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Wow. Just finished reading 'The Creature from Jekyll Island' for the first time!

What a book! If you haven't read it, I suggest it is essential reading for anyone who is a member of this website. It is a massive lesson in the history of our own economic enslavement, the 'Creature' of the title being the Federal Reserve bank itself. For instance:

"Let us return now to the game called bailout…as it is played in the international arena...Since this game results in a hemorrhage of wealth from the industrialized nations, their economies are doomed to be brought down further and further, a process that has been going on since Bretton Woods. The result will be a severe lowering of their living standards and their demise as independent nations. The hidden reality behind so-called development loans is that America and other industrialized nations are being subverted by that process. That is not an accident; it is the essence of the plan. A strong nation is not likely to surrender its sovereignty. Americans would not agree to turn over their monetary system, their military, or their courts to a world body made up of governments which have been despotic to their own people, especially since most of those regimes have already revealed anti-American hostility. But if Americans can be brought to the point where they are suffering from a collapse of their economy and from a breakdown in civil order, things will be different. When they stand in bread lines and face anarchy in their streets, they will be more willing to give up sovereignty in return for "assistance" from the World Bank and the UN "peacekeeping" forces. This will become even more acceptable if a structured demise of Communism can be arranged ahead of time to make it appear that the world's major political systems have converged into the common denominator of "social democracy." "

And check this out:

"The story is told of a New England farmer with a small pond in his pasture. Each summer, a group of wild ducks would frequent that pond but, try as he would, the farmer could never catch one. No matter how early in the morning he approached, or how carefully he constructed a blind, or what kind of duck call he tried, somehow those crafty birds sensed the danger and managed to be out of range. Of course, when fall arrived, the ducks headed South, and the farmer's craving for a duck dinner only intensified.
Then he got an idea. Early in the spring, he started scattering corn along the edge of the pond. The ducks liked the corn and, since it was always there, they soon gave up dipping and foraging for food of their own. After a while, they became used to the farmer and began to trust him. They could see he was their benefactor and they now walked close to him with no sense of fear. Life was so easy, they forgot how to fly. But that was unimportant, because they were now so fat they couldn't have gotten off the water even if they had tried.
Fall came, and the ducks stayed. Winter came, and the pond froze. The farmer built a shelter to keep them warm. The ducks were happy because they didn't have to fly. And the farmer was especially happy because, each week all winter long, he had a delicious duck dinner.
That is the story of America's Great Depression of the 1930s."

Did you know that if all debts were paid off, the amount of dollars in the world would be zero? Highly recommended.

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Joined the club today!

From cover to cover - just finished the appendix. I'm in the club!

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Chris...good job

but heres the book you should have read.


Seriously ….you have had your eyes opened…..but if you really want to be able to see what the puzzle picture really looks like, this one will do it.

Good luck ….you are about to have everything you think you know challenged.

I'll certainly pick up a copy if I find one at the thrift store.

And not to argue or anything, but Creature didn't really surprise me that much (I read None Dare Call It Conspiracy when I was 12). I'd read much of it previously when referencing the index for a particular question. The cover-to-cover read was more of a personal challenge. The section by section breakdown in each chapter made it ideal for reading in my (ahem) personal private reading room, just a section or two a day after reviewing the previous section.

What did surprise me though was learning about how the fed is not only not a federal agency (of course) but also not a privately owned entity (!) but a cartel, with shares that can't be exchanged and don't carry voting rights. (I believe the Green Bay Packers may have modeled their 'shares' program on this idea...)

Mr. Griffin did well by referencing Report From Iron Mountain. My only real suggestion for a 6th edition would be to cover some of what Major George Racey Jordan did in his second and final book before his untimely and mysterious death Gold Swindle: The Story of our Dwindling Gold which outlines how gold miners in the '40s were ordered to remove their gold mining equipment so it could be sent to Russia. No online text is available yet except for the first 3 chapters which I transcribed here http://www.dailypaul.com/276680/gold-swindle-chapter-1-the-g... . That and fixing the 2 typographical errors of course...

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

No need to wait

the link is to a free PDF from von Mises.

I do enjoy long-form stuff on mises.org and other sites...

but ultimately I prefer a hard copy. The combination of where on a page an idea is presented, how far through the book I find the idea, and where I am and what's going on around me when I read it helps reinforce the information somehow. Also I occasionally follow Lincoln's advice and read aloud to myself, or at least move my lips, which introduces tactile and aural elements to the visual.

But in the case of extremely rare and expensive books like From Major Jordan's Diaries, of which I own 2 signed copies NOT for sale, online versions are fine. You can read it for free here http://www.dailypaul.com/287542/from-major-jordans-diaries-t... as well as listen to G. Edward himself talk about it, which makes me wonder why he doesn't talk about it at all in 'Creature'.

Happy reading!

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

I couldn't agree more

plus it's a pain moving the computer to the crapper!

Finished it two weeks ago

Took me a while to finish, but it is absolutely the best political / economic book I have read.

Read It

Most of it, every time I'm in the field I read as much of it as I can. Sounds ass backwards, but it's true. Almost through it. But all I can say is, if it didn't all seem set up and fixed before, it certainly does after that read. My favorite revelation in it is when he talks about the media being bought out in 1913-1917 with it being on congressional record in 1917. They bought all the major editors and controlled the media, congressional record. Shit is deep guys. Real deep.

Anyone made the point that the Fed charter expires in December?

Yep. It's 100 year charter expires and has no force of law after that. Legally that is...

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Buy extra copies....

and give them to everyone you know. That is what I am doing.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The author G. Edward Griffin

Was on Glen Beck's show back when he was on Fox. It was by far the best show of his that I have seen despite a few "Beckisms." But still worth the time to watch.


Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/

A Second Look At the Federal Reserve

Here's a video from a lecture by G. Edward Griffin recorded in 1994 shortly after the publication of this book.

It can serve just as well as a great primer before reading the book, as it can a supplement to those who have read it.


Audio only version here:


Watch out for the "Greenbackers"

An enemy of my enemy is my friend…..for now.....such as the guys in here pushing this “Money Masters” video. The Greenbackers( those that advocate money issued directly by the government) plans are no better than the Central Bankers plans…..it's just who is in charge. What we need is to get central planners out of the money debate completely. Would you really trust the USG to be in charge of the money supply? I mean really....can you name one government program that is successful. We could run it like the post office, because that works like a dream! What we need is a free market system where private bank issue banknotes and are required to “redeem on demand” in species and if they cannot.....then they go out of business. If they want to lend out, then they can lend on a self-liquidating basis under the real bills doctrine.

I think the Greenbackers promulgated the lies of the church……I can only guess that’s because there are not getting their cut. Read Gertrude Coogan’s Bluff found on this link. The “Greenbackers” are about as left wing Populist as they come and are not a fan of liberty.

Gertrude Coogan Bluff by Gary North

If you would like a better understanding of the system and how it came into existence read Murray Rothbard” The History of Banking and Money”. Or “What has the Government done to our Money”.

But whatever you do, push the notion that debt is money out of your mind……not when it first started. Not when the Treasury deposited the gold it owned at the Fed……gold was money.

We may have the same enemy as the “Greenbackers” and they look like our friends, but they are no,t beware of these wolves in sheep's clothing.

Big Stuff! Thanks for the post.

I handed out a few copies of this book to people some years back.

If you have friends who are TV heads and "don't read", hit 'em with the DVD, "The Money Masters". It's too legit to quit. Covers some of the same critical territory. Two DVDs worth (a few hours, if memory serves) of in-yo'-face keepin'-it-realness.


What would the Founders do?


I look at world events differently after Griffin exposes the puppeteers.

I especially appreciate the vindication of Michael Milken...

and the bond issues he was able to arrange for small-to-medium sized companies, which Mr. Griffin explains were doing quite well and giving a healthy return to investors who bought these so-called 'high risk' bonds. Step one he explains was to start calling them 'junk' bonds, the rest was easy.

Just to imagine how different this country would be if all these small American 'high risk' companies had had access to these funds that were throttled in their crib two decades ago...

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Required Reading

The book should be required reading in ALL schools.

Which is precisely why it *isn't*....

: (

(I feel ya, though!)

What would the Founders do?

one of my favorite book's

he makes it easy to read for those who have hard time learning economics on a global scale,in some parts he uses sports as a cover. but my favorite parts is how he goes back in time giving example of federal reserves type banks in other countries. all failed of course its a must read book go to your local book shops and pick up a copy i couldnt put this book down when i bought it =)) enjoy

END THE FEDERAL RESERVE! G000000000 sound money

This book is important!

This book, 1984, End the Fed, and the Constitution should be required reading for all teens.

Definitely a great book!

I gave 7 or 8 copies as Christmas gifts this past year!

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie


Such a fabulous book and such good info. And not just about the FED. It ties the dastardly system of central banking together with the wars etc.

It reads like a story and it is so interesting. And of course well researched and put together as G E Griffin is well known to do.

This book ought to be required reading in every public and private school( and of course home schoolers. ) Just imagine if the kids learned about this scam of a banking system early on. Wow!

Thanks for posting this. It's time for another read.

Ron Paul is My President

Triple Bump....

Ed Griffin is a legend... The only freedom fighter I like even more the Dr Paul.

There is a link to the free version below, but if you want to give Ed his due royalties you can buy it along with heaps of other great reads and DVD's at www.RealityZone.com.

And by the way, youtube anything Ed Griffin and you wont be dissappointed. Norman Dodd interview is one of my favorites. and Capitalist conspiracy is an oldie but a goodie.

Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Best Book I ever read

I read it around 2003 , it single handedly woke me up .I could not believe what a scam the fed is , I started asking my father if he remembers a big debate going on when Nixon closed the gold window....he said no I don't remember it even coming up ! I was shocked something so important could change without a whimper .

I have read that book 3 times ,as you know its a long one but its so eye-opening you can never look at the world the same again after you know the scam.


Closing the gold window was

Closing the gold window was meaningless to Americans who at that time could still not legally own gold in a monetary sense. The gold window only mattered to foreign central banks. Domestically people had been off the gold standard for forty years.

It was very meaningful

The whole world was put on a paper standard at the same time for the first time in history with that act .


LOL! Yeah, it was sorta like pulling the door shut

behind you after you've just robbed the Holy Shit outta somebody's house....

And that's in essence (and literally, too--soooo much missing gold from Ft. Knox) what happened.

: (

What would the Founders do?

Are you kidding me!

The closing of the gold window was the most seminal financial events after WW2. It was the final breakdown of the Bretton Woods system and put every currency on a floating regime. It broke the backs of our trading partner ability to hold this government to the obligations it signed up for. It ushered in the perverse Great Britain Pre-Revolutionary War Mercantilism doctrine of the petro dollars and now Chinese owning our collective asses. It gave us financial deregulation and the repeal of 40 years of disintermediation and usury laws that promulgated in an inflation bubble mentality that will end in a default of the dollar and maybe bring this country to the most devastating time since the Civil War. Are you kidding…..the closing of the gold window was the USG stabbing every citizen in the back with the inflationary tax and massive job losses. I do remember………. it was the citizens of this country paying the price for our government sins. You will see when they default on the dollar…..because that’s about the only trick left in the bag.

Here it is...

If you'd like to read it for the first time, it's available free through Archive.org:

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