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Cheap Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioner!

Hey all.
I was just looking for cheap air conditioning solutions. It's hot hot hot in the West Coast! I bumped into some cool videos:

Homemade Air Conditioner DIY Project Worlds Cheapest AC!


Redneck Air Conditioner - Cheap Cool Air


The first video solution seems so easy to do (but use frozen water bottles instead of ice unless you want to get shocked!)
I thought this was cool and just wanted to share!

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I always liked this crosley thing


Daytime solar concentrator and a pipe to your bedroom and a cool night's rest.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

If you do this in your kitchen with frozen bottles/ice you make

in your freezer in the same room be aware that you are producing heat in the back of your freezer to counter any cooing effect you are getting in front.

I built a e vap cooler out of

I built a e vap cooler out of a stainless drywall mud trough, a Goodwill aquarium water pump, some old plastic slats and a water float and e vap pad from the local cooler man. All in all cost me about $35. In dry air it will cool 25+ degrees from outside air. No filling no jugs works great.

You can also find some deals on craigs list for used window a/c's.

Doesn't work well

I built one of these the other day. Admittedly it was during a 5 day sting of 100+ degrees in San Diego when we had those wildfires, but I used 2 two-gallon jugs and both melted within a couple hours and had little if any noticeable impact on the temperature in my small room.

Once upon a time I was...

...a Mormon missionary in the bowels of the Australian outback... taking ice baths was the best cure for heat exhaustion...of course, had we the money we'd just buy a swamp cooler, or hand a wet dishcloth over a fan... just buy a a/c unit already..sure their expensive, but you only live once...either dying of heat or being more, well, comfortable.

My rental house has an A/C

My rental house has an A/C sitting 2 feet from my head right now but I have never plugged that thing in as I live in Washington state. A wood stove is much more important.

Happy June 10


Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I almost did this today

Except slightly different.

I would have mounted a fan on top pointing down into the cooler, then made vents/tubes near the bottom above the ice and brine soln, and filled it up with ice and super saturated brine water.

But I was afraid of starting an electrical fire.

I have a/c on but it doesn't go to my room.

I figure I need to get a fan, and then maybe fill up a big bowl with ice and some brine water, then place that in front of the fan while I sleep.

I'll see if I sleep tonight. I haven't been able to fall asleep before 0200 or so for 3 nights now. I have a sleep deficit. Today I slept for almost 8 hours but only because I slept in. Tomorrow I work.

But for short term, people like me who can stand up to 100 degrees, something like a cooler filled with ice and a few ports on the bottom with the fan pointing towards the melting ice, it might work in a small room with enough ports so the fan doesn't overheat, in conjunction with a circulating fan. I just don't want to burn down a ton of townhouses or destroy a cooler. I use my a/c maybe 3 times a year. This heat wave is pretty nasty though. I think most of it is over. I'm surprised we haven't had any blackouts.

But for all that effort I think I might just buy a fan from a secondhand store.

Beer may be a last result but I'll stink in the morning.

And the boss will rant at me. :)

I'm just drinking a glass of water every 30 minutes to replace the sweat.

I think I'll live. Still wish I had central a/c. The heat is compromising my cranial functions.

I may be repeating myself, but you could get that cooler or a little bigger one, get a small fan, cut the fan width on the top, drop the fan on, get some 2" pvc pipe or something, and cut out sections until the fan runs cool (2, 4,6, or 8 holes - I don't think you could have too many- and you might even just cut holes - maybe make sure the circumference of all the holes exceeds the hole cut for the fan), make sure it doesn't fall thru, fill the bottom with ice and brine water, then place it on a pedestal in front of a large fan, then direct it to where you are sleeping.

I just worry that small fan, once the ice is melted, may get hot and catch fire, and styrofoam will burn with my idea.

I think I'll stick with a fan.

The idea is great though for in cars with no a/c with dc power. The worst that could happen is spilling some brine water.

It may be cheaper to run ac, but if a person doesn't have it or the ac does not reach their room, this could act as a short term band aid for a few days. Although more expensive than advertised.

Yeah, tomorrow I'll hunt for secondhand fans and try putting a big bowl of ice and brine water in front of the fan. At worst, the fan will just run. I could also run some fabric up which absorbs the water and then evaporates it. But salt water and electricity don't go together well. Or rather they go together too well. I've grabbed positive and negative while standing in a solution of bleach and it didn't feel good.

Best wishes.

A variation on an old Amish

perishable food preservation technique is to freeze 5 gallon buckets of water in winter, isolate/contain it in a basement or cellar (55 degrees more or less), and insulate it with straw. You'll easily have blocks of ice into August or September, making the ice 'free'.

general information.

without watching the video, it is a form of evaporative cooling. they call them "swamp" coolers out west.
vapor compression refrigeration is what most people know as "A/C" this is the same type as is used for walk in coolers, freezers, margarita and slushy machines. and your house as well.
we discovered how to do it in the 30's.
I don't mind answering questions if anybody has any...

The fellow in the first video

The fellow in the first video is going to get people electrocuted if folks end up pouring ice, which melts and turns into water, directly onto an electric fan and assembly inside a foam cooler.

OK I was a hater at first...

But he is pretty ingenious about the basic make up- a styrofoam box and a bathroom fan..Or the redneck AC which might possibly be under $10.
As was said below, needs ice from the fridge.
Real genius: find a way to make a solar AC.
Ebay says a used car AC compressor is $60. A nice solar panel is $100. Someone post a solar AC for under $200 and I will be really impressed :)

I hope you get it that it's not really "cheaper"

The fridge is running more to freeze that water to ice. A lot more than it normally runs. This is much more expensive than running a window a/c because it's so much less efficient. Now, if you're not paying your own electric bill.....

