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Chuck Schumer Accuses Putin Of Helping Snowden: Seems 'Eager To Put Finger' In Eye - VIDEO

Chuck Schumer Accuses Putin Of Helping Snowden: Seems 'Eager To Put Finger' In Eye - VIDEO


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Re: "Snowden hurt people"

How did "Snowden hurt people"? What is worse, the diagnosis of cavities, or keeping them secret to prevent the discomfort of dental work?

Is it strange that the only

Is it strange that the only thing I come away with in watching this is some odd awe regarding the power and depth of belief? I get the sense that Schumer believes what he says, that his paradigm of rhetoric is so advanced that he really believes that Snowden has "hurt other people". Also, it's one thing to speculate on Beijing's potential role in Snowden's flight. It's another thing to assume and move forward making decisions and building more rhetoric based on assumption. The ease with which these "truths" roll off Schumer's tongue gives me deeper insight into our precarious position of having such leisurely whimsical minds in such high places. It's as if there's a short circuit in his brain that fast-tracks outcomes and skirts normal mammalian thought processes that would include humane checks and balances. I eventually noticed this kind of short circuit in my own mother as I realized she could rationalize anything to protect her money.

edit: related...
"The core truth is harsher. Politicians are, overwhelmingly, creatures who have decided whom to sell their souls to." - http://lewrockwell.com/rappoport/rappoport35.1.html

The psycho's are being exposed every day.

And true to their nature, they carry on with their effort to deceive.