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Greenwald on 'Coming' Leak: NSA Can Obtain 1 Billion Cell Phone Calls A Day, Store Them and Listen - Video

Interview starts at 10:00 mark.


June 30, 2013 | RT

The NSA has a “brand new” technology that enables one billion cell phone calls a day to be redirected into its data hoards and stored, according to the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, who said that a new leak of Snowden's documents was ‘coming soon.’

Calling it part of a “globalized system to destroy all privacy,” and the enduring creation of a climate of fear, Greenwald outlined the capabilities of the NSA to store every single call while having “the capability to listen to them at any time,” while speaking via Skype to the Socialism Conference in Chicago, on Friday.

Read more: http://rt.com/usa/nsa-gre...

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we all cower in fear

...while giants like Greenwald rush into battle for liberty. I can't speak for anyone else really, but I'm thankful to Greenwald and Snowden. They have more courage in their little fingers than I do in my whole body.

Great Stuff

Thank you Glen Greenwald for speaking up and telling it like it is, I sure hope David Gregory saw this vid. and other lapdogs of the establishment.
I hope to see more interviews like this in the future, from Greenwald and Snowden too.
Snowden/Greenwald for President 2016.
These two guys are very articulate and informed of what's going on; therefore, they've got to be portrayed as "public enemies" 1 and 2.
Thanks for being on the side of LIBERTY and TRUTH, we need you.

The Irony

Socialism Conference?
Ron Paul predicted that Liberty would bring people together.
Are you ready?
That's powerful.

Is it me or does Glenn seem more "gay" when addressing a friendly audience?

That was AWESOME!

Thanks, E.

I love Greenwald, Snowden, and Scahill. And I do feel just a little bit braver today.

psst: Did nobody tell these guys that socialism resulted in the deaths of over 100,000 people in a little over a half a century? What? Oh...that was not the kind of socialism they are talking about.

That Introduction By Scahill Was Moving

What a speaker.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Greenwald is very clever...

He is giving the establishment i.e. the gvt. and the msm all the rope they need to hang themselves.

Greenwald, and the Guardian are releasing info a little bit at a time, forcing the establishment to respond.

Eventually, this thing will shake itself out, and when it does the game will be up.

Is the Guardian forcing the

establishment, or putting up a smoke screen?

hard to say...

don't know how far down the rabbit hole goes...but if what we are seeing from Greenwald and the Guardian is on the up and up, then I believe Greenwald and the Guardian are setting up the gvt. to make statements that will later prove to have been lies.

"Socialism conference"?

"Socialism conference"? "Russia Today"? Uh......... I'm not the only one noticing a trend here?

I suppose most are aware all governments spy on each other extensively? The worst part of this (from an American point of view) is unconstitutional spying on American citizens, yes?

I'm not a socialist and I suspect Russia Today's motivations as much as I suspect anyone else's motivations, here or anywhere else. My sympathies are with Snowden thus far and the revelations coming from Greenwald have been solid, but they are riding a razor's edge on this one and a lot of people are using this to their benefit beyond exposing hypocrisy and corruption in our government to make political points and bolster their own power.

Great interview and great

Great interview and great energy at that conference. But isn't the logical progression of socialism the development of a police state?

Glad to see I'm not the only

Glad to see I'm not the only one noticing this.

it somewhat tarnishes

an otherwise seminal event in history. I suppose revolutionary fervor has many outlets and expressions. Snowden's Dad and by implication Edward himself come across as libertarians. We know that Edward donated to Ron Paul and apparently voted for a third party candidate in 2008. But is he one of us?

Greenwald is saying all of the right things too about press freedom and all the rest. But we know he is a Progressive.

Are socialists finally starting to get it?

The woman at the end came across weirdly.

Here is the link to the organization she referenced:


By the way, Socialists are perfectly fun and interesting people. Being one for a weekend or during one's freshman year in college is a great way to meet women.

As a person wiser than me

As a person wiser than me once said, "I never met a man I didn't like". Doesn't technically matter if one is a Socialist, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or whatever, so long as you are on the side of the Constitution, freedom and liberty. The difference is what happens once the "common enemy" of freedom is gone? Folks go right back to pushing a personal or group ideology that may or may not have a rational basis in fact.

Holy Sheep$hit!

I find myself in agreement with a socialist! On...civil liberties?


Snowden is a genius in the way he is releasing selected information, waiting for the lies and denials, then releasing a little more. The NSA Director has now lied 14 times under oath, the large tech companies all lied about their knowledge and participation, Attorney General Eric Holder lied to the American people and Congress, and President Obama has lied about no one listening to your phone calls.

Meanwhile, every government agency is trying to track Snowden while mainstream media and politicians continue their smear and traitor campaign.

It's a classic way of being

It's a classic way of being trappy, feigning weakness to make someone throw some chips in the game and then get creamed. You first give some meager evidence, anticipating their denial, and you follow up with a lot better evidence, and they look stupid for denying it in the first place, thinking they could get away with it. Hopefully that's what he's doing.

