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Russian Forces To Provide Security At Events In US

Russian Forces To Provide Security At Events In US

By Alex Allen
Jul 1, 2013 - 2 hours ago

Big news is now coming out for any American wary of foreign troops on U.S. soil. Russia recently signed a deal with the United States that would allow Russian troops to provide security at major events in the U.S.

The Ministry of the Russian Federation put out a press release on June 26th which explained a new deal that has been signed between the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency. (FEMA)

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/353494#ixzz2XoJyJJli

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Russian Proposal to, "Rush US Emergencies" has been revised.

To shorten the combined force name, the United States immediately countered with, "Emergencies R US." Awaiting Russian counter-proposal.
В начале было Слово... Потом появилось много слов. И очень скоро человек понял, что слова надо прятать. Так началось зарождение криптографии. В переводе с древнегреческого «криптография» означает «тайнопись».

Но еще до введения в обиход данного понятия человек пользовался сокрытием информации с помощью доступных для своего времени способов. Например, во времена правления династии египетских фараонов применялся довольно своеобразный метод передачи тайного письма. В качестве носителя информации выбирался раб, точнее, его голова. Голову брили наголо и водостойкой растительной краской наносили текст сообщения. Когда волосы отрастали, его отправляли к адресату.

После того, как раб-носитель информации добирался по назначению, волосы снова сбривали и читали нанесенный текст. Для удобства обработки голову предварительно снимали с плеч. Главными недостатками данного метода являлись слабая оперативность передачи сообщений и большая ненадежность. Ведь в процессе путешествия носитель сообщения мог быть убит, мог заболеть, наконец, мог просто сбежать.

Новый импульс в развитии шифровального дела был дан в связи с появлением проводного телеграфа и изобретением радио. Скорость передачи информации несоизмеримо возросла, и все большие объемы ее были подвержены перехвату и прочтению.

Сегодня Криптографическая служба России отмечает свой праздник. Как говорится в распространенном сообщении ЦОС ФСБ, служба, созданная постановлением Совета народных комиссаров РСФСР от 5 мая 1921 года, обеспечивает с помощью шифровальных (криптографических) средств защиту информации в информационно-телекоммуникационных системах и системах специальной связи в РФ и ее учреждениях за рубежом, в том числе в системах, исп
================ Russian to English Translation ================

In the beginning there was a Word... There were many words. And very soon comrades understood, that words should be hidden. So origin of cryptography began. In translation with ancient Greek, "cryptography" means «тайнопись» . Comrades used concealment of information by means of available. For example, in days of the Egyptian pharaohs, original message transfer cipher of secret letters was applied. As a data carrier the slave, more precisely, its head got out. A head shaved наголо and a waterproof vegetative paint put the text of the message. When hair grew, it sent to the addressee. After the slave-data carrier reached to destination, hair once again shaved off and read the revealed text. For convenience of processing a head, it might be preliminary removed from shoulders. The main draw-backs of the given method were weak efficiency of message transfer and greater unreliability. In fact during travel the carrier of the message could be killed, could be ill, finally, could run away simply. The new impulse in progress шифровального business has been given in connection with occurrence of wire telegraph and the invention of radio. Speed of information transfer has incommensurably increased, and its increasing volumes have been subject to interception and perusal. Today the Cryptographic service of Russia marks the holiday. As they say in widespread message ЦОС FSB, the service created by the regulation of advice of national commissioners of RSFSR from May, 5th, 1921, provides шифровальных (cryptographic) means protection of the information in information-telecommunication systems and systems of special communication in the Russian Federation and its establishments abroad, including in systems....

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

No surprise

I guess a revolution would be

I guess a revolution would be a special event and russian troops would not hesitate to fire on american citizens if they were brought in to help put down a revolt.

Bunch of hyped-up BS

"The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the USA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are going to exchange experts during joint rescue operations in major disasters."
From the Author's own darn source!!! http://en.mchs.ru/news/item/434203/

Another Thought On This News !

People that grow up under totalitarian, Communistic, or dictatorship types of governments, have no idea what personal "Property Rights" are, and simply are groomed to follow orders. Therefore, Kazakhstan troops make perfect obedient enforcers.

Please read the original U.S. Constitution, that gives individuals rights.

Ron Paul is my President, because he tried/tries his best to follow U.S. Constitutional LAW !


Not trying to nitpick

but the Constitution doesn't give us our rights, more like it spells out the rights we have as human beings (in theory, anyway, certainly not in practice).

As a sidenote, there are also some who believe that the U.S. would be better off had we stuck with the Articles of Confederation instead.

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Foreign troops to enact martial law?

I am not sure if anyone follows Steve Quayles work but he has been talking about this for years, that they have slowly been bringing foreign troops over and plan to use them during martial law situations because they were worried American troops may not follow orders to turn against American citizens; this looks like further integration and getting folks accustomed to foreign troops being here, scary stuff... man, when will the American people wake up

You're Such a Malvini

Look at the little kid that wrote that article. He's not even big enough to make it to the top of the camera.

It Seems You're Correct Babybear

I love babybears!


Thanks for posting babybear..