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Cafferty lead-in *MUST WATCH*

I had posted this as a response on another thread, but I think everyone needs to see this and spread it around.
YouTube has the email responses Cafferty read on CNN, but the lead-in to those emails is even better. ...Just incredible! Send this to everyone you know.


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That video made my Day!

Go Ron...just go...go..go! Tipping point?

Who is John Galt? Vote ███ ███ 2012!

I agree, most awesome video

The main campaign website should be highlighting this on their main page.

Just totally awesome - just part of many MSM storied that seem to be accepting Dr. Paul in a more welcoming fashion.

I suspect his unpublicized trip to NH was to meet with the editorial board of one of the newspapers there - he seems to have convinced them of his sincerity and that his ideas were worth a look.

Maybe more MSM support out there than we suspected.

to post on RonPaul2008.com

agreed. they linked the abc vid on their front page, this should be there too

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Two thumbs WAY up!

That is a grandslam for the RP campaign!! I am amazed that came from CNN News! You should keep bumping this or repost it for the day folks to catch it.

Very good! I'm gonna watch it again.