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Rep. Jared Polis -D Colorado/ Rep. Amash -R & Rep Capuano - D with SOME common sense.


Watch this with Jared Polis - D from Colorado. I have been hearing more talk lately from Democrats wanting to "protect" our freedoms and our Constitution. The video also includes Rep. Justin Amash R - Michigan and Rep. Michael Capuano D - Massachusetts with some very good information. Consumers should have the option to decide, not the government.

This video discusses the gathering of information and collecting of records of American citizens. Amash discusses the Liberty Bill. I like to see the Democrats speaking about what we have been talking about as Libertarians for years! I applaud the discussion.

Thought I would pass this on for FYI of the dailypaul members.

Thanks for viewing and sharing.

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Good news

I love to hear of more Ds and Rs wanting to protect the Constitution and our rights. When both parties are competing about who can promote more freedom, we win.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

At least they are talking about it. The more they talk the more

info the public gets. (voting records and pocket lining are another thing) Hopefully this information will allow the people to critically think. I recently had a D tell me (not that it matters to me D or R, but to him it did) that regulation is needed because we have not created the "perfect person". I asked him, "Who does he think is doing the regulating and where will the line be drawn on the regulation"? I saw this and had to send it to him. He said he does not mind if they have a camera on him. I have heard this argument before, "I am not doing anything wrong"! Well, who is doing the perceiving?