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"The Peoples Voice" Luke Interviews David Icke on his new TV Station

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What terrorizes the criminals who have taken over government?

Open Source Information Broadcasting

To put it more simply:



Competition moves POWER back into the hands of those who demand accurate information, and the power is a collective FORCE of many individual people making choices between Brand A, Brand B, all the way to Brand X, whereby that FORCE ends up forcing quality up and cost down, where failing to fit the supply to the demand will be failure to gain any POWER at all.

So those who demand more lies, more threats, and more violence, as a means of getting something for nothing may yet invest their POWER of choice into EMPOWERING, collectively, the highest quality lies told by the highest quality liars, the highest quality threats threatening the victims who produce anything worth stealing told by those highest quality extortionists that money can buy, and the victims who are targeted for exploitation will be violently assaulted by the best violent criminals that money can buy too, for those who demand such things. On top of all that those who demand such things will pay less for more of the same official lies, threats, and violence aimed at the people who produce anything worth stealing.

What about those who produce anything worth stealing?

While the criminals who took over are demanding more lies, threats, and violence, the least expensive, and highest quality lies, threats, and violence, what, meanwhile, are the targeted victims who actually produce anything worth stealing demanding?

While the criminals, in or out of public office, demand and supply lies, threats, and violence, to keep themselves in power, what are the targeted victims demanding?

Producers of anything worth stealing cannot stay in competitive business when driven by lies, threats, and violence. Producers of anything worth stealing can stay in competitive business, on the cutting edge, when driven by accurate, effective, productive, information.

So the criminals who took over are terrorized by choices chosen by the productive people who were growing weaker while paying the criminals who took over, but are now growing stronger as the information available is no longer exclusively lies, exclusively threats, and exclusively violence, and that is a terrifying power to those criminals because the something for nothing lie will no longer be chosen by anyone other than criminals.

When better is a choice, productive people, honest people, pick better over worse.

If there are no choices, only the same lies supplied, only the same threats supplied, and only the same violence supplied in abundance, the criminals are happy, secure, content, and enjoying piece of mind.

What about those whose honest, equitable, productive effort produce things worth stealing?

What does an honest, productive, person demand?

Where is that supply to fit that demand?





So we have a "9/11 truther," Luke, who is intel-controlled,

Interviewing a lunatic, Icke, who believes in shape shifting reptillian alien elite rulers amongst us.


You could read through my comment history from many months ago, when I bashed Luke and his "sect" of WACIA:


CHANGE the "H" to an "I" and delete the "NGE";

"With [dis]respect to Luke (and his c(ia)ontrollers,) that is.

A lot of regular WAC people are probably good people.

The controlled opposition, however? No. Die, Luke."

And like I said in a comment months ago to SharkHearted:


"There are several persons of influence and power in 9/11 Truth (and Twoof) who will manipulate you purposely, that you'll believe and trust because you think they're on your side. Just because a person says some things you agree with, says or supports things that you have already concluded, or says things you just want to believe to be true, doesn't mean they are on your side."

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Interesting. I hope it works!

Looking forward to it. The Indegogo is almost 3X filled, but still has 9 days to go:


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The anti-reality MSM news

The anti-reality MSM news will die soon.