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I Saw Something Strange In The Sky Today...

I'm not one for wild theories but after seeing what I'm about to describe I have to wonder what is really going on...

It's sunny and warm in Wisconsin, another beautiful day. With coffee in hand I step outside to gauge whether a storm may be coming or if I am safe in my short sleeves and short pants. As I look to the sky I see an airplane miles above, heading due east, leaving a trail of white 'smoke' in its path.

This trail - can I call it at the very least 'unusual?' Here is what I saw - please judge for yourself:

-The trail followed the plane for what I might estimate to be around 100 feet. It lasted for around 3 or 4 seconds then dissipated.

-It did not remain for minutes or hours as they usually do.

-It did not spread out across the entire sky.

-It did not change colors.

-It did not form into whispy droplets.

-It did not cast shadows on the other trails.

It didn't do any of the things that normal airplane smoke trails do. I'm sorry you have to just take my word for this, I was so shocked at this unusual event that it never occured to me to grab my camera and document it. Now I fear I'll be looking up all the time trying to see 'it' happen again, each day doubting more and more the sanity of my senses...

Have any of you, my dear Daily Paul friends, ever seen one of these weird planes? Did you take a picture? Any confirmation of this strange phenomenon would be a huge load off my mind.

As it happens the sky is now filled with the normal trails of each variety - some 'spreaders', some 'whispy' types, and some of the criss-crossing 'shadow-casting' variety. Through all the haze it is impossible to see if there are any more of these unusual planes leaving their ominous non-trails (my term). But I'll keep looking.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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wake-up call

thanks for the top link michael...

A genuine boost to my sagging esteem. :)

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I mentioned this Yesterday......

in the Chemtrail Post being reported by FOX.

During High Pressure Weather Systems You'll not see the ChemTrail Program in play. It just won't work.

When ever there is a High Pressure system in my area , no ChemTrail Planes to be seen. But once the System has passed, the Program carries on. As for any commercial passenger jets flying overhead during a High Pressure System their trail does just what this poster has stated.

Great Post by the way.

I saw it too

with my imagination.

I'm not sayin'

I'm not sayin' it was aliens, but it was aliens!

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I live by

a couple Military Bases.Shady stuff happen all the time around there and in the sky.

Remember when clouds ......

....looked like they do at the beginning of the Simpsons, i.e. huge tufts of white cotton balls vs. miles long arrows of flat haze?

cottonball clouds

I rode through Wyoming on June 30th and saw those huge white cotton-ball clouds and deep blue sky. A sky so clear I haven't seen in a long while.

Funny. Even funnier?

Noting the faulty sarcasm detectors displayed buy fully half the posters on this thread lol.

I proudly stand with the people that got it the first time around :)

This was awesome. I didn't

This was awesome. I totally fell for it because I don't know anything about what the trails are supposed to look like.

When you've trolled me, you have something you can brag about.

You've outdone us all today chris.

Master Pretzel Twister

Let's just call it a 'post from the future'...

when the children of today are all growned-ups, and things like they mystery plane I saw really are strange and inexplicable, nay, inconceivable:


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Some have said it, but that is what planes are suppose to do apparently. When they linger, that's the thing that's suppose to be weird and doesn't make sense...which now, is obviously common place. IDK, there is a lot of evidence for government creepy things, BUT, I'm not quite ready to jump on board of the chemtrail thing...yet



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Two shorten the road.

What you describe is a regular vapor trail

Those trails that persist for hours are not normal.

This seems to be an attempt at selling "chem-trails" as normal while making regular vapor trails seem strange.

Nice try though.

Ummm, I think the poster was

Ummm, I think the poster was being facetious.

Ron Paul or Bust

Facetious? Possibly a little. But this is a true story.

The idea for this little essay came about 2 months ago. I saw a 'regular' plane with a 'regular' contrail and thought "golly, that's strange. Haven't seen one of them in a while!"

If there is a joke here I guess it's on me. I keep forgetting I live in upside-down land where fair is foul, down is up, and normal is a rarity.

