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Can California become a Ron Paul Republican state?

Ever since the 1980's, after immigration reform was signed by Reagan, the GOP have written off California as a loss. Now, the GOP almost never spend any money in California, basically giving it up to Liberal Democrats. This is, in my humble opinion, is where the GOP are wrong, and maybe don't care that they are. Why do I say that? Because I believe that California is a libertarian state, and the GOP would rather see it go to the Democrats, whom they have more in common with, than to a libertarian candidate or a Ron Paul Republican.

California voters have constantly voted in a libertarian way, from no new taxes (with exception of the last election due to lies on the ballet), to legalizing marijauna. Sure, there are plenty of bills that passed that aren't exactly libertarian, but a majority of big government bills are voted down by the voters. I believe that we need to start working on getting a libertarian or a Ron Paul Republican candidate in California for Governor and at as many local offices as possible. Only then, will we find out how truly libertarian California is.




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Yes but It Will Take a Lot of Work and Time

There are a lot of groups that have become addicted to gov't handout. Some are expected:
- Poor inner-city residents indoctrinated by minority misleadership.
- Liberal leaders believing the gov't must pay for health care, etc.
- Union leaders who refuse to reign in the union members that abuse system - they blocked the CA gov't from passing a bill that would make it easier to fire teachers who sexually abuse their students.
- Teachers that want more and more gov't control of school and fight homw-schooling, private and parochial schools.
- Large immigrant population that wants to get themselves and their family on gov't assistance.

But there are also a lot of conservatives that talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Lot of dependence on gov't jobs or contracts or tax breaks or assistance for this or that.

In the defense of the private sector, most gov't departments wouldn't even run if it wasn't for private contractors.

I think it will take a bankruptcy of the California gov't, if not federal gov't, to get things to change.


the floodgates have opened there, too much DIEversity.


Barry Goldwater beat Nelson Rockefeller

in the 1964 California Primary despite Rockefeller's spending lots of $$$ and "owning" of the airwaves in this state. Goldwater's positions were very "libertarian" and his tactic (like RP) was to win over the Republican Party. I am a child of a "Barry Goldwater Republican" and have lived in So CAL for most of my life. Most of my friends are Libertarians by nature but (unfortunately) Ds or Rs by indoctrination (or at lest that's how I describe it), many are "waking up" thanks to Obama :) This is state that is definitely moving in the right direction....people are sick of being taxed to death while their behavior ridiculously regulated!

Bump for California

Bump for California!

You can help me make it one:


I help the growth of the CAGOP Liberty Caucus, and the CA Green Party (as a progressive-libertarian type party), as well as the Progressive Democrats (Kucinich types). So that the end outcome will be far better in California no matter which "Party" wins.

Help promote my book and allow me some resources to continue and expand my work (which, as you know, is volunteer by nature, and must be, to keep it true).

Jack Wagner

ALL states are playable, once the bankers are taken out.

Until then,NO political action will be effective.

This country is a victim of its own success. Once any country becomes too prosperous, the virtues that created that prosperity are cast aside and the parasites rule. I have every reason to believe the world is about to be "de-loused," hopefully in a manner that when send a lesson to the bastards that have ruled us for the LAST 5,000 years that they will speak in whispers for the NEXT 5,000 years. The punishment MUST fit the crime or there is no justice. If this seems harsh, those of you who have been taught tough lessons in the past probably became better people for it. Hopefully, their survivors will do the same.

That being said, let us discuss a few states:

o California - Did you know, in the midst of the Great Depression, homeowners in Marin County mortgaged their homes to construct the Golden Gate Bridge, a feat that had never been successfully attempted on such a scale in modern times?

o Indiana - Did you you can kill a police officer in self defense in Indiana?

o Massachusetts and Arizona - The fairest treatment of third party candidates in Senate debates occurred in Massachusetts and Arizona. Dave Nolan and Joe Kennedy got really "fair shakes" in those debates. Only the political corruption of the establishment parties prevented them from becoming senators.

o Alaska, Wyoming and Montana - frontier states with strong histories of rugged individualism.

o New York - Outside the cesspool of NYC, there are LOTS of small towns perfect for "libertarian pickings".

However, none of this will happen as long as the scum of the earth from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan et al., continue to infect this planet.

Don't lose hope

Everyone I know in this state is liberty minded, although maybe not libertarian. A lot of it is the circle I run with though.

Feed breadcrumbs and don't just give a man a fish, because that man might not even know what to do with the fish.

I've always been liberty minded, but I've been independent, libertarian, democrat, constitutionalist and republican on paper, but I'm just me in the end.

