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MSM Acting Like George Zimmerman Trial is a Game Show Sport

Mainstream media news is acting like the George Zimmerman trial is a game show sport with play by play announcing. They have no reverence for life whatsoever in this unfortunate event where the life of Trayvon Martin was killed. All I see is a bunch of sick twisted f@cks on TV news making a mockery of our justice system. MSM news reporters are nothing more than scum of the Earth dog sh@t. Their only goal is to see George Zimmerman hang for the act of defending his own life.

We should rename MSM, Psychopath News.

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Whoah, now, thats a bit

Whoah, now, thats a bit harsh, we've seen them act serious on subjects before and thus letting folks out there know that they are talking about something serious, and something they should listen to, you remember, the gun bans, the terrorists, the "threats" and crisis's

Hey MSM, we not only look at what you present, but HOW you present them.....do you think that people would not notice the added narrative

Either add constitional arguments to balance it out, or remain NEUTRAL........i STRONGLY suggest neutral

Report the facts WITHOUT narrative, and let folks think for themselves.......ads, ratings, and prestige be damned.......JUST THE FACTS, without the constant narrative..........and there is a difference between narrative, and educating/informing

I dont expect much from greed, im just saying, when you at some point start wondering where things went wrong, remember, people tried to tell ya.......clue you, and it was your total lack of disinterest that didnt have you, you know, INVESTIGATE........real journalists mind you, not the posers and actors, playing journalists

It's all the incessant

It's all the incessant speculation, the nonstop mindless speculation opinion that turns me off.

It's Rodney King All Over Again

Those in the media who edited the tapes should be the ones to hang.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

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This "friend" on the phone, witness for the prosecution

brings up memories of Tawana Brawley (I am not pro / against anyone in this trial):


Public response to Brawley's story was at first mostly sympathetic. Actor Bill Cosby, among others, pledged support for her and helped raise money for a legal fund. In December 1987, 1,000 people marched through the streets of Newburgh, New York, in support of Brawley.[9]


In the decision, the grand jury noted many problems with Brawley's story. Among these were that the rape kit results did not indicate sexual assault. Additionally, despite her claim of having been held captive for days, Brawley was not suffering from exposure, was well-nourished, and appeared to have brushed her teeth recently. Despite her clothing being charred, there were no burns on her body. Although a shoe she was wearing was cut through, Brawley had no injuries to her foot. The racial epithets written on her were upside down, which led to suspicion that Brawley had written the words. Testimony from her schoolmates indicated she had attended a local party during the time of her supposed abduction. One witness claimed to have observed Brawley's climbing into the garbage bag.[18] Brawley never testified.[19]