackberry pie for dessert. We will be sitting around a fire singing the blues after our meal.

How ironic

So while you feast like a pig because you live in a country that offers you that choice, you sing the blues because you live in a country that gives you the choice to feast like a pig.


You can feast like a pig in Ukraine too. America doesn't hold

any monopoly on feasting like a pig.

Its true you would have a little more trouble affording it as a typical citizen in Ukraine. But our GOVERMENT with its waste and over regulation is not responsible for our prosperity (in this generation anyway). Quite the reverse.

Ukraine Feast for you

http://24.media.tumblr.com/dd0d7a7d8cc70952ee71c612d62a73d9/... Feast on that.

Either you're going to get in the GOP and be part of the solution or part of the US Jihad problem with blaming, excuses and hate.

US Jihad problem? You're sheeple.

Sheeple think that ALL of our problems are caused by those evil Muslims.

To refer to some topless Ukrainian protesters as Jihadists who are into blaming, excuses and hate - shows that YOU are of the same ilk.

All problems derive from those dastardly Muslims and their dirty Jihad. Right.

I am a sheeple

I don't believe ALL our problems are caused by Muslims and I don't consider Muslims in and of themselves as evil.. I think the Quran's focus on extermination Jews, Christians, infidels, Athesists, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, homosexuals, those who do drugs, while striving to render ALL nations to Sharia law is evil.. and while many Muslims do not openly or actively agree with THAT Part of the Quran (at least while they are living as a minority among those the Quran dictates to wipe off the face of the Earth) we see what some call the "extremists" are merely those who are following the Quran, not just the parts they like, or can, in democratic societies.

The toppless women are NOT Jihadists.. they are women who reject the Muslim Sharia law that women are second class citizens needed to be controlled by the man.

I don't know how much you have studied what is going on in Muslim nations, but I don't believe you have studied much, rather read UN news like RT, which is 40% Muslim now.. Muslims to their credit produce many children, do not abort babies, but have as many as they can, for they are preparing to take the world, preferablly in peace, by producing children, where most secular countries are aborting babies and not producing enough to sustain their own races/religions.

Muslims are the biggest religion in the world today and that is not going to decline.. by 2040, they should be THE most powerful force in the world by birth rate alone.