CA is ripe, like the grapes.

Especially the youth. I talk to young people (18-25) today and even though they may not know it, they are actually incredible liberty lovers. I think pretty much everyone is at that age, or very liberal or classic liberals. I think we need to stop with the labeling though. It's no longer left vs righ (same coin.) We need to nurture the young and give breadcrumbs to the people in between the youngsters and the baby boomers. Breadcrumbs to 30-50 y/o.

Boomers need to know about social security and medicare and such. And how the rug may be pulled out from under them or their own children. Those programs are not self sufficient any more. All the boomers I know are basically set and don't need to rely on those benefits, but many do and they need to know how many of their kids need to fund their benefits, for that one person. Luckily my older members of family are not poor, although I am skirting the line.

I wouldn't suggest dropping a copy of the social security swindle on their door but try to lead them there on their own. The youth though need to learn about one of the biggest ponzi schemes known to mankind. And they need to amass enough momentum to opt out. I would suggest giving the youth as much info as possible.

I'm stuck between generations, and my son I suspect may also be a gap generation as well, but he receives a good education and can even school adults on foreign policy, liberty, and finances, especially what money is. It's fun to watch.

My dad luckily enough has a small pension (which he got screwed on by the union) and bought property and gets medicare/medicaid/and a paltry social security check. I pay more for rent than he does on his property and he has 2 houses on 7 acres. I have two rooms since I never believed in credit and have never taken a loan.

But I too hope for a libertarian (or liberty minded) California. We have tons of resources to implement a true free market and in many places we do. We have farmers markets, flea markets, yard sales, second hand stores, farmland, and good people, particularly in farming communities. We do have a lot of progressives, but I think they can be swayed and perhaps progress could be measured in different ways.

We need to get rid of Monsanto however. We need our bees, beekeepers, almonds, strawberries, apricots, heirloom crops. We have to get big business out. That's why I didn't vote for Meg Whitman.

There's too many cops and politicians and not enough community leaders. I was shocked to know in my city there are 1400-1600 cops and they are running a "deficit".

People move but community and responsibility still sits on the shoulders of our people. Community is a big deal. I always help out my neighbors or even old neighbors. Vice Versa. We get people jobs. We give food or a couch or a ride or gas money. If everyone did that we could be a great state and one not built on greed. We should always shop locally. Forget WallyWorld or other big places. At least McD's is a franchise even though I would never eat there.

I think I'm done with my rant.

I think there is a lot of promise, but we have to change a bit, and start relying on each other, not banks or credit cards or social nets, and we need to be accountable. A massive event may need to occur for these changes, but I think we could transition.

If we do these things we can prosper. If we keep eating McDonalds, shopping at WalMart, and keep maxing out our credit cards we are screwed. Wal Mart may be cheaper in the short run but where do you thing the jobs to make those goods comes from. It's certainly not here. If we have to watch our money and tighten our belt to shop locally, we will thrive. If not we will become grapes, rotting on the vine.


RE: Don't lose hope

Things can change mightly quickly. If CA does indeed go broke (I don't know how it can be prevented WITHOUT libertarian financial policy), people will vote all incumbants out!

Also, once there's no more money in being a politician (yes, I think they embezzle regularly), the regular idiots will no longer be interested in the job, and the big money contributions from the major parties will dry up.

This is the plan for a complete takeover of our political system nationwide. We can continue to have a two-party system, but they will predominantly be libertarian-leaning democrats and republicans, none of which are socially conservative or financially irresponsible, because there will no longer be an infinite supply of paper called money!

Then the dumb-ass GOP/RNC desreves to keep losing.

They're no better than democrats anyway.

I used to think Reagan was so great but did anything really change???

We still had an income tax.
We were still off the gold standard.
We still had bases all over the world.
We still had the Federal Reserve.

About the only thing of lasting value Reagan did was to take the Marines out of Lebanon and the Grace Commission report which explained that not one dime of the federal income tax goes to fund the government.

Other than that it was business as usual even tho Reagan was a great speaker and said some correct things.

A president can't do it all - it has to come from the people which translates into the congress.

We don't need another do-nothing republican president.

We need someone like Jesse Ventura who shuns party affiliation.

