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Meet The Press: Nancy Pelosi Rebuts Her Snowden Hecklers - 6/30/13

Meet The Press: Nancy Pelosi Rebuts Her Snowden Hecklers - 6/30/13


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SteveMT's picture

Depressing interview w/2 wicked people.

These two don't deserve a place on the front page.

Idea: How about starting a Daily Paul "Hypocrisy Page?" On second thought, nearly everybody would be posted there and nothing would be posted on the FP. Never mind.

Thanks for posting, emalvini

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If someone else caught this, I apologize but it was hysterical and I didn't want to sift through the comments first.

"We take an oath to protect and -offend- the constitution and the American people."

PLEASE, someone cut that and distribute it far and wide! Possibly her only intelligent and truthful comment EVER!

At 1:06.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

look at her body language...she is lying!

she is one of the those dirty stains in the Democrat underwear.

If You Have Ever Been Married, Especially To A "Wicked Woman"

If You Have Ever Been Married, Especially To A "Wicked Woman"

They rule through confusion

When a man acts this way, he is really a woman on the inside..

A Real Man and Woman speak plainly and boldly..

Nancy Pelosi: "Part Man, Part Woman,Part Devil"

Normally I would refrain

from making such abrasive comments among friends but I just loathe Nazi Piglosi so very much that I just can't help myself.

And I know, that not all San Fransissyco folks suck...but the overwhelming majority of them do...as is evidenced by Piglosi's overwhelming margins of victory in her district.

So here it goes.

You Fucking A-Holes in San Fransissyco suck!!!! and most of you deserve Piglosi but the rest of us around the country DO NOT!

GO TO Fucking Hell you Fucks!

I think you are blaming the wrong people

stop thinking that "the people" decide election, they do not. It is not the fault of SF that pelosi is in office any more than it is the fault of Arizonan's that McCain is in, Nevadan's that Reid is in, Kentuckian's that McConnell is in, South Carolinians that Graham is in, ect ect ect ect or american's that Obama is in, or Bush was in...

Love you San Fransisco, Arizona, People of Amerika. The blame goes on the Liars Cheaters Murderers and Thieves.


Then who or what is it that is casting all those votes for Piglosi?

Is it not the sheeple of San Fransissyco?

Piglosi wins by huge margins!

Help me out on this one...

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I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Well I can't speak to SF

Well I can't speak to SF specifically, but they have their ways. They limit options, deamonize opposition, and flat out steal elections. Ever watch Hacking Democracy???

I'm not saying their aren't idiots that fall for the tricks, but mainly I just think you are focusing on the wrong thing.

it's like focusing on the symptom. Are their idiot's out there??? yes, absolutely, but they have been indoctrinated through gov schools, social "norms", and endless propaganda their whole lives. But they are just symptoms of the larger problem. It's like blaming a battered women for being beaten. Is she an idiot for falling in love with the guy... I suppose you could make that case, but I'm sure he lied and didn't tell her going in he was going to beat her. It's the same here.

I think their are deceivers and those being deceived. My beef is with the deceivers as we all have been/are being deceived.

Someone once told me don't be mad at someone for not knowing something you didn't know yesterday. If people have good in their heart, I don't fault them for being wrong.

Pelosi is

just too painful to watch.

She Came To My Town In San Jose and Got Heckled - HA!!

Thank you to the guy from nearby Gilroy, Ca. for speaking the truth..


now that he has threatened?

evidence please.

she uses so much double talk it's hard not to go cross eyed listening to her speak.

Wouldn't Jerome Corsi call

Wouldn't Jerome Corsi call this show "Meet the Presstitutes?"

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

I think

that's Gerald Celente...

From Meet the Depressed To Meet The Presstitutes

I like it!!


It appears she didn't know

It appears she didn't know about the 4 slides describing the "Machinery" that was released hours later.

What a joke this woman is.

Yea, And Her and Feinstein Live Her On The "Left Coast"

She is bullsh*t artist..She and her husband are worth $100 Million in Star Kist Tuna Stock...

Nancy Pelosi & Diane Frankenstein: The 2 worst female politicians in Congressional History..

Why must they live in my state?

What did I do to deserve these 2 Jezebels ...

I would add 2 Senators to that, otherwise, Agreed entirely!

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barbara Boxer. ( One from New York, the other California) The Wicked Witches of the East and West!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15