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Council on Foreign Relations Information

This may be redundant, but needs to be proliferated and discussed:

[sarcasm]Yeah...I guess it's that pesky sovereignty that's keeping us down. It would sure be nice if the world were one big, happy country![/sarcasm]

Face it, folks...we're one hurricane away from King George making this a reality. I don't recall a referendum or public dabate on these issues. Are we going to let this happen?

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Ron Paul needs to find a way

Ron Paul needs to find a way to run against the CFR without being slimed as a conspiracy nut.

Or maybe he should just fight his way through this namecalling.

Anyway, pointing out that the country is now being controlled by a small elite is the most important issue in the campaign.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

information is good

thanks for posting this video - it's was very informing - and scary... i will go to that website cfr and do more research b/c it all sounds kind of good a one world - no borders - sounds like peace man - you can go where ever you want and live any where in the world you want too - so i don't totally understand that it's a bad thing - plus the euro is doing really well - so it sounds like they want this amero thing to compete with it - but yeah, i need to do my research b/c i don't completely understand all of this - but as far as Ron Paul goes - I totally like him and i'm going to register Republican and vote for him the primaries... i'm even telling my friends and family about him - but i've already come up against one of my family members who is totally against Ron Paul - and ask that i not send him in emails and he says that the Department of Homeland Security is a good thing... well... i don't have all of my facts to argue with him or prove him wrong - so we as Ron Paul supporters got to do our research so we can have a decent conversation with the doubting Thomases out there and convince them or rather persuade them that this is good... that we want to reinstate the constitution. anyways, any help about website that can educate me in why the CFR is so bad - please send them my way. thanks.


If you want more info, email vman@cavtel.net . I'll send you some links. I don't want to "bog the blog" with stuff that's off target.

Mission accomplished?

They want it to sound nice and flowery. Just ask yourself a few questions...When the world becomes one big, happy communist country, who's/what laws will govern us? Do you think the U.S. constitution will still be in force? Will you really be able to do what you want at all, much less anything without your RFID card? How long will it take before all your earnings to go to the "government" and they give you an electronic allowance on your RFID card?