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4 more PRISM slides released - making liars out of Google, Microsoft, Skype, etc.

Newly published top-secret documents detail how NSA interfaces with tech giants such as Google, Apple and Microsoft

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Forget the national security argument

Forget the national security argument put forth by defenders of the massive surveillance program. This whole PRISM scheme makes for an incredible insider trading opportunity!!!! If Edward Snowden can read the President's email, someone else can read Ben Bernake's email! Although, many on wall street probably don't need to read Ben's email. The Fed likes to provide priveledged information before it is released to the public now.

So far this is only being presented as a US GOVERNMENT program

But the two companies that set up this mass violatin of human rights lead us out of the US to the head Rothschild crime family zio state.

The real story here is that the US GOV is no longer a US GOV it is a proxy false debt slave state in the Rothschild zio empire with IzUnReal being the terminal that controls the NSA spy opperation.

The congress puppets cheer so when a zio izunreal puppets appear before them, knowing the enthusastic cheering will relate to self enrichment and a lack of support will result in that puppet having its strings cut. watch at .37. Just think if it was an american Indian leader like Russel Means R.I.P. saying the exact same words about ansesteral right to return, would congress be so supportive.

Its about the central bank corporation creating digital money (counterfeit) The zionist own the money machine and have used it to create a world of false debt. Using claims of debt to justify every genocide.


Snowden has their playbook

Edward Snowden will go down in history as a great American, he revealed how the U.S. Government is breaking its own Constitution, and participating in an illegal "spying" on everyone.
Mr. Snowden has their playbook and they are "pissed", this is why they are after him, they can't even offer him any sort of pardon because they know he knows how "corrupt" they are.
I am waiting for the documents that show how the controlled Government has "hacked" the American voting machines, Now that ought to get some MSM coverage, but I don't think it will.
Think about it, if the NSA has been hacking Hong Kong for over 4 years, how long have they been doing this to the voting machines, this ought to be a piece of cake for them.

What will it take to get back to a paper ballot,

counted publicly at each precinct? It's the only way to have a near honest voting system.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

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hadn't thought about that (hacking the voting machines...) What I think is coming is the actual HACKING of individual (non-criminal) Americans computers themselves.

I think we need a class-action lawsuit for releasing of all "data" that has been gathered - so we can begin to ask questions like: "Why do you consider supporting a particular political candidate (i.e. Ron Paul) justification to consider me a target?"

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I Love The Way Snowden and The Gaurdian

Are playing this game. Release the first bombshell as though it is the whole package. Let the government and the company pawns lie and try to discredit and cover up the leak then hit them with more leaks and show the world how manipulative and how dishonest they all are! This is GREAT!

51% Confidence...oh Cr8p!

"The supervisor must endorse the analysts "Reasonable Belief", defined as 51 percent confidence that the specified target is a foreign national who is overseas at the time of collection."

51% confident it's not an American citizen as well.
51%, that's it.

Folks, 51% is a toss of a coin, plus one.
Which means their "Targets" and "Collections" are for the most part, random.

I'm calling shenanigans on the whole mess.
This is clearly a clandestine operation aimed at our Liberties, our Constitution and our Republic.

I don't fear the darkness, I fear the evil it conceals.

Exercise Liberty...or lose it.

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad

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This chart is incorrect, no

This chart is incorrect, no one actually uses AOL anymore.

Southern Agrarian

Google, Microsoft and Skype etc were liars.

The truth was made known.

Free includes debt-free!

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Who is Jill Booth?

At least Richard Gringras's bio is out there in the open. What about Jill Booth's?


", the station directing the "news" of Snowden."

I don't get it. What leads you to believe Salon directs the news of Snowden, and what would Gingras have anything to do with that? The bio claims he left Salon two years ago. As a matter of fact, not only is there anything weird in his bio, he actually sounds like someone I might enjoy working for or at least inviting to dinner. :D

This might sed some light on it for you.
Just connecting dots here and making no accusations...remember the Manhattan Project? Thousands of people working on a need-to-know basis,to complete a "Top Secret" project to murder tens of thousands of people.
Personally, I am deeply suspicious of The Snowden phenomenon,I really am not sure that this isn't a huge red herring.

