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The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Tom Woods

Tom Woods first book in the series. Love the reviews from the haters.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Tom Woods

Publication Date: 2004

Best Price: 1 cent plus 3.99 shipping

Average Rating on Amazon: 3.5 stars/338+ reviews

Free Look Inside on Amazon? Yes!

Available on Kindle? Yes

Audio formats available? CD, Audible

Free Online? unknown

Updated/revised editions?

Overview: (from Amazon) Claiming that most textbooks and popular history books were written by biased left-wing writers and scholars, historian Thomas Woods offers this guide as an alternative to "the stale and predictable platitudes of mainstream texts." Covering the colonial era through the Clinton administration, Woods seeks to debunk some persistent myths about American history. For instance, he writes, the Puritans were not racists intent on stealing the Indians' lands, the Founding Fathers were not revolutionaries but conservatives in the true sense of the word, the American War Between the States (to even call it a civil war is inaccurate, Woods says) was not principally about slavery, Abraham Lincoln was no friend to the slaves, and FDR's New Deal policies actually made the Depression worse...

Recommended for: All concerned citizens.

Have I actually read it? Yes, at least twice, thank you.

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