Ron Paul never liked to do that type of thing, bless his heart, but it's damn effective.

Sad To Realize Greenwald Is Now An Exile

I'm sure he would rather have been there in person, but is justifiably concerned that David Gregory isn't the only one with the idea of arresting him.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Michael Nystrom's picture

"Courage is contagious"

@30:00 or so. One of the many money quotes of this interview.

Long, but well worth listening to it.

Tell me something

Pelosi or Biden or Obama or Boehner have said---Tell me that!

Michael Nystrom's picture

Sorry, no can do

No listen, so no can tell.

You're Welcome Mich~ael!

Glad you liked it..

Please read following article.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Michael Nystrom's picture

It's not an "article" its a bio

I skimmed it.

What about it?

True! and from that bio, if you read it,

you will find that the man it is about was at the forefront of internet news, at executive level,for Google. He was also the CEO of Salon.com at the time of the rise of Glenn Greenwald, before he went on to the Guardian.
Mr Gingras is now back at Google, the company that blatantly lied about it's knowledge of the NSA spy program.
I feel that the Snowden affair is most likely being controlled through the Media, with the Guardian and Salon.com leading the way.
God knows, the American people need a "hero"....have they been fed one?

Michael Nystrom's picture

Interesting theory. My next question is, who is Jill Booth?

Do you have an online bio we can all read and speculate about? Pull theories out of our ass and pontificate about?

Which one, if any of these, is you? Jill Booth on Google | Jill Booth on Facebook

Actually I am nether of these people.

I never have had, nor will have facebook. Your government uses it to spy on you, you know! And I don't come from England. The Daily Paul and my email are my only internet footprints.
But I am someone with a deep interest in politics, the UN, and humanity.
And I question everything that is used to bring about Global distention and war, questions who profits, and research the "players".
Just trying to get people to look at the other side of the Snowden coin.
Your above post shows that people can, and do make mistakes in their thinking...I always thought you were more mature than that.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Your only internet footprints?

Your only interent footprints are on the Daily Paul? I find that hard to believe.

Just trying to get people to look at the other side of the Snowden coin.

Government disinformation trolls would be very interested in people doing the same thing.

Your above post shows that people can, and do make mistakes in their thinking...

Absolutely. People do it all the time. People are easily manipulated and influenced. Find out what they want, and it is easy to lead them.

I always thought you were more mature than that.

Really? I'm so flattered. Golly gosh darnit, Jill (not your real name. Thanks. We understand that now. BTW, Michael Nystrom is my real name.) But gosh. I think I'm blushing. You're probably a pretty girl. Such a rarity too, on this board full of all of these young, single, desperate men. But I digress.

You always thought that? How sweet of you to be so kind and gracious, and to have always thought that about me. Little old me. And how absolutely terrible of me to disappoint you on that! I can't believe I did that - disappoint you, of all people. Someone using a fake screen name to express unsubstantiated opinions.


Hey Jill, what's you're real name, Jill? Because if this is your "only footprint" on the internet - if that is true, we all know at least one thing for damn sure and that is that your real name is not "Jill Booth."

Anyway, I know you're not going to tell us what your real name is, so how about answer us this:

What is your interest in this? Why are you trying to get people to look at the other side? What is in it for you if people start looking at the other side, and doubting?

Ah you flatterer, you.

The days of my girlhood are far behind me, and yes, my name is Jillian Booth, or Jill for short.
My interest are the implementation of UN Agenda 21, and of the terrifying rise of the Military Industrial Complex and it's equally evil twin, Global Banking, which controls and implements UN Agenda 21.
As the Snowden case is deeply beneficial to both these bastard love children of the UN, I wont take it for granted that, a)Snowden hasn't been terribly used to stir up diplomatic unrest, and embarrass a puppet President who is reluctant to go into deeply unpopular war with Syria.
b)is a willing participant for the CIA, or c) a genuine whistle blower, who cares deeply for his country, but ran, with the information (we are told) to his countries adversaries.
I don't mind you being rude to me...you don't hold "hero" status with me. I just thought that you were someone with a deep passion to see the United States of America come back to her peoples, and open minded enough to realise that all you see and hear about Snowden may not be the truth. I was wrong on that score too.

Michael Nystrom's picture

When people push,

I push back.

Don't take it personally. But I'm far beyond not being rude to anonymous screen names on the internet.

Maybe you're one of these? Jillian Booth on Whitepages.

I just think that if someone is going to throw rocks at someone with a real name, with a real bio online, it should be a fair fight, and we should know who the accuser is.

I am well aware that the Snowden affair might be not all that it is cracked up to be. But I'm also aware of how disinformation is spread, through rumor, accusation, and unfounded facts. The bio you presented is typical - similar to the disinformation spreaders who were here pushing the meme that Jeff Bauman was an actor who never had legs to begin with.

I've become quite adept at recognizing the pattern.

I'm glad you don't mind me being rude to you. I'll be ruder to you still if the best you can do is come up with hints, innuendo and disinformation to spread doubt.