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Letter to my Congressman...&...His Answer

This is the letter I wrote to Ed Whitfield, my congressman:

Congressman Whitfield, I think it's sad that our media, and therefore many of your constituents, have almost all but completely forgotten that you, the government monitor EVERYTHING we do. From phone calls, to emails, to skype, all of it. We focus on how Snowden is a "traitor" when he in fact DID tell US the truth when our own government officals LIED about the issue to our representatives and the representatives that knew were kept by law from speaking out, which is funny, because the oath to the Constitution is broken daily.

Many don't care. But I'm not a fool, and I know this district too, I've lived here my entire life and I've heard the lines that keep our good citizens misled and paralyzed into their predictable voting patterns. The people are waking up to all of the government intrusion. The IRS, the spying, the assassination of U.S. Citizens OPENLY, the NDAA (Which you voted for) and much, much more. Before you judge me, I am a 1LT Infantry officer in the ARNG, I volunteered during a time of "war" for the defense of this country. However, I am first and foremost a citizen of this once great nation. I understand my oath to the Constitution well, and per that oath, I swear allegiance to the Constitution only. What the NSA, and our government as a whole are allowing to happen here is an atrocity. The repercussions of this will end this nation as we know it IF it hasn't already. When the government knows where we hide our keys, when we are home, who we have dated, where we've been, everything we've said and done digitally...how can we know that any election is fair? How can we know that any official in any office isn't being blackmailed? The possibilities are endless.

I want an answer SPECIFICALLY to this question. How does the massive NSA spying keep us safe?

I want an answer to this question, keeping it in perspective that Operation Able Danger identified several of the terrorist cells on 9-11 and they were ignored and an attempt was made to discredit them... This is not conspiracy theory, it's a fact, one admitted to by Condoleezza Rice during the 9-11 Commission. Intel has been abundant before and after this, more than enough to keep us safe and as usual, it's a scare tactic. If we want to give all this credit to our military for being brave to keep us free, then why is there no credit to be given to the citizen who is brave enough to actually be free? I could not be more sincere, nor could I be more concerned about the survival of our country right now. You know the right thing to do is to bring attention to this issue, and make a vote happen, a vote to actually give us freedom. Give us privacy, and be a conservative and actually uphold the Constitution and end this breach of the Constitution...which no matter how those in Washington see it, is STILL the LAW OF THE LAND!


*** ********

His response:

Dear Mr. ********:

Thank you for contacting me about domestic surveillance activities carried out by the National Security Administration (NSA).

As mentioned in your letter, former Central Intelligence Agency technician and private security contractor, Edward Snowden, provided classified information to The Guardian on the PRISM surveillance program and the NSA call database. I certainly understand the concern that such programs would infringe on an individual's right to privacy, and I believe that personal information should be protected. While the NSA and other security agencies have a duty to use the tools and resources necessary to prevent another attack on American soil, they must appropriately balance the needs of ensuring the safety of the American people and protecting an individual's privacy.

Regarding your question on the effectiveness of these programs, NSA Director, General Keith Alexander, testified before the House Select Intelligence Committee on June 18th that more than 50 terrorist plots have been disrupted by surveillance programs. I believe there is much to be learned about the effectiveness and execution of these programs and I will continue to follow this matter closely.

It is truly an honor and privilege to represent Kentuckians of the First Congressional District. As a country, we find ourselves in trying times with difficult decisions and policy debates on the horizon. I will continue to advance items that are in the best interest of my constituents, the Commonwealth, and our nation. Your input is critical as I participate in these decisions and I look forward to hearing from you again in the future.


