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Violence is part of the solution

Violence is part of the solution - just not our part. Would Christianity be where it is today without the Roman's crucifixion of Jesus? I highly doubt it. However, the Christian movement was eventually co-opted by many governments, including the Romans. I have always been suspicious that "King of Kings" originated as a pun among the multitudes of government hacks that have used Christianity to make war favorable to the People. After all, who needs an actual authoritarian king when the "King of Kings" can be used to steer the People?

As the mud settles to the bottom and everything becomes more clear, the People will begin to stand up, and the government will use violence against them. However, in the end, government violence will benefit us. Protesters will be bludgeoned. Dissenters will have their kids taken. Whistle-blowers will be tortured, imprisoned, and some executed. Opposition leaders will be assassinated. The government will use violence against the People. This may have a temporary chilling effect, but it will also make it abundantly clear to all that the united States is a scientific dictatorship - where the people are kept doped up on pharmaceuticals and entertained/indoctrinated by the boob tube.

Once the true violent nature of the government is revealed, the illusion of "the government is protecting us" will abruptly fade from the minds of those still asleep.

Our part is to make the violence unjustified. Our part is to win the hearts and minds of the People to our side. Engaging in violence now (except in self-defense) would only allow the government to prolong their rein by means of labeling those folks as domestic terrorists. Alas, people seeking peace and non-aggression should leave the violence to the government.

Violence is part of the solution - just not our part.

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I'm prepared

to fight terrorism (tyranny) with violence if and when the Jackboots try to invade my Alamo.

Ron Paul Was Right

Stupid post

Sorry, I don't usually resort to ad hominem, shallow comments, but in this case I actually feel that is a legitimate objective criticism.

So it's a good thing We the People will suffer greatly? Yeah, ok.
Let's hear you say that big-picture, long-run, outside-looking-in non-sense when it is your kids being stolen. Your family being attacked.

Then you will realize... Violence IS part of the solution... FOR US!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

What types of violence do you endorse?

How do you suppose those types of actions will be spun by the MSM? Seeing as how most people are still asleep, do you suppose those actions will be effective or will they be successfully used to paint you as a terrorist?

now who's spinning things, like the msm?

I'm talking about self-defense. Meeting force with force, as a last resort.
The message of the OP is that under oppression from a tyrannical force we should allow ourselves to be abused, specifically mentions having our children stolen, and eventually the sheeple will wake up and then we can fight. Or the tyrannical force will just give up, once the sheeple wake up. It is complete BS. Will never happen. The sheeple are sheeple for a reason. Sheeple have never decided anything in history. Men who Act, do. That's kind of the whole point about individualism vs. collectivism.
The Art of War, use everything you can to win, force being the least effective, least practical, least predictable. But we are being pushed into a corner. This is not some 3rd world country where military dictatorships massacre the people. This is America, we do not have to wait until they are rounding our families up into cattle cars. We have the Right and the duty to do something before that.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I gave you an upvote but you've misunderstood my intention

in the OP. In listing the potential actions the government may take against the People, I did not intend that people sit idly by. That's why I included:

"Engaging in violence now (except in self-defense)..."

For instance, if the government comes to take your guns, I think they should be met with opposing force. I imagine gun confiscation is pretty unpopular among law enforcement because of that realization (and the desire to maintain their own personal firearms).

In cases of legitimate self-defense, people can relate, and those acts will not hurt the cause.

No.7's picture

I think you have the best take on this I've read yet.

"Violence is part of the solution, just not our part"

I like it, well said.

Bump for peace.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Now your thinking like the founders did

"As long as these sufferances are sufferable....such has been the patient sufferance of the colonies."

When it's time to quote Patrick Henry we will, but we do not do so unless it is in self defense, when they march on us, to specifically and fully kill/disarm us, we will stand and fight. Men of peace do not back down when men of war are on our doorstep. We fight to keep peace, for our families, and the families of others who all deserve to live in peace.

Keep your heads cool and hearts warm.

When they give up the

When they give up the pretense of a free society, then the atrocities that follow can leave no doubt.....unfortunatly, it is because of those who refuse to care for something they can not touch, that we will all suffer, because.......give me liberty, or give me death........not because we are violent, but because that is how strongly people can feel about liberty, when they understand it......and they'll never get it, until they understand it


What I was talking about in a post I had:

Although some people couldn't make it through the entire thing without making a premature judgment on the post.

Fact, nothing will change without violence. I don't want it, and I wish we weren't robbed last election, and I wish my questions were actually answered when I wrote my representatives, but...well we all know the truth.

Sucks, but until there is enough oppression that someone gets pissed enough to get hurt over it, nothing will change.

It's unfortunate but the truth


Good luck with thant; psychopaths don't care.

Even Jesus whipped the moneychangers.

John 2:15

Yes, the translations are quite diverse and the interpretations more so, yet there are no texts in existence that state he "whipped the moneychangers", unless of course you yourself intend it as a figure of speech.

Violence is the slight of

Violence is the slight of hand that governments use to control us, they have us fooled that political authority flows from the barrel of a gun, but it is a lie, political authority flows from dependency. If we were to begin to take care of each other, and redirect the dependency of people away from the state, then the political authority would be fractured and unable to amass enough power to establish control.

Self-Sufficiency is the key, but...

Self sufficiency is the key to not being dependent upon government, but make no mistake; Government is Force.

It won't matter if we are completely independent and/or rely only on each other for food and goods and all the necessities and creature comforts of life, if we are not prepared to defend it to the death, with force. Force is usually interchangeable with violence.

Those trying to convince the American patriot to abandon all notion of force, ever, no matter how bad things get, and we should simply all be martyrs, are naïve at best.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

You make them need you

I agree...