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Cheap Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioner!

Hey all.
I was just looking for cheap air conditioning solutions. It's hot hot hot in the West Coast! I bumped into some cool videos:

Homemade Air Conditioner DIY Project Worlds Cheapest AC!


Redneck Air Conditioner - Cheap Cool Air


The first video solution seems so easy to do (but use frozen water bottles instead of ice unless you want to get shocked!)
I thought this was cool and just wanted to share!

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Just flip your thermometer upside-down...

...easier than making a bunch of ice and trying to work a pair of scissors with sweaty fingers...

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read post below, gave a few

read post below, gave a few more details but this idea is a waste of time and money. Great idea if folks have a free source of ice(that is not being produced inside your home) and no electricity and a solar panel to run the fan.

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no, i read that already.

We're all trying to have some fun here, even us up here in Wisconsin where the temps recently dipped down to 86 degrees...

Here's an idea! Maybe you southerners should think about building one of these nifty things we up here in dry-ground country call a 'basement'.

Sure it's just a fancy name for a rectantular hole in the ground but it's cool nonetheless!

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

im in colorado though i was

im in colorado though i was from the south. got plenty of ice at 14,000 ft but no need for ac up here we were a balmy 73 today while the lower elevations were 90-100 plus.

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unless you have a free source

unless you have a free source for ice daily and the icemaker is not in your house. Then this cost more then an ac. This saves you nothing unless you have a free source of ice and it is not in your house producing heat since making ice still produces heat in the house.

The only way this is cheaper is if you have no source for electricity and you use solar to run the small fan but you still need free ice or a way to make the ice which produces heat and makes this unit more costly then an ac. Unless you have a 100% free source for ice.

This unit is waste of time and money since ice cost money to buy or produces heat to make it with electricity through a fridge.

If you like wasting money and time this is a great idea.

bottom line if you have to buy or make the ice then it will cost more to run this then an ac with electricity. simple math

Ok, lets assume that you could cool your room either with a single bag of ice in this device, OR a single window air conditioner. Which would be cheaper, assuming you needed one bag of ice per day?

A small air conditioner is defined as using less than 7.5 amps. Lets assume 7.5. Then at 120V, we use 7.5*120=900W *24hrs= 21.6kWh. In ontario (averaged over 24hrs), energy is 9.05c/kWh, so we use 21.6kWh*0.0905$=$1.96 of electricity per day

So, in the absolute worst case (max amperage, 24hr at full power) the AC unit less (or equal if you have cheap ice) electricity as a bag of ice costs.

So, in the best case of the proposed ice cooling (1 bag/day, free electricity, free transportation of ice), it isn't worth it.

Edit: or we can look at it this way: A really efficient AC unit has an EER of 10. This means that (if it is the 7.5A unit above), it produces 9000 Btu of cooling, or 9495 kJ. The enthalpy of fusion (energy to melt) of ice is 334 kJ/kg. So every hour this AC unit produces cooling equivalent to melting about 28kg of ice. A bad EER might be about 5, so 14kg of ice. I think a bag of ice is around 2kg? And this is per hour.

note then folks will say but the freezer is already running anyway, well

Thats not how freezers work. Your freezer does a little work all the time maintaining temperature, as the insulation is only so good. It does a lot of work freezing new stuff you add. So you incur costs equal to the chilling ability of the freezer to make that ice (it takes that same 334kJ/kg to freeze ice as it does to melt it). Substitute some numbers for your freezer to my above equation to see how much it costs to freeze ice in your freezer. Chances are it is similar to the AC (both are moving heat from inside to outside).

Laws of thermodynamics and all that says it takes more energy (dissipated as heat out the back of the freezer) to freeze water than is available to use as chilling when you melt it. It comes from the inability to be perfectly efficient.

An AC unit has one advantage over the ice-in-freezer. The water that is condensed out of your air is sprayed by the fan over the external cooling coil, and is used to increase efficiency by evaporating water (huge latent heat sink), rather than just passing air over the coils/radiator (which both AC, freezers, and fridges do)

TL;DR: no free lunch, you pay electricity to create ice, and it is less efficient than an AC unit.

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So if the freezing costs are similar to the AC

Why do you say it's more expensive? I'd have to verify what you're saying about the freezer btw.

The other key is that this is a small portable solution you can use in spot areas with the ability to carry to multiple rooms or outside unlike central AC where you are covering the whole house or a window unit where you're covering a whole room.

Why would you say it's expensive since there is very little capital costs and freezing costs are similar to AC?

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One cost you forgot in your math -

What is the cost of the "red-neck" air conditioner, and what is the cost of the window A/C? How many bags of ice could you buy for the cost of that 5000 BTU unit?

And actually, this was for a temporary 'spot' cooling. Somewhere that you may not want or are unable to mount a window unit.

No one is trying to get something for free. Most of us understand TANSTASFL.

in 1 week you would lose

in 1 week you would lose those cost, so yes if you need ac for 1-5 dayds then you are correct. good luck wasting money. the math is correct at the lowest level so if you can cool a room or house with one bag of free ice a day you win.

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So you are saying

that in 1 week you would use over $300 in ice?
A quick check of portable air conditioner I found this one - http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Danby+-+8%2C000+BTU+Portable+Air...
Danby - 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
With taxes figure over $300 for something made in China, that you may use for only a few days each year? No thanks, I'll sit on an ice cube first!

I agree that it is less

I agree that it is less expensive to run a regular air conditioner, but whether or not this is a waste of time or money is going to be dependent on the situation at hand and how much an individual values his or her comfort.

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if you have an ac and it

if you have an ac and it doesn't cool your house better to invest in an ac.

it is practical if you have no electric and can have a solar to run the fan but you still need a free ice source since if you make ice at home. the fridge will put out more heat then this ac can put out cool air. common sense

anyone thinking this willsave you money will lose money the minute they use it.

practical if you have no electric, then you need solar to power the fan but you still need free ice not from your home or you are paying more for this redneck expensive ac then you would a reg ac.

please explain in any scenario how it is cheaper. it is not do the math. it is impossible.

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I don't disagree

Over the long term, a regular air conditioner is definitely the more economical way to go for cooling. For temporary spot cooling, however, this sort of thing could make sense.

Back when I was in college (over 20 years ago), a buddy of mine rented an apartment. The rent included all utilities, but the lease forbade the installation of an air conditioner. He did something like this during a heat wave to keep his tiny bedroom cool at night. He just kept his freezer full of ice.

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