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Ok, the temprature is

100 degrees outside and is expected to be in the upper 90's to lower 100's for the next week. It's Saturday and you just blew the motor in your car. You got to get it fixed before Monday! You've got to do an engine rebuild, but your garage is not air conditioned. The parts to fix the car took a big hunk out of your paycheck. Do you really think you are going to go buy a window unit, cut a hole in your garage wall to mount it in, just to keep from using a few dollars of ice from your fridge? And that's cheaper? Heck, even a fan or two would help, but the ice cooler would help even more.

This is NOT something to cool your house all summer, it's for emergency spot locations.


Seriously? Drink water. People survived for many generations without air conditioning. The only emergency situation is doing an organ transplant.

100 degrees and people flip out. Well, that's because they have no concept of acclimatising. All of these "cheap air conditioners" use more energy. If you believe man's footprint has left a negative effect on the world's climate, all you need to do is keep blasting that Air Conditioning and put your fridge on overkill.

And people

used to die at a younger age. People died from heat stroke, or dehydration. People also used to ride horses everywhere they went. Do you?
Yes, people 100 or even 50 years ago were able to withstand much that would kill a "modern" person. Do you still dip your drinking water out of the river? Do you cook over a wood burning stove, all the time? Or do you use an electric or gas stove? Do you hand wash all your clothes and hang them out to dry? What about ironing your clothes, do you use an electric iron or do you just send them out to be done?
So, yes, in older times people lived a harder life and existed without our modern day 'conveniences' (like a spell checker!). Look up the term 'antifragility' - we have become a rather fragile society.

Most people hand wash there

Most people hand wash there clothes in the Philippines and they are way less fat than Americans, this much I know.

I also know that I am a very pasty white dude and with long sleeve t-shirts, a boonie hat, and water, I survived working 12 hours a day in Iraq's 130 degree heat and dust storms. So hot that your fingers feel like little sausages cooking on a grill.


Your evidence that people live longer based on Air Conditioning, is laughable. People die from all of the same causes today. Life expectancy had to do with far different issues.

Dehydration =/= Air Conditioning
Riding horses =/= air conditioning

But hey, we also eat GMO foods at a staggering rate today. So if you want to babble on with hyperbolic strawman arguments(out of context points you're making, not me), by all means, that doesn't mean you make any more sense. The fact is, doing this is less efficient, less effective, stupid, and a massive waste of resources compared to better alternatives, many of which are new ideas and some are old as time. Keep it simple, stupid.

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I loved it. I don't

I loved it. I don't understand some of the comments below either. Of course, in the long run, an AC is cheaper. But this is a great solution to a problem short term.

Thanks for posting. It was fun to see.

short term it is not cheaper

short term it is not cheaper long term it is not cheaper anytime it is not cheaper.

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Don't understand some of the comments below...

I'm not saying ice is free, but most people have fridges and oftentimes extra space in their freezer, especially if you manage the space right. I hardly use my freezer. It's a good alternative and short-use solution for those who can generally handle high temps without an AC until it gets 105+ degrees.

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The more space you use in

The more space you use in your freezer, the more energy the freezer needs to cool the contents. And every time you open that door, you remove the cold air and the fridge needs to basically start over to cool more of the contents. It's extremely inefficient, and in no case whatsoever, is this a good suggestion. Sorry, but misleading methods like this, contributes to people freaking out at the end of their month when their energy bill comes in.

Better yet, if you live in a

Better yet, if you live in a dry climate, make a swamp cooler. Place a clay pot in a breezy pathway, fill with water and place hay on top to slowly wick the water. Stay downwind of it and it is significantly cooler.

Another 'cooool' idea!

I'll keep that in mind and I'm sure there are many different variations you can use!

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

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Make it even more useful

Thaw out the frozen meat for your dinner! Cool the room and start preparing dinner at the same time!

Or, you could make it colder by using "dry ice" - then you wouldn't have to worry about the melted ice shorting out the electricity. (just have to worry about CO2!)


Yeah you would just have to put the meat in a bag, but that's a good idea. The frozen water bottles work well because you can just occasionally hydrate yourself before filling it back with water and putting it in the freezer. Yeah someone mentioned the dry ice, but the C02 was the issue.

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

Great device

for weathering a heat wave!

it waste more money then an

it should be titled cheap, screw yourself air conditioner, it waste more money then an ac, so not sure what you think is great about it? Unless you like throwing money down the drain.

The only way this makes sense is if you have no ac and no electricity. Then you still need solar for a panelto ru na circulating fan and a free ice source that is not coming from your house.

If you like throwing money out the door. Thne this is for you.

bottom line, it will cost you more to cool your house with ice and this screw yourelf idea then an electric ac..

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ice is 144 BTU's per LB.

so, there is not much power there. and btw, a "ton" of A/C is a ton of ice.
also, I found out why Paul and Emily's unit leaked the freon out. those rubber hoses can leak right through the side walls.....

I am thinking about coming up there for a visit btw. what is the best time of year?


for summer anytime it is 100

for summer anytime it is 100 plus everywhere else hehe:) but if you want to ski or board i wouldwait until dec-march. either way hit me up. i got your email and replied, peace ken

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