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19 Hotshots dead in Prescott AZ and let's see if we can hold this line.

Please minimize your calls, if you want to volunteer with my agency PM me.

I am on alert status, Prescott report in.

1. I'm on alert status with my former agency, we are attempting to triage.

2. I have activated local meetups as liaison.

3. The bugout bag got stripped of weapons to make room for reflective gear (sometimes we don't need weapons and we want to be visible)

4. The steel toes went on. We are on alert status.

5. Since my former agency has all contact with local sheriff, PD, EMS I work civillian channels: we have resources. Our mobile food resources might come in handy.

6. Calls come in: what is your capability and state of readiness right now? Good, orders are to STAND BY, DO NOT CLOG UP OFFICIAL COMS NOW.

7. Hurry up and wait is totally something you learn to live with.

8. Local shelters report capability, local hotels have extended free rooms, all civilians evacuated NO CIVILIAN LOSS OF LIFE REPORTED SO FAR.

9. We remain on alert. We could be doing rescue, we could be offering blankets, we could be finding lost animals and it could get worse before this night is over.

10. We remain on alert in Prescott AZ. We took a hit. We remain on alert.

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Video says

19 firefighters from one unit died in Arizona forest fire fight...
This is horrible news...town in shock.
Lord help those families.

11. I am very confused




Traffic control is established

red cross has word no loss of civie life so far.

Volunteers please stay put at this time. Do not clog up the roads or the cell phones or the EMS services.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.