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A work in progress inspired by Mr. Snowden

Lost in the weeds with this one, guys, and so busy that I can barely find the time to work on it...but this is what I have so far. The mix is bad, and I just don't have the type of voice to do what I want in the chorus, but I thought I'd float it around anyway. Thanks for taking the time, and yet again, feedback is always appreciated :)


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I speak for that but that was amazing.

my friend the soul exposer will vent his intent to deny it but still he will cry...

In other words he will like it.

yes he will like it.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

Many of us have the voice of Liberty in our hearts.

A special few can express it. Good work, and don't ever quit!

I'm the Enemy

Excellent, thank you.In the spirit of:
"Ego sum Spartacus, Ich bin ein Juden, I am Snowden."

The vocal's a little rough, the ending a little abrupt, but it is, after all, a prototype. Again, thank you, and well done.

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I'm giving the siskel and ebert

2 thumbs up. Use some footage of Snowden to mock up a vid with that. Totally cool, looking foward to the completed version!

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Hmmm. Songs for Edward

Hmmm. Songs for Edward Snowden. Looking forward to many of them.

Go easy :)

I put this up recklessly early. Just a demo :)

Yours in Liberty,

Linkin Park?

I kind of imagine the chorus with a screaming linkin park voice. I do not have that voice and cannot replicate it through any effect or recording trick I know. So this is kind of a neutered version of what I want this song to be. Still waiting for my "master mind" group to formulate itself :P On my own for now.

Yours in Liberty,

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I like it. Keep working on it.

Good work.

Thank you.

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