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'We're Being Cooked by Government!' Liberal and Proud Columnist Ellen Ratner Calls for 60's Type Protests (For Weeks?)

This is the latest column by Ms. Ratner, appearing at World Net Daily. After returning from South Sudan, where they use cell phones sparingly, she checked her e-mail for news. What she read shocked her: from this week alone there were e-mails concerning: biometric databases, NSA phone 'monitoring', and facial recognition tech. To see the full information and her opinion of what we should do about this invasion of privacy (and I agree!, as long as it is kept peaceful....)



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seams pretty clear to me that the MSM

Is going to use all this privacy outrage to usurp the narrative.

Last month the protests were going to be about taking our country back. Now the protests are going to be about asking the government nicely to stop spying on us.

Much more manageable.

Its occupy all over again.


Way to a man's heart is his stomach. Power is in the purse!

Power of the purse. Cook book not included. See Ruth Buzzi for details.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Thanks, Mark Twain

for the laugh and the bump.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Protests are held for legitimate governments.

How can a government that has tallied up $17 Trillion in debts and doubling that debt every 7.6 years or so. be considered the the legitimate will of a people?

Free includes debt-free!

How about protests AGAINST the illegitimate gov't?

Exactly why there needs to be protests, not for the government, but AGAINST it.

To protest is to legitimize their claim to authority.

Crimianal behavior is repugnant to the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation.

Killing, stealing and lying are criminal behaviors.

No matter how much we complain, shout, stamp our feet and pout, the tiger will not change it's stripes.

Instead of protesting the repugnant, let's just repeal Congressional authority to borrow and tax.

That would take a Constitutional amendment, a lot of hard work and money.

Protest is almost guaranteed to produce nothing beneficial.

Let's cancel Hamilton's American System for something liberty minded. That's what I'm thinking.

It might take 100 years if we get started now.

Free includes debt-free!

By not protesting

we legitimize the illegitimate government's usurped authority, which it has used to infringe upon our right to protest, to free speech, right to lawful assembly, to privacy, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, etc.

If we don't speak out by the thousands, millions--we are, in effect, accepting their self-claimed authority over us. By not protesting we are legitimizing them.

The trouble is, nobody stops yeilding to the power

They go do the protest at the times listed on their protesting permit to empty buildings and have speeches to themselves about what a bad job the people in the empty buildings are doing. Then everyone goes home and feeds the beast through complicity.
Imagine if slaves had asked plantation owner's permission to protest slavery in front of the manor house one saturday while he and his family were out of town. That's how I see protesting in the marching 60's or sitting ows style.

Having grown up outside of Washington, DC

I remember well the protests on the Mall, between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. There were hundreds of thousands of protestors from all over the country, united for a cause they believed in. They weren't there for a few hours "when all the offices were closed". They were there for days, sometimes weeks. Sometimes they formed "tent cities". I remember the civil rights protests, where a sea of the citizenry demanded their voices be heard--"We will overcome." These protests of 50 years ago were NOTHING like ows. It seems to me, these old fashioned protests garnered, at least, some measure of results.

The main thing was, they exercised their inherent right to express their dissatisfaction and outrage to the existing government that was in place at the time--legitimate or not.

And they won the communistic system they wanted

And made rules to keep others from getting actual freedom back. They begged for a big intrusive government and got it; frankly, not a tall order as tyrants are concerned.

Very true, but the point is...

they were heard.

I thumb's uped all you guys...

All great points. I actually think we need both to facilitate change. We need peaceful protesters, and we need uncompromising radicals. Like MLK and Malcolm X. You give them a choice. Either give us our freedom and we have peace, or we take our freedom and you get violence. Only then will we get respect from TPTB.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

normally id agree, but i

normally id agree, but i would like to see a city wide protest, street to street, before they completly ignore or make pathetic attempts to appease the peoples wishes, before that......or if they cross a line that even the supporters cant justify.......either way, what ever the will of the people is

Ms. Ratner is right on!

We are frogs, and we are being cooked by our government.

It’s time to jump out of that pot and organize the good, old-fashioned way we did in the 1960s.

The world is watching us. Countries who were once under repressive regimes know what is happening to us and they are wondering, why aren't Americans doing anything at all to protest our government's over reach? They have been in the streets protesting the American government's encroachment into their right to privacy, but we Americans continue to sit on our couches declaring, "I'm not doing anything wrong. I don't care if they monitor me."

It is my belief that MILLIONS of us should be protesting non-violently, peacefully (but vocally) in Washington, as is our right. If they want to hear us, then we should make sure they hear our protests of their infringements on our rights, guaranteed by our Constitution--our rule of law.

We should continue to work for change from within local government, etc., but I believe we need to let them hear us NOW! They need to know that we will NOT take this sitting down. We are NOT complacent! We are NOT sheep! We are NOT serfs!

Ms. Ratner is right on!