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World War Z

UN propaganda, always liked Brad Pitt, the movie was average and Brad lent his fame to sell the UN dream. Ask anyone in Africa that survived genocide if they thought the UN was any good.


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I refuse to watch

this garbage movie. I like Zombie movies but this one is over board and offensive. Plus, I recently watched a movie called The Purge. I got offended as well. Why? Because they are killing people and claiming the Founding Fathers gave them the idea. They are making us Freedom Fighters look crazy and insane.

A new TV show with Stephen King called Under The Dome is offensive as well.
They added something real quick in the first episode. By saying the father was paranoid and built a bunker. Plus he looks like the bad guy and he is kidnapping a little girl in his bunker. Sad huh?

Propaganda at it's fullest.

I thought the movie was pretty good

As for the propaganda, the chants of UN! UN! aren't much different than if the hero was for USA! USA!

I usually take that part of it with a grain of salt.

For entertainment it was enjoyable, the fall of Israel was particularly horrifying, but amazing all at the same time.

The ending was terrible though. Would like to see a director's cut.

I must admit, when I saw Israel fall, I had to think about the Illuminati and how they reputedly foreshadow their plans in some sort of communication or media.

Since the U.N. bunch are globalists/bilderbergers and not neo-cons one has to wonder.

Good topic, I'm surprised no one posted anything prior to this, +1


WALMART sells 2 year old movies for 5 bucks or less.

Have not been to a movie theatre complex in over 10 years :)

Blah on most of those actors, producers, directors, computer people, etc....

Chuck Connors movies plz :P



Torrents ;)

The Times of Israel summed it up

The summer zombie blockbuster, which opened June 21 in the US, is the greatest piece of cinematic propaganda for Israel since ‘Exodus.’



The movie is nothing like the book......

Plus this is just another propaganda piece.

Outside of the UN, you loved

Outside of the UN, you loved it. Admit it. :)

it was watchable

Not best movie, but not boring either

His gal, Jolie, is a UN pawn

His gal, Jolie, is a UN pawn as well.

Southern Agrarian

lol blue uniforms

Dont want to spoil it, but the part where muslims are one happy family with everyone lol, not to mention getting a perfect shot of certain flags in the light.

Also CFR member