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My Birthday Wish

Today, June 29th, is my birthday. I no longer blow out candles for my birthday, but if I did, my wish on this occasion would be for everyone to embrace the addictive nature of the Liberty Message. The Liberty Message is like crack.

Anytime a political movement - such as the Liberty Movement - begins gaining ground, establishment forces will always attempt to co-opt it. Usually they are successful, but the Liberty Movement is different. What sets the Message of Liberty apart from others is that it rests upon solid, consistent, and easily understood philosophical principles. The Liberty Message tends to lead to unavoidable truths that are very inconvenient for the establishment. That's why they are trying desperately to find a figure that can lead us in their desired direction.

One of my favorite inconvenient truths from Dr. Paul is (paraphrasing):

"If I can't steal from my neighbors, why should I be able to send a politician to to steal from them?"

The Message of Liberty is powerful. It is like crack, and those that spread the message - even those attempting to co-opt the Movement - are the crack dealers. As you are aware, sometimes it's difficult to get people to listen to what you have to say. However, when they do listen, when they take some of the crack, many times a powerful addiction follows.

The pundits trying to co-opt the Liberty Movement are essentially trying to hand out samples of liberty crack in order to get the people addicted to tyrannical heroin. However, all that will result is a liberty crack addiction. Therefore, we should take up the most productive strategy possible. Reward the pundits with praise when they say what we want to hear but constructively criticize them using sound principles when we disagree. Doing so will force their hands to do one of three things:

1. Ignore the elephant in the room.

2. Stand against liberty by attempting to refute the principles on which we stand.

3. Speak more like libertarians in attempts to convince us of their sincerity so that we may trust them as leaders.

All of these strategies will benefit the Liberty Movement. If they take the first or second courses of action, they will continue to lose credibility among the population - which is already at an all-time low. If they take on the third strategy - which is what they are trying now - they will be dispensing little nuggets of liberty crack that will lead to a burgeoning of our numbers. We win in any case. That's the beauty of having truth on our side.

So, my birthday wish is for the Liberty Movement to:

Praise pundits and political leaders when they get something right and to respectfully use principle to refute them when they are in the wrong.

If you want to practice, you can go to this thread - Lawrence O'Donnell: What The U.S. Constitution Says About Treason - and give O'Donnell some props.

The liberty cat is out of the bag, and I don't think anyone can catch it. It's been taking liberty crack, and it's fast and illusive as hell.

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As a former crack addict, could you rewrite point #2?

I understand it but I had to read it 30 times to get it.

Otherwise, this piece is 10 out of 10. Liberty is like crack. I'm watching a friend wake up right now and he's like a fiend - every conversation comes back around to liberty-esque issues. You can tell that he's thinking about 'it' all the time. There's even a tangible endorphin lightbulb of pleasure in his eyes from the 'pre-high' high one can generate just by bringing up a topic of interest, like loading a big bump and asking 'do you want another one?' under heavy eyelids...

Why pandas? Why now?

Is that better?


Thanks, will do