Ed Whitfield

Member of Congress

Ok, this is the repeated crap from our elected officials that proves my point. There will not be change until there is violence. NO, I'm not calling for armed rebellion in DC, so no one flips out and thinks I'm a terrorist, AGAIN. But until we are pissed enough to physically stand up for what we believe, via civil disobedience, which will in turn lead to violence against us, there will be no change. If they attack us, when we peacefully assemble to demand change, then maybe it's understandable that we would rebel like our founders ("The insurgents" as our government calls them. I have been told this in federal military courses, which technically, yea). Either way, we are not going to change things by doing what we are doing now...just talking. The talking is bringing more and more people to the truth, which is AWESOME and knowledge is power, but until we reach the point where we DEMAND a change and are willing to face bodily harm, there will be no change. I've seen the rapid change in our society and people lately, keep up the work. We are starting to get the numbers to demand that change. Just keep in mind what it's going to take in the end.

Read In Context, (haha)


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If 1-5 million people march

If 1-5 million people march on Washington, I guarantee their voices will be heard. What are the odds AGAINST this happening at this point? Pretty high.

At least your congressman stayed on topic...

...for the most part. I've called my congressman, Randy Weber, numerous times and written several emails, as well as contacted him through his .gov contact page about NDAA, Marketplace "Fairness" Act, his support for the Keystone XL pipeline, etc. I've received a grand total of TWO replies from him and one had nothing whatsoever to do with what I contacted him about.

The first time I ever called his office in D.C. to discuss his support of the NDAA, the woman staffer there argued with me for a full five minutes about how I was wrong. She's never answered the phone again when I've called. The last time I called to ask him to rescind his support for KXL, the staffer wanted my email address to send me information as to why he supports the pipeline so I could see his POV. So I said, fine, I'll read it, as long as someone there in his office actually takes the time to research the information I had given them as to why I don't support the KXL. The email they finally did end up sending me had to do with troops in Afghanistan and why they must remain there til the "job" is done. Whatever.

I miss my old congressman, Ron Paul.

(Edit: Just remembered, actually, it was CISPA that I called and argued with his staffer about...)


Going from Ron Paul to ANYONE is a huge drop in quality. haha. FOR REAL.

I received a chain email...

some months back that had a solution to all this. It suggested that "we" snipe one Senator or Congressman per month, at random, until they all resign or change their ways to truly represent their constituents.
I would really hate to see nationwide violence here in Amerika (like what's most-likely gonna happen when Zimmerman gets his much-needed acquittal), but I fully agree with PL that "voting" doesn't work, even on a local level. Perhaps our own version of the storming of the Bastille is what's necessary...

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Sniping politicians...

is not only the wrong way to start change, it's dangerous. The movement loses all credibility with something like that. We don't have any credibility when we are the aggressors. Look at our military in any foreign war. We think we are the good guys, but do they see us that way? You must CLEARLY be in the right to respond to violence with violence as well.

But when we grow a pair and actually stand up for ourselves, I don't think they will allow it, and violence will eventually erupt.

Our right to privacy should not teeter on a fulcrum

“While the NSA and other security agencies have a duty to use the tools and resources necessary to prevent another attack on American soil, they must appropriately balance the needs of ensuring the safety of the American people and protecting an individual's privacy.”

Our right to privacy should not teeter on a fulcrum. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees our right to privacy and it is absolute.


Nicely said!

I don't know why anyone

I don't know why anyone thinks there can be a political solution. I don't contact my representatives, and I don't vote, because I realize that even though they think they have the duty to protect us, they can't, and no system of government can provide absolute safety, even with an absolute loss of freedom.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

You are absolutely right

Just as with Gandhi, MLK, the students in Tiananmen Square,and frankly with our own founding fathers, change didn't come until peaceful civil disobedience was met with violence and oppression in turn. In each case the ruling government lost the moral high ground. The citizens at large sided with the protesters and were outraged. People died who were innocent at the hands of a government which caused the outrage to grow to a fever pitch. Only then does change ever come.

I don't wish it, but there is a clear pattern.

It is the mood of the people that must be aroused. The sleeper must awaken.

