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Smudge Pot on "violence is the only solution"

I promised a few people I'd speak on this, I been mulling over the best way to say it. Should I lead with how I understand being pushed too far? Shall I wax poetic about the fact that the NSA's (and alphabet people's) response to clear proof of their transgressions is basically YEAH? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?

Or shall I go spiritual/pacifist on you and tell you about love and understanding and how violence begets violence and is ultimately hardest on those we started out trying to protect?

Shall I then point out that violence has been avoided in living history, not just on the streets or between us and government but between people and whole huge-ass regimes? The Soviet Union fell apart with remarkably little bloodshed. In the end the people did not have to literally confront, fight and destroy the regime, it kinda fell apart because almost everybody had had enough of it and they simply stopped participating. But I guess I don't wanna get into that. Let's just say I did and get that part over with. And I'm gonna tell you basically that none of that makes a difference. Not really to me. Maybe not really to you.

There are, in this world, two broad categories that include things we can do something about and things we really can't do anything about.

Them bringing a fight to us just because they hate us for our freedoms is not something we can do something about. We aren't the ones trying to take rights or anything we don't work for, earn or contract for. They are.

We can try reason, we can try to talk them out of it but if they want to take our freedoms by force we can't stop them from trying.

Each of us has our personal line, our limit as to what we will bear and try to change and what we will resist being taken from us. That's up to us individually. Maybe in groups as it happens but groups of individuals, right?

Our time might come. It might come sooner for some of us and for others it might practically or effectively never come. The important thing is that we have peace in our hearts.

See we can vex about this stuff, spend huge bucks on ammo at the firing range, learn Krav Mgaa, do pushups daily, worry, look over our shoulders, wonder WHEN IS IT COMING? WHEN IS TS GONNA HTF? And it will probably negatively impact our lifestyles, our relationships, our personal sense of well being, our health. For real, our physical health, being stressed like that all the time isn't healthy.


Ideally we should kinda have a joyful life. Or a peaceful one or a contented one or one that at least incorporates aspects of joy and peace and content. After all, we're not the ones doing anything wrong. We are not the ones spurring for a fight. We're here to protect values which are under attack.

Well the only way I can see to have joy and it's table-trimmings is simply ACCEPTANCE. Lord, grant me the power to change the things I can and accept the things I cannot. If war they want, ultimately war they shall have. There is a line. And if they do not change this intent, well, they shall have what they want. They have been preparing for this war, they are the single most powerful entity in the history of this planet at making war and they seem to really like it.

I am at peace with this. When I reach my line and am attacked, I will try to fight. I will likely not be the winner. If one considers defeating the combined miltary, security and inteligence forces of the United States Of America, lemme give you this spoiler or betting advantage: things don't look too good in the Smudge Pot corner. But physical combat and war ain't what I'm in this for. It would make a poetic end to an otherwise reasonably successful activist career. Well it was reasonably successful until you kids showed up and just raised the game. But I remind myself,

We do not bring this fight to them, they bring it to us. Our desire to be free is the opposite of their desire to control. There are those who wish to be left alone and those who just won't leave us alone. But until the day comes I wish to laugh, to discuss matters spiritual, to drink fruit and veggie juice all summer long with and without alcohol. I shall hang with friends whom I cherish and spray hoses and children. So many ways to be a warrior. Be a light warrior with me.

Be ready and be light. Accept this possible outcome as we hope and work for better. "Trouble ye not about the morrow and what it may bring".

Accept this.

Have joy.

When the time comes I am sure with clear mind and intent we might yet change things. We're not out of cards yet and when we are we have tricks up our sleeves. And you know this.

Now be at peace or berate me in comments. I'm OK either way. It's just not a Smudge post without somebody telling me I'm out to lunch.

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Excellent discussion!

And very worthy of everyone here to contemplate.

+1 for sure

great post...thanks.

so what did i leave out?

the cost of the alternative. Civil war or perhaps the notion that war is somehow glamorous or redemptive. It's neither for the participants. And the outcome of war is always highly unpredictable. Recall or read your Sun Tzu and realize that war is a highly unreliable means of getting what you want.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

just remember

The money changers are heding their bets now.

Great post..

I have found the path I am going to take and I am taking the fight to them... just doing it very sneaky.

I am building a non-partisan group named the Columbus Liberty Coalition. We have determined our platform and as a group agree with each others principles. I am not asking permission to form my group. I am just doing it. We are attracting a wide variety of people because we are non-partisan. I am voting for Rand.. but I do not expect our group too.. unless they want too. The point is, I believe that our principles are what bring us together.

It is non-partisan because the party system sucks ass. The only way to defeat these statists is to replace them with our people. We are getting involved in the midterms. We are getting behind legislation and candidates that agree with our platform:

-Protection of Civil Liberties
-Equal Rights for ALL! (including gay people)
-Legalization of Marijuna
-Fiscal Responsibility

I kept looking around for someone to do something. I decided to do it my damn self. Snowden was the last straw for me.

Violence is not the solution to me. I prefer to walk down that hill and f*ck all those cows.

Get involved. Inspire others. Defend our natural rights and way of life. We have a winning message and we can win.

Peace Smudge... :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Bringing the fight to the enemy is endgame tactics.

Up against unsurmountable odds, rather than wait for attack a desperate warrior might bring the fight to the enemy and hope to catch them before they achieve total battle ready hardness, and therefore to inflict disporportionate damage. Sound thinking if you are up against an unbeatable enemy. And if you don't intend to live.

Perhaps we might consider luring the enemy. But these are battle tactics.

The thing about violence is we can try to prevent it, we can try to contain it but once it fires up, once this cat is out of the bag, once this Pandora's Box has been opened, well, my friend if that time comes I will not be fighting for the Constitution or some dumbass politician it will simply be a fight. I will fight for the women and children closest to me in hopes that some might survive and that's about it.

War isn't about right or wrong on the front lines. It's about who lives and who dies.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Take Me to Your

Smudge Pot

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

And don't worry about the timing.

Let those who currently can deploy more than a few good o'l boys worry about such things.

If you want to fight back, buy physical gold and silver. Be politicaly active, spread the word of Liberty, spread word of the enemies in our country. Because if a new chapter begins, it may not have a definitive end.

I LOV3 me some Smudge Pot!

"It's just not a Smudge post without somebody telling me I'm out to lunch."

Haha! Yep, I LOV3 me some Smudge Pot!
Warming us all and keeping the frost off!

Exercise Liberty!

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad


Great post Smudge:)

One of my older posts is applicable here

While I am not as optimistic as I was in 07 08....

I am still hopeful the people will wake up.... but it is starting to look like they might do it en-mass if at all......
that does not bode well.
I hear revolutions never come with a warning.....

Some have argued that a pessimist is a better informed optimist.

Mostly, old guys like me.

Meanwhile, back in the year one...

Free includes debt-free!

Smudge, you ARE out to lunch

Is there an extra seat at the picnic table for me? hah

Great post, as usual.


Welcome back Kotter but did you ever leave?

some of us can fight with guns and knives. But this has and end becuse you either die or end up alone.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

I've been here

Like an old popcorn seed stuck in the couch.

Did I ever tell you about my Uncle Max?

It's good to have family around, I'd hate to die alone. So I think I will kick back with them as much as I can until the end of 'this', whatever 'this' comes each day.