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For audio fanatics: Flexible speaker that bends around furniture

K-array introduces the very flexible Anakonda KAN200 speaker

By Paul Ridden
June 28, 2013

Ensuring the dulcet tones of your keynote speaker reach every nook and cranny of a crowded conference room can be something of a challenge. Even perfectly-positioned box speakers and a powerful sound system might leave some guests wondering what exactly was said. Italian audio specialist K-array has come up with a distinctly bendy answer to the problem of placing speakers in those awkward, out of reach places. The Anakonda KAN200 is so flexible it can be wrapped around lamp stands or table legs, mounted to curved surfaces, or quite literally be tied in knots. It promises crisp, intelligible audio, and can be combined with other units to form one seamless sound line over 200 ft (64 m) in length.

Though the hero image and the gallery photos don't really give an indication of scale, each KAN200 unit is 6.6 ft long, and can be daisy-chained together using the integrated NL4 connectors to a maximum of 32 modules. Each strip is home to eight 1-inch neodymium cone drivers with a 0.75-inch voice coil with a total RMS output of 300 W. The Anakonda has a frequency range of 150 Hz to 18 KHz (± 6 dB), high 64 ohm impedance, and 96 dB continuous SPL, or 102 dB peak.

The range of configuration and installation possibilities are almost endless, and dedicated presets and IP55-rating help make the snake-like speaker a good audio thrower for both indoor and outdoor events, either on its own or combined with K-array subwoofers. Each unit has dimensions of 79.5 x 2.2 x 1.4 in (202 x 5.6 x 3.6 cm), weighs 3.09 lb (1.4 kg), and is shipped with an included wall bracket and fabric covers.

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The end all of speakers will

The end all of speakers will be nano speakers. Basically they would vibrate a small nanowire and this produces actually pretty loud clear sound. Its not too long ago they discovered this.
This is probably the runner up though being able to wrap around stuff.

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