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Potential witness to (Todashev) FBI Shooting Ordered to Remain in Jail until she Leaves US

The Boston Globe – by Maria Sacchetti

An immigration judge has ordered a potential witness in the investigation into the fatal shooting of a Chechen man by an FBI agent last month to leave the United States no later than July 1, and to remain in jail until she departs, raising an outcry from a civil rights group seeking a full accounting of the man’s death.

Federal immigration officials arrested Tatiana Igorevna Gruzdeva, a 19-year-old aspiring foreign language teacher from Russia, on May 16 for overstaying her visa. They discovered the violation when the FBI and other law enforcement officials began investigating Ibragim Todashev, her roommate in Orlando, about his ties to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

Six days later, a Boston FBI agent shot and killed 27-year-old Todashev in their apartment.


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Obviously making sure people

Obviously making sure people dont over stay their visa is way too hard. Its not like they can make a computer system that notifies local officials that they need to check on the person...

Anyway, this is obviously a cover up. Sending a witness to a murder away? Thats rediculous. At the very least they should be issueing a temporary visa of some sort until everything is wrapped up.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.



This is your job, accept it or accept the public image hit of corruption, that i feel in the air that looks to be heading your way, not from the "usual", but from the folks your worried about, MAJORITY.......you are gonna be the instigators of your own demise, either turn that tide honestly and morally, with conviction, or close up shop already, as your already irrelevant in that case