Political parties - as Washington warned - have ruined our liberties and our nation.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

You forgot...

quadrupled the national debt, starting the self-destructive gambling/spending spiral we are in now, and flat-out lied to congress and the American people about Iran/Contra.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

The problem is the population centers

They are full of low information voters who think voting Democrat is trendy. They love high taxes, big government, and are socially liberal (again it's super trendy). They associate the word Republican with people like George Bush and Rick Santorum and would never under any circumstances vote for one. They think Obama is great and doing a much better job than George Bush. They don't care about the Federal Reserve, they want the borders open, they want successful people to pay more income taxes, they support high sales taxes, protest for gun control, and want just about every segment of private sector to be heavily regulated. Good luck.

Texas is more likely to go

Texas is more likely to go liberal than Cali moving closer to Ron Paul's politics.

many tend to be fiscally

many tend to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal, the only thing is people here are brainwashed thinking the republican party is for racists since the democratic party did a good job at brainwashing the minority voters into thinking that.

Bay Area zombies

Longtime Bay Area resident here, and sorry to burst your bubble but:

The Bay Area is politically filled with nothing but brainwashed zombies. All I see around me are Obama bumper stickers and it's nothing but a cesspool of sheep. It's depressing as hell! Considering that this is a major population density zone, I can't for the life of me imagine how California will wake up all of a sudden.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

another Bay Area native

another Bay Area native here...yep. That about covers it. I have lived in both Silicon Valley and San Francisco and the amount of disconnect is really astounding. Like minded people need to band together to support each other, even if it's just emotionally, but even then...it's money that talks in the political system. A guy like John Dennis (who ran to replace NaPo in the last two congressional races) could have had a fighting chance with his anti-war, personal freedom platform, but the GOP refused to even look at him.
I'm not sure there's any way our beautiful state can unscrew itself from this predicament...

It can happen

At one point in time (during my mom's generation) you could solder circuit boards, work for IBM, &c. Now there is this massive influx of people on VISA to work for CISCO and such. They are now popping babies out like crazy.

Meanwhile we have a ton of college students who have to work at burger king because they can't get a job working at CISCO or Google or Yahoo, &c.

To me, that's wrong.

So not only do we hire folks from another country to do work for cheap who are having anchor babies, but we also outsource other stuff.

But it can be fixed.

I know it's disheartening. Most of my neighbors work for Cisco and when I would say hello they would hiss and turn their heads. No joke.

Some dudes moved in next door and they were partying and smoking outside so I went out on my porch and told them I didn't care if they played loud music or smoked (you aren't allowed to smoke on the porch out here which I think is BS) but if it got loud enough to go to my son's room I would knock on their door instead of being a narc.

I talked to them for a long time and asked why the rest of the community would turn away from me and even in one instance a guy growled at me. So they asked around and the community said they thought I was going to mug them.


I've been mugged. I'm not going to hurt anyone. So I asked them to tell the other neighbors I don't hurt anyone and you know where to find me. But I said don't judge me. If some guy with less than brown skin mugs someone it's definitely not me unless someone tries to kill me.

Finally, it took about a year, but finally they started saying hello back.

Most are working at Cisco and have anchor babes, they learned pretty quick. My next door neighbors are really cool though, but they keep getting snitched on. One is trying to get a patent on free energy, another works at cisco, and another, I don't know what he does. But we are friends.

I wish those jobs at cisco would go to some college grads like it did back in the day, and I wish that patent from my neighbor would go to him, so it's give and take.

America is still the most freedom loving country. That's why folks come here.

These people could go back to the middle east and still work for cisco, but at least they are paying their fair share in taxes, although the flat tax should be 0% (for citizens.)

Don't lose hope. My Indian (from India-the others are from different areas) neighbors are now libertarians and for the free market. In fact they may be more liberty minded than myself.

But the other 95%, I hear that. They learned from the hispanics and asians. Have an anchor baby. But if you can sway 1% to liberty, many will follow. Most understand here in America you have liberty, and that's why they come. I hope that doesn't seem racist, but I know for a fact my family came here to work on the sugar plantations in Hawaii for citizenship from Spain in the late 1800's and the irish also during the civil war. We will always have immigrants. It's just a shame when we teach our kids to do a job and people come over and do it for cheaper.

But again, don't give up hope. Turn your neighbor on. I did. They already knew it. Some already learned and came here to have kids so they can't leave.

I'm pushing trade schools and other means of survival, like learning how to make shoes, be a mechanic, work in construction (although life expectancy is about 5 years past retirement) or tend to horses or run a farm for my son. Those are jobs that are needed. Let the tech guys sit at a desk die early due to not getting exercise.

Never surrender. Don't give up hope.

Yes we have progressive talk radio but even if you listen now they are pissed at the current administration on even liberal radio.

