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Schools drop cursive writing, students ability to read historical documents is in jeopardy!


Uh Oh. The atrocious ramifications of this seemingly miniscule decision are as vast as they are damaging. In the Trayvon Martin case, the prosecutions star witness declined to read a letter when asked to by the defedents lawyer. She lowered her head and quietly replied "Those are my words, but I can't read cursive." I thought she was just being a smart azz, but astonishingly she was being 100% candid.

The vile Dept. of Education secretly decided to remove cursive in favor of more focus on keyboarding. For some reason kids can't learn all three like all of us did. Regardless, the fact remains that every precious document written by our founders might as well be written in German to these poor children. Students are now totally dependent on their text(indoctrination) books to learn the principals our founders wished to pass down to us. This was a clever move by those B@$tards.

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Without cursive, people wont

Without cursive, people wont even be able to sign their name.

Three solutions

Home school, home school, and home school. Oh ya, and maybe private schools, held accountable by the free market.

just got back to this thread

and read the article. A very good read.

you really need to be


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Good news to report from North Carolina

North Carolina's 'Back to Basics' Education Revives Cursive Handwriting
By Lindsey Grudnicki June 3, 2013 2:43 PM

One month after the New York Times hosted the 'Is Cursive Dead' debate, North Carolina declared that cursive is very much alive.
The national Common Core Standards for English Language Arts do not include any mention of handwriting, so the 45 states who have adopted the standards are left to pass supplementary legislation to cover the exclusion. North Carolina is just one of at least ten states that have considered requiring or recommending that students be taught to write in cursive.


Agenda 21 education.

Agenda 21 education.

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Students are now totally dependent on their indoctrination books

Students are now totally dependent on their text(indoctrination) books to learn the principals

Well, that's assuming we're talking about those who can only read AND understand principles expressed in BASIC English, to begin with. On this end, I stopped to take it for granted a while ago, as a growing number seems to care about only one verb for instance... "TO TAKE" :


As for "studying"... ANYTHING... well, that'd be a whole different story.

Big state has always LOOOOOOOVED to be in charge of managing a dumb people, and ideally, a selfish-materialistic one, too - "Bread and Circuses" - the evergreen strategy... still, for the 21st century's statists, sure - no problemo!



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