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Rand Paul: I'm Not My Dad


"Yet the undertones of Paul's full 23-minute speech to GOP activists at the state farmers' market were unmistakable: Rest assured, I'm not my father.

Paul is well-aware of his dad's reputation in the Palmetto State. Former Rep. Ron Paul barely competed in the 2012 primary here largely because his isolationist worldview was deemed a non-starter in a place home to eight military bases. In order to be competitive here three years from now, Rand knows he needs to vanquish Ron's long shadow."

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wait a sec

"Rand is the son of Legendary Ron. They can't be that much different."

Because sons never turn out differently from their fathers, amirite? Should people be judged by the sins of their fathers? Then why judge based on the accomplishments of their fathers?

This is the kind of mindset that I worry about when I see people talk about Rand. I know it can't be helped to a certain extent, but nearly every post about Rand talks about how he is or isn't just like his father, and virtually everyone seems so sure of their opinions regarding the two.

Like I've said before, people seem to be more interested in Rand's surname than his politics. If Rand's last name were Smith, I could just about guarantee that half of his current supporters on this site would write him off as another 'neocon' without as much as giving him a second look.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that the people (not you) who continue to claim that they "know" what Rand is thinking and/or his plans seem like they're trying to convince themselves rather than others.

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Are you 12?

Are you 12?


He was at plenty of speeches that Ron was at and both spoke exactly the same. Nice try though.

Only I listened to the speech and he never said that, nor

really much of anything like that. These are simply the words that the media masters wish to insert into his mouth.

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)


The media would NEVER do that! Just kidding; yes they would. Oh well what can you expect from them; at least our media sources wouldn't do that.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

g'damn....how many times does one have to explain

non-intervention is not isolationist.

The establishment sheep are worse then problematic toddlers sometimes.

i know!

...that was almost the most irritating line in this entire article. It drives me crazy.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

They're not trying to get it right...

its a slur, plain and simple.

obviously he is not since no one is identical.

i strongly support Ron Paul on everything he says, but i see Rand Paul more about following the current rule of law and calling out anyone who breaks it.Rand Paul cant do it all, we should be grateful that Rand is slowing down the corruption since only time will tell if more politicians will follow his path.if more follow his steps only then we can start the process of repealing!

No kidding

What took you so long to figure that out?

Oh, that's right, investigative journalism is dead.
Otherwise, you wold have known that after he won his Senate seat
years ago.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

This angle where

they ridicule Rand for being less than a libertarian but applaud him for distancing himself from his father's clear cut path is going to be the weapon of choice in the coming years. I fear it will be effective, not because he won't grow his base of supporters doing what he's doing, but because libertarians wont stick around if inconsistencies end up on the table. He does well, but it's a tight rope to walk.

It's not 08 or 2012 either

We were not the majority on central committees as awe are now. Ron did not have the inside support.. Ron's major support came from sign wavers, many who never joined the GOP.

Fortunately, many who did join the GOP, began checking out the committees, (I've apponted 4 to my since I was elected).. so Rand is way far ahead of Ron in the GOP for nomination support. We're ready for Pribius and The Silencer.. they better be ready for us, because we are a force to be reconned with.. we are the GOP and we STAND WITH RAND.

good luck!

I hope you tear them a new one. Not sure what I will do, two times around the marry go round opened my eyes a little too wide.

Thank you

With these full liberty houses it makes it fun.. Why not join in the fun? It's good to give your eyes a test every now and again, eh?



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Good luck with that.

The reason I left the Libertarian Party after Ron's Presidential bid was the unworkable mindset of many of the people involved. Every meeting was a circle jerk with individuals engaging in vain deliberations to prove their own Libertarian purity overshadowed that of everyone else.

I don't like political parties, period. Candidates should run on their ideas, not their party affiliation. Unfortunately, we have to deal with a party system.

If the Libertarian Party suddenly experienced a groundswell of success, it soon would attract the same scoundrels that infest the Dem. and Rep. parties today. Getting candidates elected with an "L" next to their names will prove no more a panacea than the Republican landslide was in 2010. Without eternal vigilance, a successful Libertarian Party would be as potentially freedom-averse as much of the Republican Party is now.

The thing that matters is seizing control of the electoral machinery and compelling politicians to support liberty. Having a candidate like Rand Paul, who clearly values liberty, even if his values don't pass all your purity tests, is a great blessing, because we only need to monitor and encourage Rand; we don't have to completely steer him like we would have to steer an average politician.

Instead of building another party only to get disappointed by it, I think we should heed Ron Paul's advice to simply take over the Republican Party.

For the most part your right.

The only thing i disagree with is working only in the gop. I am sorry but how was the last National Convention for RP Delegates? They really treated you guys nicely when stripped all RP Delegates. Also lets look at the election fraud they did to DR. Paul. And in PA they challenged over 45000 signatures for the Libertarian Party to get on the ballot. We beat them in court and got on the ballot. We also made history by beating them in PA. I worked right under the organizer and the gop was warned by the judge about their unfair actions. I WOULD NEVER WORK IN OR FOR THE NAZI GOP. I would rather work for the Democrat Party if I had to pick out of the two parties or i WOULD be an anarchist. I most likely be an anarchist before i ran with the two tyrants.

I read yesterday

Palin is thinking of leaving the GOP.. if that's true, that would mean her "Earthquake".. the folks who went after committee seats the same time we did, would be leaving.

I think the GOP is trying to kill its self off to give the Neos a one party majority like Communist China's..

Ron Paul put all the new blood in the party.. they didn't expect that, tried to cheat us out of seats.. Palin's Earthquake included.. so if she bails, there would be another great opportunity for us to claim more seats..

When I was a member of the LP back in the 70s and 80s , we all sat around wondering "who's the narc", since our biggest issue was marijuana.. and we had to find other issues to fill in the blanks..

Anyways.. I hope you do get involved in the GOP, because it is fun, now that we have some control, and 2016 RNC promises to be a great party..

You stay in your party I stay in mine.

That doesn't mean we can't work towards liberty. I gave. My reasons why i can Not work in the gop.

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I am involved.

I was referring to leaving the Libertarian Party after Ron's 1988 Presidential bid.

I soon after got myself appointed as a Republican Committeeman, and I serve as an elected one today.