Technical Difference

Well said, and I hear what you are saying. One difference I would like to highlight, however, is that our rights are not granted to us by the government or the constitution. It is merely "their" function to recognize, respect and protect our rights. I believe it is the current prevailing paradigm that the government gives us our rights that has put us in the current mess we're in. As such, let us change our verbiage away from asking them for our liberty or our privacy to one where they respect and protect our rights.

I agree

But how do I put that into neoconservative speak? hahahaha


He said "NSA Director, General Keith Alexander, testified before the House Select Intelligence Committee on June 18th that more than 50 terrorist plots have been disrupted by surveillance programs."

Does he seriously think that you didn't notice how the previous testimonies of NSA officials were total bull sh!t?

That's incredible!

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie


I also noticed how he didn't address the issue that politicians are not believable because of the high likelihood of having been blackmailed...


I know, exactly what I thought.

you make it sound like you've

you make it sound like you've exhausted all other possible routes.

have you organized a liberty oriented group locally? such as a liberty on the rocks, 10th amendment center chapter, meet-ups or anything like that? do you go to your city-council meetings to bring up your concerns?

What if we "vote them out" locally?

I wrote a post the other day that goes along with your suggestion about local groups, but I can't link it because I'm not sure how.

I had an idea that involves local communities combining efforts with the states to rein in Congress. Small groups of people conduct town hall meetings in which local voters attend, discuss the performance of a particular representative in Congress, and then vote to retain or relieve that representative. We can invite local media to these meetings and bring our phones in to make YouTube videos, or whatever. After the meeting, the group inform their state reps that the town just voted to relieve Representative X and ask for their support.

If we can get enough towns to hold these town hall meetings to get our states' attention and support, we can replace those rotten reps.

When enough states start participating, they can start demanding repeal of the 17th Amendment and add an amendment to invoke state sovereignty.

The goal is to replace the deadbeats in Congress with actual representatives that are sweating their jobs instead of us worrying about them.

I think a lot of people are angry enough to vote, but not angry enough to risk their lives. It's a safe, respectable, civilized way for people to protest, with no one thinking they're dangerous or crazy, no cops shooting at them, no tear gas or fire hoses.

All the time I was figuring this idea out, I thought we'd have to organize before we could hold any town hall meetings, but I think that's the wrong way to go. The OP's post actually helped me realize this. He is right. I need to do something, and I need to do it now, before it blows up.

I'm going to arrange a town hall meeting in my county. I'm going to invite Senator McCaskill to attend, since she just voted "yea" on the immigration bill. That will be the subject that I address in the press release to invite the local voters in my town. I'm going to look online for any local groups that might want to help me pull this off. I'll let you know how it's progressing. Maybe if I can hold a town hall meeting myself, you might hold one in your town.

I made a website for this idea. It's called the Annette Spencer Project, and the website is www.annettespencer.org. I'm still working out the details, and now I need to change some of them because of this post.

I think it's almost too late for this to work, but I have to try. The alternatives are unthinkable to me. OP, thank you very much for your post.

Good Point

However, the point I am making is that our FEDERAL representation is out of control. We all know it, but it is past the point of encroaching on our lives locally. I agree, push through the ranks, and bring up as many pro liberty candidates as possible. Wouldn't you think you could get a better answer than...well, that?

I'm not jumping to any conclusions, but what will any of that change? I really don't want to get into another discussion about what that means and why civil disobedience is so important right now. People don't like the thought because they aren't willing to step up, that's my take on it. Probably me included. I'm not sure if we'll even know until that time comes. It seems like it's going to be a while before it does come...that's what I'm saying too, the talking, the organizing, it's important, but nothing is going to change until more people realize that nothing will change without force.

Power concedes nothing without demand, never has, never will.

Demand-to ask for with proper authority.

We have not shown "proper authority" for some time. Which we the people have, by definition in this country. Or should have rather.

You are wrong. people are

You are wrong. people are ripe for change they just need a leader or leaders who can outfox the media, the psyops, and everything else they have to stop an organic movement.

