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D.C. awards Obamacare IT work to offshore outsourcer

As if Obamacare wasn't offensive enough! No doubt, Obamacare is one leg of a three-legged stool that will collapse this nation's economy.

June 28, 2013 - Health benefit exchanges are one of the changes brought by the sweeping healthcare reform bill, which is commonly known as Obamacare but whose official title is the Affordable Care Act. The contract was awarded to a U.S.-based Infosys subsidiary, Infosys Public Services, in January, but the company announced it this month. Infosys is based in India.

Infosys was asked by Computerworld whether the work is being done in the U.S. or offshore, and if H-1B workers were being used on the project. Infosys is one of the largest users of temporary work visas, and it completes much of its IT work in lower-wage countries.

Whether outsourcers can use offshore labor depends on the nature of the work. Federal security and privacy rules limit where the work can be done. But "unless there are specific statutes or regulations, they can usually decide whether to use onshore or offshore resources," Rutchik said.


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I don't care for Obamacare!

What must we do? Sue, sue, SUE!

"Federal security and privacy

"Federal security and privacy rules limit where the work can be done."

How so?
Respects rights, off the list?

No, im sure everysingle instance of government mandated "procedure" protects the same rights that is outside the scope of their constitutionall mandated authority, in doing business outside the country where that constitution applies..... offcourse we should expect other nations to give up their own laws when over ridden by laws of another country.....

1) you have no right to do so, in the fashion you do so
2)suuuure, thats what you want

Communication, truthfull to honest god, communication between nations is the key.....im not implying it an easy one, just the "feels right to the bones" one

Not just for this generation