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Fox News Reporting on Chem-Trails

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Funny that you should say that.

If we believe that people can do good for mankind and the planet we live on, is it unreasonable to think that other people can do the exact and equal opposite?

it is not unreasonable to think that

there are a lot of sociopaths in the world. a lot of them do evil things...but is that a proof for a super secret global chemtrail program? if something is possible in theory it doesn't mean it exists in reality.

To bad spectroscopy is a secret science.

Will no one point at the clouds a solve the mystery?


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yeah, i know about that

i even took photos of so called chembows...made videos etc.
I don't dismiss this stuff. I know it very well and researched it alot. The problem with chemtrails are that we still have a lot of questions about the things that are happening in our atmosphere. We even don't know how clouds are formed. It is a very complex process in which cosmic rays are involved:

The less we know about our atmosphere the more room it leaves for speculations for the things that are happening up there.

Of course we should be open minded...but we also shouldn't believe everything. As soon as you study this subject seriously you will realize that there is no definate proof. Some stuff in this conspiracy field comes directly from the intelligence community. PsyOps.

Again: Not saying chemtrails don't exisit, just saying that there is no possible way to know for sure. You should also keep an open mind and study contrails much much more. If you think that you found the truth you will stop searching. Keep an open mind and maybe, just maybe, contrails are the only thing that exist.

My concern is that if we can affect the weather

Interventions in complex systems result in unintended consequences.

Or in the hands of Keynesian Economists who see destruction as ultimately profitable.

The Great Mississippi and Missouri Rivers Flood of 1993, Hurricane Andrew, Katrina, Sandy, Oklahoma Tornadoes 2013.

If these were not Acts of God, who is liable for the deaths, injuries and destruction.

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If chemtrails exist

how do we know that they are designed for weather modification? We shouldn't jump to conclusions. If they exist they could have a completely different task then most of us think of. Maybe chemtrails are just a medium for (space-based) directed energy weapons.
Or maybe they don't exist at all.

Assuming that the government doesn't keep secrets...

Would be jumping to conclusions!

Congres has been running a massive con on the American people, in general, for 220 years.

Spraying radio-active particulates in St. Louis MO.

Secret Atomic bomb tests that caused secret radiation damage to populations and livestock.

There is a difference between jumping to conclusions and cornering a proven liar, and asking, "What the heck danger are you creating this time?"

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Rain, rain, go away

I remember learning about the rain cycle, many years ago. It is a completely natural method whereby water evaporates, makes it to the atmosphere, and falls somewhere else later.

What we're doing with the barium and aluminum, I am visualizing the same as the rain cycle, except that this one is man-made. The planet is now constantly throwing up and raining down not only dihydrogen monoxide, but also compounds containing the metals.

Which reminds me of the Venusian moon which has geysers, spraying water up with enough force to leave the gravity well -- so Venus' moon ends up raining on Venus! Pretty cool.

I welcome the water, but would prefer that we stop raining metals.

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No proof that these practices are for the general welfare.

Protecting our rights is in the general welfare.

Monkeying with the weather, not so much.

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Secrecy is never a good policy,

Especially when we are the one's paying their salaries. Chemtrails are real. Geoengineering is alive and well. It gives a mission and purpose for military aircraft. It's relatively inexpensive and they believe it can curb global warming which is accelerating much more quickly than anticipated. (We still have hundreds of years worth of fossil fuels still left to burn after all. Wouldn't want to leave that 'gold mine' in the ground). What concerns me even more, however, is our military personnel getting used to these flights over large swaths of our country. While we may not know the exact long term consequences of barium and aluminum oxide on our health and ecosystem, a simple change in the material to be dispersed (e.g. biological agent, toxins,...) could have immediate and dire consequences. Like Jim Jones in Guyana, I just hope our enlisted men and women don't drink the Kool Aid."

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Keep playing the fool, and I'm going to take you out!

You can't stop an idea whose time has come.