Occupy didn't start over free schools... they did a great job twisting minds and shutting it down.

If everyone who didn't want the government to listen to our phone calls marched tomorrow 90 percent of the country would be marching. The question is how do you organize that without the media?

That'st the thing

The media is OBVIOUSLY not on our side. So, the iron isn't hot. You can't start a movement, a revolution until the iron is hot...how can you do that without the media? Like we are. It sucks, I know. But, we are doing a good job. Just look at all the people who are realizing what is really going on. More than ever realize how big of joke the government and media is. I agree, people are mad, but not enough know the whole truth. How many have read Creature from Jekyll Island? How many even understand the FED? How many actually understand the military industrial complex?

We are making great strides, but we just aren't ready yet. We are the new media. But we can't reach the masses as quickly as they can. It takes time, but it's happening.

I'm with you ...its an awful

I'm with you ...its an awful feeling what is going on. These criminals are just feeding at the trough. I'm glad you brought up the blackmailing. This should be put front and center with these congress criminals...What does the NSA have on them that is preventing them from getting off their lazy butts and putting a stop to this nonsense. After all, they hold the purse strings and can supposedly stop the money supply. Of course, here on DP we know the truth about that too.



It's also going to take an effort indivually and as communities

to become self sustaining via home gardens(hydroponics?), local debt repayment pools, less reliance on police for domestic issues(nobody needs to go to jail if no harm is done), move to local banks/credit unions, create a neighborhood news feed/flyer containing info about your concerns and the liberty message, carpools with neighbors, buy from local shops instead of big chains. The little things can really get us to a place where we will be ready to throw off dependence on government even when they don't listen.

Being self sustaining

Great rundown of ways and means to this goal! Also energy is a big part of involuntary dependence. LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) and the various new kinds of power generation that can fit independently into homes and communities are not going to be suppressed as so many in the past have been. This due to the internet which has already disseminated enough knowledge about the free availability of energy sources. You are not free until you have your own energy. The government knows that too.

Nice point too

I was thinking something about this today. One of my friends pleaded for 20 hours of community time for "road rage" in which as many witnesses saw his side of the story as her's. Since the state picks up the charges, he has to go to court and pay for a lawyer...The challenge is on him to prove his innocence against the state, with whom he really has no beef. There was no victim, no one was harmed, he yelled IN his vehicle with his windows up when she cut him off...That was it, she claimed he was much more vocal and threatening and even driving erratically. I know this is normal procedure, but it just gets me how one party doesn't have to pay for a lawyer, and prosecutes someone, while the other has to front the money for a lawyer to defend their innocence. Ya know, another topic, but still. Just wanted to ramble on that.

If you can send a reply...

...I'd ask him "do you think it's okay for a member of any of the 3 branches of government to vote for ANY law that goes against the constitution, even if you think it will 'keep us safe'"?

If he says "yes" then he has broken his oath to the constitution. If he says "no" then he needs to take action to change things. But your question gave him that easy out of "we have to balance blah blah blah".


Very good point. Constructive criticism. I like it. I'll have to back em in better next time. Thanks!

Don't be so hard on him, if you had written Rubio, you would

have gotten a letter response thanking you for your "concern for animal rights". WTF? Not only do I think Rubio is an idiot, his staff clearly are too.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Good Ol'Canned Response

Good Ol'Canned Response

Southern Agrarian

My Thoughts

I think what you received here is similar to what I received, not a coincidence that they're all parroting basically the same thing. The need to "strike a balance" between security and privacy. I think the only difference is that my current senator did make it a point to mention he'd voted against the patriot act, every time. He also stated that he's cosponsored S1130, the Ending Secret Law Act, which is at least a step in the right direction.

But I agree, so long as there aren't riots in the streets, things will stay the same. I don't know that it takes violence, but it sure as hell is going to take more than armchair quarterback opinions that only reach a few.