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"PLEASE drink the tap water!" PSA on radio

A public service announcement on the radio the other day promoted drinking tap water instead of bottled water. It said the municipalities do more testing and provide higher quality than the bottled water manufacturers.

It also demonized those manufacturers, saying they stole from public aquifers.

I just searched for this on YouTube but apparently nobody has put it up. I think I was listening to 92.5, the River, a Boston station; it was Friday, mid-to-late afternoon.

Is this the new campaign? To now convince us to continue poisoning ourselves?

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Its a loaded argument. Most

Its a loaded argument. Most bottled water companies have flouride in their water and the environmental damage from all the bottles is absolutely horrifying. Not to mention that bottled water is really plastic tea from all the chemicals that leech out of the bottle and into your water.

The only safe way to go these days is with a Revers Osmosis filter (make sure to have a way to add back minerals though) or well water.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Holy Cow. Even the dimmest

Holy Cow. Even the dimmest bulb might question hearing an advert on the radio about drinking water from the tap vs a bottle.

Southern Agrarian

OMG People are waking up. Quick...

Harvard study demonstrates above a threshold flouride lowers IQ.

Crank up the advertising for nano-particulate Titanium Dioxide in toothpastes that clog the villi in the intestine, and end up affecting sperm and eggs and conception. Population control for teeth brushers.

Push plant oils and restrict Essential Fatty Acids to prevent production of neurotransmitters. Today 30:1 replaces yester-years 2:1 ratio.

Push Cholesterol lowering drugs and diets since over 50% of brain mass is Cholesterol, a shortage creates dimwits.

Cholesterol is also precursor for Vitamin D, Testosterone, Estrogen, Adrenalin. It's easy to make sex-less, action-less, health-less couch potatoes.

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