I respect your

I respect your connect-the-dots effort :), but I also find no dots or light being shed in the 7x7SF article. :(

How can you not see

that the man who was at the forefront of the inception of google (who lied), was also CEO of front man, Greenwald started at under Gingras, and is now the mouthpiece for The Guardian.
Doesn't this all tie in?
I am not pointing the finger, just pointing out connections.

Glimmerings of Hope

Looks like the grand surveillance agency is going to be admonished, and retreat back into the classic cocoon from which it emerged, to become a vacuuming Monolith. That's great! The realization that Corporate economic superiority is not a vital national security interest, rather a criminal endeavor, is now inevitable. Public exposure condemns the executive and legislative branches, and compels policy resets. Acquiring, analyzing and reporting adversarial military communications, a noble and vital task, will once again bring the agency deserved credit, and the gratitude of a supportive US citizenry. This anti constitutional venture into criminality must cease, and a return to the honorable task of military targeting for superiority through intelligence must ensue! The best, most loyal, and patriotic people populate this agency, their policy driven objectives must find root in the Constitution to succeed. Privacy and freedom from surveillance, that's the American way.

Well, it's kinda like Clapper.

These communication provider companies have spoken the least of their untruths. It's sort of a technologically semantic puzzle.

Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, YouTube, Skype, AOL and Apple – denied at the time of the initial publication that they had agreed to giving the NSA direct access to their systems. Google told the Guardian that it did not "have a back door for the government to access private user data".

Sure, they may have been deceptive nonetheless, but the mapping of the technology allows them to have the perspective that the NSA access runs in parallel to theirs, or that it's the government that gives the provider companies front door access to do business. Infrastructural ownership is a messy concept within the networks. Ownership of data is not clearly defined, and thus the details of inherently ambiguous infrastructural jurisdiction muddy the waters of language to communicate what is actually going on. The backbone of the internet was initially laid out through public universities and government entities. As corporate and private access has been layered on top, government routing access has been maintained all along and throughout. Before Google existed, your tax money was being spent on government routers being placed in our local telcom companies' central offices in our neighborhoods. You might think that your local telcom leases space in their central office to the government, but that's not in reality [as the government sees it] how the legal framework operates. It's as if the government leases the bulk of the property to the telcom. NSA access is hardwired. It was built that way.

If an investigative journalist wanted to get to the heart of understanding the matter, he would bypass digging into Google, AOL, Verizon, and such. He would find someone from CISCO Systems to spill the beans. Engineers at CISCO are the ones who could really explain what's going on. Or heck, why not search for DARPA whistleblowers.

Lamentation for CompuServe

A private entity like CompuServe is the way to go, not the government-sponsored InterNet. Where is CompuServe now?

It's time for a resurrection of CompuServe which either controls the infrastructure that accesses its servers or employs encryption, preferably a combination of the two...

Current infrastructure would likely be limited to radio frequencies (RF) and optical frequencies so access would have to be encrypted. This system would be vulnerable at times to atmospheric disturbances, but the expanded (non-local) network could probably be made reliable enough as amateur radio operators have demonstrated on a cruder scale. Provide local access by operating and controlling an automated amateur radio station, professional relay station with full duplex RF links like USA Communications, etc. These stations and their towers would be an ideal place to install any line-of-sight (LOS or optical) links as well.

Great post.

Did anyone take note that the CIA is in control at NSA? On "request"? Who the hell are they kidding?
And as an aside, it is quite fun, and very revealing, tracing back who owns, and therefor Greenwald. Checkout the former CEO and his roles within the start up of Google. Who owns now?
You maybe surprised.

I'm shocked, shocked!

Your winnings, sir.

Thank you, very much.

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―Emmet Fox


There is no doubt that this was designed with TOTAL SURVEILLANCE of the entire population in mind.

I'm Flabbergasted by these

I'm Flabbergasted by these revelations.


Yes, quite astonished indeed I say. We should all say cheerio to the likes of Facebook, Google and the rest of those bloody chaps.