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President Obama: Unimpeachable?

For nearly five years Republicans have been attempting to impeach President Barack Obama. And while they manufacture "scandals" like Fast and Furious and Bengahzi, the President is engaging in what are arguably significant abuses of power that could be grounds for impeachment. And yet, Republicans stand in support of these actions. Why is that?

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Obama has impeachment insurance... it's called Joe Biden, with a John Boehner rider.


they're all on the same team!

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The tyrant can be a peacock in one year, & then a feather duster

The tyrant can be a peacock in one year, and then a feather duster in the next :


Just be patient. Give a little more time to the peoples.

And by all means, keep speaking out. Do NOT stop.

Do not shut up. Keep it open to denounce them wanna-be tyrants, starting with what THEY DO every day against the rule of law.

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"Why is it so?"

To quote the words of the inimitable prof Julius Sumner Miller (May 17, 1909 – April 14, 1987).

Possibly because the basic premise, upon which the question arises, is fundamentally flawed.
'It is not your actions which are important, but the public perception of those actions'.
Those who continue to deliberate over the motives of a consolidated status quo, based on the labels they wear, will never understand the obvious. Team status quo; the offensive side and the defensive side of the same team, the same agenda, the same goal.

The status quo could never entertain any serious notion of impeachment based on any act or actions that could possibly result in successful prosecution. Why..because the unconstitutional inroads, encroachments and illegal precidents have to remain intact for the change of labels in the next election cycle.
That's the system, good cop-bad cop, call it what you will, but the status quo ratchets ahead, with the gains still in place, pointing to the previous administration at the first sign of any blow-back, expousing their 'perceived attempts' to rally against those very same actions that they gleefully embrace.
Choose a label and enjoy the show..

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Why? Because in order to save

Why? Because in order to save liberty, first they had to destroy it. Ask Dick Cheney. He knows all about that.