He conquers who endures.-Persius

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I learned this here, passing it on

The Jonestown massacre was a CIA hit. There was a YouTube link posted here. Jim Jones used to work for the CIA, then left and founded Jonestown. They "needed him out of the way" (for whatever stupid secret reason "they" had), so came in and massacred everyone. Many fled, so the initial body count went up by a lot (I think it almost doubled) as the CIA agents found the fleeing folks and murdered them and added to the pile of bodies.

The reporting was even ridiculous -- they said the initial body count was too low because there were bodies underneath other bodies, it was difficult to count them all.

I remember it being an hour or so; this one is just a two-parter, 10 minutes each. I watched the beginning of part 1 and it looked like the same content -- but it seemed to start in the middle. There's likely a longer version out there, but if all else fails, please watch this and learn some truth about Jonestown.


I found out about it several months ago, perhaps 6 (I've been here for a little over a year).

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here people..... please move along and look down as you go!

Im getting sick and fucking

Im getting sick and fucking tired of hearing our governments doing things in secret, not informing AS MUCH OF THE PUBLIC as they can, on a consistant updated manner, especially so, when dealing with things that are arguably on a national most likely GLOBAL scale, and then, ASK FOR PERMISSION.......not for a system already built, but for a system STILL to build

This is my line, my mind and my heart, will not budge

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I don't believe our nation can have an intelligent discussion on climate change (not to mention the changes in our Colorado forest fires) without including the truth on what 'they' are spraying almost daily in my state and across the country. It gulls me to no end when I hear my state leadership discuss the drastic changes in our forest fires and weather patterns without acknowledging my questions on what is being sprayed.

yes, lets only ask the government agencies

, the same entity accused of the crime for the incriminating evidence against themselves.

These people are to used to communicating with stupid people.

I am referring to the stooges that say its just a heat reaction with subzero cold.

Mainstream Media. So groping for credibility.

What in the world are they Spraying. (full)

Why in the world are they Spraying (full)

to bad this is only a local fox affiliate. BUT

So was Ben Swanns fox news channel as well. And he is definitely making waves. We should probably try to find some contact info these folks and let them know to keep truth coming.

Thx for post.

Screw FOX

Their credibility isn't worth saving.


If nothing else, for people out there who think "this is just conspiracy nonsense", that Joe Golden guy from the NOAA said (starting at the 3:10 mark of the video and read by the FOX news person) "scientists are experimenting w/ the weather on a smaller scale". I have a hunch that a big part of the reason people say chemtrails are "kooky" is because they didn't believe weather modification was an actual thing. So hearing this NOAA guy talk about it as real will hopefully help erase the "tin foil hat" aspect of this.

They seeded

for the Beijing Olympics to get rid of clouds and smog, and they've experimented with silver iodide and rock salt to help fog precipitate out around airports, and spread defoliating agents in Cold Lake Alberta and a I think somewhere in Novascotia as well in the lead up to vietnam. They use, or use to use, titanium oxide and titanium chloride at airshows for display. There are also a number of experiments in the literature about local weather modification and I would never doubt the governments zeal for testing on people, especially by any means that leaves little proof and has general deniability. However, I think the idea that all commercial airliners spread chemicals in their fuel's exhaust is a misdirection to paint people as nut jobs. Why can't contrails behave peculiarly?

We are being lied to about this (and everything else, it seems)

I have watched these jets flying back and forth across the sky in systematic order. Their long trails reach from horizon to horizon and begin to spread out after a short while. I have taken pics and video on several occasions. In fact, there have also been times when two and even three planes were flying parallel to each other in a staggered formation of sorts, leaving their milky white trails behind them. One day a couple weeks ago I saw one make a U-turn, all the while continuing to spray its payload in the opposite direction.

No, I don't spend all day looking at the sky. These chemtrails are so common here that anyone who glances at the sky once in a while would have to notice.

Believe me, these are NOT contrails from routine commercial flights.

Even though this news report doesn't go nearly far enough, they are at least beginning to poke the bear.


there there needs to be photos of the jets marking taken using telescopes and a network of volunteers to track where the suspicious plane lands. Then someone could get a freedom of information request to find the flight's path and classification and find out where it was fueled and get a sample of what it was fueled with.