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Fox News Reporting on Chem-Trails

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I say this

to my self all the time. Why would they waste there time doing chemical type of stuff in the sky when they got Flu Shots and Food to poison you with.

The Beauty of Daily Paul

The beauty of Daily Paul is that you get people that don't believe the things that they have been brainwashed to believe... unfortunately, it seems only about 10% though have arrived here because they have higher reasoning ability. The other 90%, also have escaped the brainwashing, but it is only because they have incredible difficulty believing anything told to them, especially if it is mainstream, including science fact, hence you get subjects like "chem trails".... and then the 10% get lumped in as being crazies...


Did you know they are secretly changing the Earth's rotation, so that you won't get enough sleep? Global sleep deprivation... if you notice the overall direction of the jets is the same... all these jets moving in the same general direction, is causing a slight rotation of the planet in the other direction (because the planes are pushing off the air)... this is no accident... the contrails are just a side affect... of being GULLIBLE.

i bursted out laughing

when i read "Did you know they are secretly changing the Earth's rotation, so that you won't get enough sleep? Global sleep deprivation..."

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Glad to see this is getting on the "news". Here is an excellent

web site about this: http://saive.com/index.html Chemtrails Planet Blog.


They say the worst lie has some truth to it

and in the first two stories in less than 5 minutes on the DailyPaul...
First, the Rand / McCain story. As many pointed out McCain, seemly trying to dismiss the charge, states he knows who he is giving weapons to. IMHO tells the truth trying to make it sound otherwise.
Then we have this story. In the video the NOAA guy states it is not chemtrails but man made pollution. This was a “well-duh” moment for me. Yes, manmade - by spraying chemicals out of aircraft. He told the truth just did not state the process by which it is coming about.
Thirdly, in the comment section someone thinks it is due to the dew point. They say this referring to vapor trails –“well duh”. True, vapor trails and dew point could account for the length of time a VAPOR trail lasts. I am sure most reading this have seen an aircraft fly over with no vapor trail at all. At other times leaving one that at arm’s length might last for the width of your thumb or perhaps hand. But they go away. Why? The vapor trail is caused by the heat of the aircraft engine which moves the aircraft. Once the aircraft moves the heat in that area is removed and as the air temperature cools back to the ambient air temperature the vapor trail dissipates = gone. Get a pan of water and put it on the stove you will get steam. As that steam rises it cools and no more steam. It does not linger in your kitchen all day and grow in size to fill the entire house!
They also state, “As for chem trails, there are chemicals in jet fuel...”. If they have added something to jet fuel that is causing this I would think it would be easily found out and they should stop doing so or explain what it is and why it is in there.
And exactly what any of that has to do with traffic lights is your guess.


That when I travel to certain other parts of the world... that have plenty of air traffic, the planes seem to leave contrails that disappear almost immediately! Only here in the US have I noticed the trails hanging out for hours at a time.... Wonder why that is? Must be my imagination.

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

I was in Switzerland and Costa Rica earlier this year and

DID NOT SEE ONE lingering con/chem trail in either country.

I pay attention to this stuff since my trip to the Grand Canyon two years ago. On that trip the days started off clear and then as far as eye could see, in any direction, trails took over the entire sky and by lunch it was hazy - every day.

Now I pay attention.

Could not help but notice, they used very poor pictures

plenty of good ones out there, a few i took in Nashville 4 years ago http://s420.photobucket.com/user/doctor011/media/pictures100...

They are spraying us like rats in Central FL

I usually take baout 90 minutes each night photographing the sunclipse. During this time I can always spot at least a dozen chemtrails. Is there any chance of filing a class action suit?

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

after a heavy rain last night

after a heavy rain last night all of my and my neighbors fish in our ponds died :( idk what happened

Local News.....

Did this by any chance make your local News?

i havent seen anything

i havent seen anything

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Please report locally

Please reach out to your local news reporters. (By posting here you've already reached out to many -- thanks!)

And, I'm very sorry for your, and your neighbor's, loss.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

Collect Data in your area.

Where I live they are definitely Chem trailing. Couple things to look for:

1) Jets are much lower then the usual Passenger Jets.

2) Quite often these flights actually change course slightly, some times more then once. Passenger Jets do no such thing.

3) These jets fly on no particular schedule. Passenger jets Fly like clock work under normal circumstances.

4) Make a note of this one: They DO NOT fly missions during HIGH Pressure Weather Cycles. Obviously the program is ineffective.

5) If you have access to high powered (Extreme Zoom Capability), Video or photographic equipment, use it. Get people who have it involved.

6) Keep a track of what your local weather forecasts & record what changed shortly after witnessing ChemTrails.

I'm sure there is more we all can do. At least Fox has opened the door to discussion to some.


Find some old photos (15 years or older) with contrails/chemtrails in the sky. I've looked thru my family photos, not a single one. I remember contrails as a kid. They lasted only minutes, not all damn day.I want it to stop.


Good point my friend. I know for a fact in the eighties & nineties the sky was not the same as it is / has been in recent years.

