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In fact, virtually everything the US does now "exceeds international norms"


Excellent article in The Guardian entitled:
"US prosecution of Snowden and Manning exceeds international norms
Many European countries punish leakers, but not for life, and they take into consideration how much harm the leak caused."

Good article, but the comment below is really good and getting a lot of response with 187 recommends:


26 June 2013 12:43pm
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This is such an important point, and the entire article (delineating sentences that average a year) highlights interesting and important details, but the takeaway is in the title. In fact, virtually everything the US does now "exceeds international norms," and that is a polite way of saying we seem to think we are above the law and below the human rights radar on everything. This exceptionalism is, quite literally, deadly. It's is wrong in the broad philosophical scope and even worse in the details. It's as if we are on a titanic tantrum waiting for someone to put us in "time-out."

It is clear now that it's going to take many efforts to stop this. The onus is on Americans to hold our government accountable, but I think it would help if there were robust push-back from the world that suffers our illegal and violent attentions. The UN, The Red Cross, Amnesty International, and other organizations that are, theoretically charged with assessing human rights abuses with an even hand have a terrible record of caving in to US pressure and making exceptions for our egregious abuses.

I am sick and tired of listening to my country whinge on about being a bastion of liberty while practicing the opposite. It's time the world called us on our bullshit and held us accountable in the way other countries are held accountable.

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