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Justin Amash on FOX Business W / Stossel: NSA Spy Gate Damages Our Culture - VIDEO

Justin Amash on FOX Business W / Stossel: NSA Spy Gate Damages Our Culture - VIDEO


June 30, 2013

Justin Amash recently went on the Stossel Show on FOX Business News to remind us that the NSA spy gate violates our Fourth Amendment.

“The reason the Founders believed it was wrong was because we didn’t want the government collecting this kind of information,” Amash said. “They put the Constitution in place to prevent the government from injecting itself into our personal affairs.”

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/justin-amash-nsa-spy-gate-damages-ou...

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Stossel responds to libertarian critcism

Even last night on tv, when Stossel went to respond to the libertarian criticism he's been getting, he used the opportunity to show his list of 100 things! Again! ha ha!
He has always used devils advocate, to lure the non libertarians into listening. Then he lets the guest talk without interruption. He does not need to please us, or preach to the choir, but tries to gently wake the non libertarians. What do you want him to do, end up with no show, like the Judge and Swann? Two great men by the way.
You can tell Stossel is on our side because he never interrupts the libertarian guests. Who else is going to let Justin Amash talk that long?

Stossel is just playing

Stossel is just playing devil's advocate. In any case, the latest leaks show that it is not just metadata that is being stored, it is the actual phone conversations and email texts themselves.

Justin Amash so far looks like he's on track to be the next Ron Paul. We need him.

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John Stossel tries to take

John Stossel tries to take the "opposite" side on things and this is why he keeps saying this because it's a typical argument that an uninformed person uses. This is his style of reporting, always has been. He's being sarcastic. I've been watching him a long time to realize this. He knows what it is, he's just trying to let the person make the argument.

That's my 2 cents anyway.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

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Amash makes Stossel look really silly.

Stossel seems to have caved into fascism as brought to you by Fox and by very close government friends. Sad to see Stossel like this.

Amash is clearly Ron Paul's

Amash is clearly Ron Paul's successor thus far. If only we, the people, could clone Amash by the hundreds and populate the US Congress with his clones. ;)

I wonder if Justin is principled enough to withstand the corruption of a "career" in politics? They're watching, blackmailing, bribing ... everyone.

Amash did well. [could do a smidge better]

Assuming Stossel is just a regular guy, a run of the mill dude with a libertarian perspective, I can chalk him up to simply being slow, non-alarmist, and skeptical as such.

The weakest spot in his armor of indifference is his claim that the fact that they're doing this to all of us somehow makes him feel better about it. Amash would have done better at that point to compare it to everyone having cameras [tied to the NSA] in each room of our homes. Stossel might say that he wouldn't approve and that wouldn't be analogous, because that wouldn't protect us from something as horrific as getting blown up by terrorists. Then you reveal that it wouldn't be done to protect us from terrorists but to protect us from something equally horrific, to protect children from abuse. The cameras would ultimately be monitored by Child Protective Services. This scenario is not only analogous, but imaginable, and likely to happen. I believe Stossel has already spoken out against the partial proliferation of such cameras in the UK. Would he still disapprove if the proliferation were not partial but complete?

The above scenario and argument stand independently of Stossel's apparent lack of understanding just how deep the surveillance is. He still seems to think that the sweeping surveillance stops at pattern recognition. He has much to learn.

Hmmm, why isn't this on the

Hmmm, why isn't this on the front page yet?


Looks like he went and had his face wrapped so tight he cant speak properly anymore. Anybody elshhth notice he Shhlllounds like he Shhluring his wordths....JS is a girly man!..

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

I did notice the slurring.

I haven't watched him in a long, long time til the other day in the interview with Judge Napolitano. I don't remember Stossel talking like that before. Makes me wonder if he had a stroke or a mini stroke or something.


stossel is having second thoughts. it's mind blowing that he would ever consider that 24/7 spying is no biggie!

For those sticking up for Stossel

See him vs. Judge Nap recently

Also, see this recent post on LRC about this "efficiency expert for the Leviathan State."


All Is Well - John Just Had To Think It Through

The Judge Brought Stossel Back Down To Earth...

Don't Panic - This Is Stossel 's Way Of Getting What he Wants

Believe me, Stossel is just trying to get his guest to give the answer he is looking for..

John is a true blue libertarian ...


Stossel seems like a neocon

Stossel seems like a neocon facist government troll here.

Amash really put him in his place when he told him that someone could make an argument for getting rid of all the amendments, but that we would be living in a police state.

Wow, he really PWNED Stossel's ridiculous arguments.

What the heck is Stossel doing here?

Playing dumb? Still pushing the "it's only meta data" and "gee there's all these things I like less" and this deer in the headlights routine?

He's either gaming or he's miserably uninformed. The Socractic method presumes the teacher knows the truth and leads the student through a process of discovery to arrive at it. It's not deer-in-the-headlights ignorance.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.


Perhaps he is leading his audience to the truth by playing devils advocate.

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he's gaming... he does it in

he's gaming... he does it in every single interview.. although he's more convincing in this one.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin


front page please.


Front and to the very top!

Very well explained by Rep

Very well explained by Rep Justin Amash. Stossel should not side with orders from his employer he was given to side with the apparatchik government on this issue. Stossel should know better.

Excellent Interview

Justin Amash was endorsed by Ron Paul

I feel that John Stossel

was simply asking the questions and playing "dumb" so Justin Amash would be able to address them on his show, hoping to open the sheeps eyes and ears. John Stossel was simply giving Rep Amash a chance for good talking points in my opinion. Stossel's list of 100 things he hates worse gave him a chance to showcase all of things that American citizen are being subjected to.



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I'm really hoping you're

I'm really hoping you're assessment of Stossel is correct.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

I am very,very sure of it!



You Got It!

See my post above..