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Idea for poster (NSA-related)

I have an idea for a poster or flyer but I'm not very artistically inclined nor do I know my way around any graphics applications.

It's easy to explain, though.

You all know how the "Uncle Sam Wants You" painting is one of those paintings that follows you know matter where you're standing when looking at it? Just change the words to "Is Watching You" and it works on two levels.

1) It says Uncle Sam is watching you, which they are.
2) The painting actually watches you from all directions; i.e. there's nowhere to hide.

Anyway ... thought that'd be cool.

If someone makes it, please drop me a line so I can see it.

malloy73 AT gmail DOT COM

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You mean like this?

Been done, but I like never the less :)

Undo what Wilson did

Let me guess ...

... someone beat me to it? Figured I wasn't clever enough to come up with it first. heh

But, the one I'm envisioning is the one with Sam's finger pointing and appears to be pointing and looking at you from all angles.

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

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Not to worry.

As an artist myself, it happens all the time.

Undo what Wilson did

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Undo what Wilson did

E pluribus unum

thank the internet for connecting us so powerfully

That's the one.



Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

sounds good

should it be high def?

It should be ...

...whatever you decide it should be.

I'd say the bigger the better, though. Large, picket-sized print-outs will be clearer.

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em