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No need to pretend anymore: JP Morgan calls for authoritarian regimes in Europe

Stefan Steinberg | RINF
Mon, 17 Jun 2013

In a document released at the end of May, the American banking and investment giant JP Morgan Chase calls for the overturning of the bourgeois democratic constitutions established in a series of European countries after the Second World War and the installation of authoritarian regimes.

The 16-page document was produced by the Europe Economic Research group of JP Morgan and titled "The Euro Area Adjustment - About Half-Way There." The document begins by noting that the crisis in the euro zone has two dimensions.

First, the paper argues, financial measures are necessary to ensure that major investment houses such as JP Morgan can continue to reap huge profits from their speculative activities in Europe. Second, the authors maintain, it is necessary to impose "political reforms" aimed at suppressing opposition to the massively unpopular austerity measures being carried out at the behest of the banks.

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Good article. Well worth reading.

'Fascism is as fascism does' to paraphrase Forrest Gump's mother.

Thanks for posting.