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Can California become a Ron Paul Republican state?

Ever since the 1980's, after immigration reform was signed by Reagan, the GOP have written off California as a loss. Now, the GOP almost never spend any money in California, basically giving it up to Liberal Democrats. This is, in my humble opinion, is where the GOP are wrong, and maybe don't care that they are. Why do I say that? Because I believe that California is a libertarian state, and the GOP would rather see it go to the Democrats, whom they have more in common with, than to a libertarian candidate or a Ron Paul Republican.

California voters have constantly voted in a libertarian way, from no new taxes (with exception of the last election due to lies on the ballet), to legalizing marijauna. Sure, there are plenty of bills that passed that aren't exactly libertarian, but a majority of big government bills are voted down by the voters. I believe that we need to start working on getting a libertarian or a Ron Paul Republican candidate in California for Governor and at as many local offices as possible. Only then, will we find out how truly libertarian California is.




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I agree as well

There are a lot of independent minded people out here, especially among Southern California people


is no way of changing California. If they are stupid enough to elect a Pelosi, then their is no faith.


It can be changed. We just have a completely dysfunctional GOP who takes orders from LA. I went to a central committee meeting and they follow all dictates from down south. It's where the money is.

There are zero youth involved because they don't foster anything that the youth would be interested in. They just like going to $500 a plate dinners at the country club steakhouse and BBQ's at Johnny Lawyers new house. There is one "Tea Party" guy... but he seems completely ineffective and really just a neocon in disguise.

Also California is not a Republic as the flag would say, it's full democracy over here. We don't have caucuses and everything is voted on by lazy ass voters. Not informed citizens who know what's up, going down to the meetings.

A slight good thing is... When Ron Paul came here he packed the house in Berkley and Davis, which were previously thought a bastion of Democrat liberalism, yet they loved the libertarian message Ron Paul spoke.

California is basically a libertarian state that does not know it yet. They need education, there are many liberals here but I've found they are that way because they are simply uninformed and lazy. They go for the handouts because they see it as getting something.

You just have to frame the whole message in a way of GETTING SOMETHING. They are akin to little kids that love getting new stuff even if it's a bright and shiny golden turd.

I couldn't agree more

The only part of California that seems to be somewhat awake is Orange County, which is full of republicans. If only we can focus our energy and resources here at the DP to try and wake people up all over Cali.

half of the Libertarians in the USA

reside in OC. At least half of the ones that vote anyway.

If you could get the neocons and religious zealots out of the Repugnican party -well that would be a start..

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

I miss the old California!

When is was more free, when it was truly the sunshine state!


Golden State, sunshine state is Florida. But it is neither now...


Sorry, my bad