I have photos

I have photos from that time.. contrails galore that lasted all day... I have photos from a hike I did in Northern Sweden out in the middle of nowhere... contrails all through the sky... it is from jet airplanes... jet engines heat up the air, change the saturation point, creating trails... dew point... it isn't rocket science... well actually it is jet science.

After the contrails lasted all day on the hike, the wild reindeer that we saw, actually started jumping into the air and flying... then the reindeer started making contrails... only they were brown! Then some scientist showed up in a helicopter and started taking samples of the brown contrails that were raining down on us... actually reining down on us... then I slipped on a rock, and my shoes fell off... I wouldn't have slipped if the chemicals from the contrails had not landed on that rock... I am certain of it.


Find some old photos (15 years or older) with contrails/chemtrails in the sky. I've looked thru my family photos, not a single one. I remember contrails as a kid. They lasted only minutes, not all damn day.I want it to stop.

Tic Tac Toe

I live in Eugene Oregon, and observe and log chem trails, then watch what happens to the weather in the midwest a few days later as well. Anybody who says they are vapor trails is flat out lying. We can go 2 or 3 days sometimes without seeing chem trails, but notice normal jet vapor trails that evaporate shortly behind the jet.

The chem trails here stretch as far north and as far south as you can see when they are laid out. Somedays none at all, other days 5 to 10 laid out. Even saw a tic tac toe pattern one time, north to south and east to west pattern.

The point to make, and it is very easy to do so, is if they are vapor trails, then why are they not seen sometimes for 2 or 3 days, then you see them? The same commercial air traffic flys every day, I checked.

Dew point

It is called the dew point, or the saturation of water vapor in the air... depending on the air conditions the vapor trail can remain there much longer... the same thing happens to clouds... some clouds can sit in the sky all day long, some appear then disappear.

As for chem trails, there are chemicals in jet fuel... what do you think it is edible?

I saw a guy sitting at a traffic light about 3 feet behind the sensor in the road that detects the metal of a vehicle above it... the light never changed... I pulled up along side of him and told him that there is a sensor in the road, and that if he didn't pull forward he would miss the next light (he had already missed the first one). He thanked me and said he had no idea... then he asked if I worked for the county! Nope, just figured it out, and then looked it up to verify it... just a little loop of wire, with an alternating current going through it so when a car pulls in the middle of it, the inductance changes, thereby indicating a car is present, so change the light.

If Fox News is reporting on chem trails it is to distract and divert from real things that are going on and to make anyone who believes in conspiracies look like a guy who sits at a traffic light all day without pulling forward onto the sensor.

I'd never thought that the

I'd never thought that the traffic sensor acted like that. I just figured there was a camera or radar or something. I guess there's multiple types, because the small town I'm from does have something that looks like a security camera by the light, but I know we don't have redlight cameras. Thanks for the tip, I'm now looking it up. Good to know since I'm about to start my 3rd year undergrad EE.


don't bother with scientific

don't bother with scientific terms here. so many people here are already convinced about this stuff, and no amount of scientific evidence is going to sway them.

Dew point........

Mmmmmm never thought of that, thanks for clearing that up for us.
Ok Folks move on, nothing to see here.

I say we do a TOTAL RECALL

Stop the shenanigans. Hard to keep a eye out for all of this crap.

I did see about 100 planes crisscrossing the skies in an area south of Austin the Monday before
Obama visited. In about a 2 hour span. It was incredible. There is never that many planes at once in that area.

Maybe spreading sleeping powder to all the conservatives outside Austin.

Getting us ready for full

Getting us ready for full disclosure of geo-engineering now that we are more desensitized to secret government operations.

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This is definitely not just

This is definitely not just Colorado. I live in Illinois and we see it everywhere and every day. We rarely, if ever now, get a cloudless day. It could be a beautiful blue sky, then a second later one of these planes flies back and forth leaving that trail and poof...clouds everywhere.
I hear about this on Alex Jones, people call in from all over the united states describing the same thing that we see everyday.

Same here in Oklahoma


not sure if chemtrails are real

i know the u.s. did experiment with chemtrails a few decades ago. the problem with chemtrails are, that they are hard to proof. of course the contrails behave in a strange way. they hang there for hours or become big clouds. in germany there was a study from a university that shows that contrails CAN create clouds. i am not saying chemtrails don't exist, but i say that there is not enough data to support that theory. barrium and alliminum in drinking water can come from a lot of other sources (chemical company)
maybe somebody should check with the FAA and compare the civilian flight routes with the so called chemtrails.
if chemtrails exist, then their purpose is not to control the weather...well, not directly....but to be used as an conductor to influence earth's magnetic field....just another conspiracy theory...

This may help.

belief and reality

here is a quote from the site you posted:

"To begin with, we must understand that our intelligence agencies are operating at a very high level of OCCULT SKILL AND AWARENESS....
In short, any Intel agent of a G20 rating is a practicing black magician entirely "sold out," soul-wise, (via rites, satanic rituals, and esoteric training ...."

How can I take this seriously? Lot of this stuff is just based on belief. Not reality. There is is NO proof that chemtrail spraying is an ongoing program. All what you will find are beliefs.