The president is merely a puppet. But he took the job, so he needs to feel the heat. The heat is coming from all sides now.

I did notice on talk radio the NSA thing is now a "leak" and not a whitleblower but don't lose hope. There is also a radio host on the same station who is really pissed off. Happens to be gay, but I never judge a book by it's cover.

Yes the most condensed areas are the most liberal but even they are getting angry.

Oh, also, in the Silicon Valley, I've seen one real old Obama sticker and one new one this election cycle. One Romney. But none of that really matters in the long run. Maybe in SF you might have more Obama stickers. But not here. I'd slap on a Ron Paul one but I don't want to get targeted.

edit: Do you know the average intern at Google is making $6700 a month???

I think it is hard

to predict anything until we see what happens in the 2014 mid terms.

It seems that people are waking up but I need evidence to prove it.

If party loyalty and re-electing 85% of incumbents holds true, then I doubt Rand could win Cali.

However, If a "throw the bums out" situation occurs, then Rand may have a chance at taking Cali.



Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

California is a Ron Paul state, regardless of affiliation

And has been for several decades. I have found Two Party goons that don't agree with Dr. Paul 10% to 15% of the time, yet only yield support for their chosen puppet on one or maybe two major issues. You know how many CA Dems are pro gun? Tens of thousands, they just have their head up their a$$.

One needs to realize Primary turn out of eligible CA voters is typically less than 25%, General non-presidential about 40%, Presidential about 55%. Problem is most California Democraps and Republicants are simply stupid. They don't even know the water quality from their own faucets. And the ones that do vote think its a sporting contest.

In 2008 and 2012, Jesse Benton really blew it for Cali supporters.

Hope you all have a pleasant Fourth.

mrmikemrmike IS RIGHT ON!!!!!

If you read my email from the CAGOP you would see the GOP in CA is Rand Paul Ted Cruz. We took the party and they KNOW it. Last convention RLC ruled the floor, had the biggest draw on events. Our committees lost the Neos and gained Liberty seats.


More likely Jean Paul Marat republicans...

.. or Mao Tse Tung democrats.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued

From a presidential election perspective....

...you have to eat California one CD at a time. You can not nor should you try to win the whole state.

From a party perspective, it's the same concept, but it's county by county.

It's a mistake for a party or a presidential candidate to write off the whole state. On the other hand, it's a money pitt black hole to try to win the entire state.

It's CD by CD and county by county.

California, in reality, is virtually its own nation, geographically and demographically very diverse: Norcal, SF/SV, Sac, Sierra Nevadas, the Valley, LA Region, Imperial, SD, etc. They are all their own states practically within their own nation. It's dumb to try to take the whole thing. However, it's effective to take over those internal "states" or regions.

As a native Californian, I couldn't agree more.

The state is far too big to think you can approach it one way and succeed.

My suggestion if you live in Cali..

Or any "Blue State" ...would be to get active with your states chapter of the Blue Republicans if there is one for your state, and if not - set it up... Cali already has one, info coming soon... it's The easiest way to introduce liberals to liberty..

https://www.facebook.com/bluerepublican - http://www.bluerepublican.org/ -

(Blue Republican has just recently launched State and City chapters, and was the largest coalition to support Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign, and was featured both on Ron Paul’s campaign website and in the wikipedia article about the Ron Paul 2012 campaign.)

Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/contribute/ - http://opendebates2016.com/make-donation-open-debates/

We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!


Stop with the propeganda BULL SHIT!

San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Mendocino County the BLUEST OF THE BLUE led the state for Ron Paul and NONE OF US are Blue Republicans.

Sorry to rain on your parade,

Sorry to rain on your parade, but there's no chance of California becoming a libertarian state. Californians may not like taxes but they love government spending programs, with the result that California is constantly flirting with bankruptcy. (Congress is much the same way, and nobody would say that congress is libertarian.) This is the state that gave us Pelosi and Feinstein. You are almost required to be a Democrat to work in Hollywood.

No one is saying politicians in Cali are libertarian

I'm saying that more people are libertarian than the MSM would want you to think. I am a Californian, and I know that it has done more harm than good when it comes to giving us corrupt politicians, but we just need to educate the people here, and things can turn around for the good.



I'd like that

They say that the way California votes is how the rest of the country will end up being (which was part of why Prop. 8 was such a big deal). I may be optimistic here, but enough Californians are aware of the problems they face to know that they need something new. Best part is, "libertarian" has good connotations here, not negative ones.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine


I agree, people here don't have problems with libertarians...They are just stuck in the thinking of "yeah it's a nice idea but..."