Now, that thing about Pfizer developing a cure for hypochondria, that was facetious...

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I hope so




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Aircraft engines create a

Aircraft engines create a huge increase in pressure, internally, then dump that pressure out the back, rapidly. This rapid decrease in pressure causes any water vapor in the air to condensate into a "cloud". The higher the water vapor, the more contrail, oh sorry... the larger the "chemtrail" formed (of course that "chem" is H2O...). Little bit of humidity, little chemtrail, lot of humidity, big chemtrail.

Here are some videos that kinda demonstrate what I'm talking about, aircraft cabin rapid decompression. Its the same thing, high pressure rapidly reduced, but different method. I'm an aircraft mechanic and when I was working on DC8's doing ground cabin pressurization leak checks we used to do this on hot summer days when the humidity was high. The DC8 has a huge pressurization dump valve, about 18" diameter, that can be manually operated to drop the pressure really quickly, and additionally it has a large cabin so the rapid decompression continues for about 30 seconds. The result was a HUGE drop in temperature and a big cloud in the cabin, sometimes it would even "snow" in the cabin on a hot summer day. This principle is also used for air conditioning the cabin on aircraft by taking bleed air from the engines, pressurizing in in an "air cycle machine", sending that hot air through a heat exchanger to cool it, the rapidly expanding the air (rapidly dropping its pressure) resulting in some VERY cold air for cooling off the passengers in the cabin.

Rapid decompression video 1

Rapid decompression video 2 (skip to about 1:00)

At low altitude the cloud dissappears as quickly as it is formed. But at high altitude the water vapor form ice crystal that tend to linger. If the air around it is saturated with water vapor (high humidity) then the crystals that form actually begin to act as cloud "seeds", and a cloud will form from the contrail (crap, there I go again. I meant CHEMtrail of course). On days when thin wispy clouds are present at high altitudes, you would expect to see lingering chemtrails. On days when skies are COMPLETE blue without even the slightest tainting of clouds, you would not expect to see any chemtrails. Those thin wispy clouds are the sign of high water vapor near the point of condensation, and the perfect conditions for chemtrails (typically dihydrous monoxide) to be formed and expand.

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dihydrous monoxide -that old villain of old gets into everything

Thanks for your comment. I had hoped to learn more about the science of aviation through this post. You've taught me for sure, but more importantly you've presented information to this vast infoweb of information which may in days or years from now present a straight-faced explanation of actual reality to those wishful-thinking social planners and the like which can not be disputed. may they express their gratitude with money.

Thanks again and I love the videos of snow in the cabin during decompression...

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Cloud Seeding

Cloud Seeding, Chemtrails... sometimes used in conjunction with HAARP

This is not new. Go ask Alex Jones, lol. It's real though.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Modern jet engines are very

Modern jet engines are very efficient like this. No pollution at all.

Greeks Challenge ETC Group and Reject US Doublespeak on Chemtrails and Climate Change

The next big thing will be Google wifi balloon spotting.

And shooting?

Yeah, and whats up with the

Yeah, and whats up with the blue sky and yellow sun........im so confused


well you see

con trails are developed by a plane flying through very cold air. What happens is as the plane flies through the humidity it disrupts the water freezing it temporarily, lasting only seconds and then remelting into the atmosphere before it even falls to the ground due to the wind currents.
Now a Chemtrail is our governments attempt to alter the atmosphere either because of the "repltellian master plan" or because a compartmentalized component of several governments don't realize that the whole global warming scare is just propaganda aimed at instituting a global tax to enslave us and force us into the NWO! duh duh duhhhhhh

You just got PAULED!

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I saw something strange and even took a picture,

But I have no idea how to upload my picture to the Daily Paul :(

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Replace the address with the one between the = and the >...

NOTE there is no / just the >.

Freaky pics btw.

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why don't you...

upload your picture to http://imageshack.us/ and then give us the link(s) to the pics. How hard is that?

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Thanks for trying to help

I am more familiar with Picasa, see if this works,


If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.