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George Zimmerman’s A Better Man Than I Thought

After a day of very solid cross confirmed testimony in the Zimmerman / Martin case, it turns out that in spite of the fact that Trayvon Martin was pounding the daylights out of Zimmerman's face and skull on a concrete surface, Zimmerman never went for his side arm until he realized that Martin noticed he was armed and appeared to go for the gun saying, "You're gonna die tonight" to Zimmerman.

Only at that point of life or death decision did Zimmerman grab his weapon and fire one shot into Trayvon's upper torso.

Zimmerman testified that he did not realize that he hit Martin... he assumed that when Martin said, "You got me". Martin meant he was going to stop assaulting Zimmerman as Martin leaned back off of Zimmerman's chest.

Zimmerman then testifies that he slipped out from Martin where he was pinned down and jumped on Martins back to restrain his hands to stop his attacker from executing any further blows.

Zimmerman tossed his gun to the side and held Martins arms down as Martin lay face down.

It seems to me that the average person who took a beating from a larger stronger attacker, would go for his weapon much sooner and would not have stopped firing until he was sure the attacker was profoundly incapacitated.

Most people in that situation would have emptied their magazine on the attacker to assure their own survival.

Based on testimony and evidence, George Zimmerman exercised extreme restraint in the use of deadly force. And the single spent, shell casing proves that restraint beyond a doubt.

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good one :)

You might even call that comment "inspired"....bravo.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

Two things:

1) You're right when you state, "None of us were there..."

2) Zimmerman also had "the right to walk in a neighborhood."

I agree...but...

He should not have gotten out of his car.... and he should not have pursued this kid... Self defense is hard to prove when you are one on one in the night and you are no longer on your own property... I would support Zimmerman 100% if he called police and then defended his home...or at least did not engage Trevon while out of his car with a loaded weapon on common ground... I would feel threatened also if someone was following me... He was not too smart... Do I think he deserves murder....no... But he should have used more sense... and armed neighborhood watch programs should not exist... I am ALL for armed home protection... But in this society we have law enforcement officers that take it to the streets... I believe he was defending himself...but if I go out and jump into a gang fight and blow away a kid in my neighborhood...because he assaulted me...wasn't I out of line in the first point? I think this case is important...I think people need to establish where the line in the sand is...and it is not - in my opinion - down the street in my neighborhood....

This was not an "armed

This was not an "armed neighborhood watch" patrol. GZ was going to Target when he happened to notice TM. I support GZ's right to carry his firearm to Target and so should you.

I would also note that there is a big difference between "jump[ing] into a gang fight" and getting sucker punched.

He got out of his car because he's not a mouse

If people can't walk their neighborhood and nip bad actors in the bud, then the bad actors smell that mouse fear.

Zimmerman was walking back to his car when Martin confronted him.

Zimmerman was dialing 911 when Martin sucker punched him.

Zimmerman took the initiative to keep eyes on his own neighborhood and he's being treated like the criminal.

Zimmerman exercised extreme restraint, like a man.

He clearly was not trigger happy.

If he was he would have used his weapon immediately and not stopped until the threat was removed.

Mainstream media and TV news

Mainstream media and TV news reporter Lynch Mobs are the ones that need lynchings.

idiots and murderers


Stalking was evil regardless of what the law says

I don't know what the law says about George Z's actions but I am disgusted that he was stalking this kid. As for Trayvon Martin's behavior is concerned, I realize that he is not on trial and no one has to prove that he was the aggressor in order to get the defendant off, and obviously he should have called the cops (but they would not have saved him if GZ was dangerous), but how many kids would call the cops in that situation? Seriously, I don't know if George Z can be found guilty, but what he did was downright evil, In addition, he made gun owners look bad.

‘Each individual is separated from others by a "taboo of personal isolation"...this "narcissism of minor differences"'
--Sigmund Freud


following someone you don't recognize who's acting suspiciously is EVILEVILEVIL and deserves punishment, and then actively going after and beating down the guy who followed you and then turned around is totally okay.

Right. Glad we're on the same page here.

Live like a thug, die like a thug. Sorry if it hurts your feelings, that's just how it is. Up to the moment Zimmerman shot Martin, this was the absolute worst both had done:

Zimmerman: followed a guy he thought was suspicious. No evidence of any threats, verbal or nonverbal.

Martin: actively assaulted a guy who followed him a while but then turned around. Attacked him while he was down on the pavement.

Zimmerman behaved improperly, Martin behaved criminally. Overzealous watchman in one case, thug in the second.

Of course, even with all this, the issue isn't Zimmerman's "stalking" of Martin. The issue is whether or not he committed an act of murder - which he most definitely did not. He did not initiate anything. Martin attacked HIM. The attacker is dead, the defender isn't. That means the good guy won.

you're a gd idiot

sticking up for a sociopath fake cop vigilante who shot someone who didn't ask for any trouble...

that's what the police are for douchebag

that's what I'm screaming...

"up to no gooood" Everytime I hear that I want to slap him. I might have felt bad for Zimmerman had he owned up to his piss poor cop impression but no....he wants to blame the kid. BZZZZZ....bad answer.

Will he get off? Hope not. Either way, he's got to live with himself. Good luck with that.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain


"Didn't ask for any trouble." WOW. Yes, attacking a guy is "not asking for any trouble."

Please, what proves that Zimmerman was not, in fact, attacked by Martin? If he wasn't attacked, he was in the wrong. If he was, he was in the right.

Nobody disputes that Martin attacked him.

You are confused.

What is at dispute is who was the aggressor.

Love thy enemy.


the one who did not exhibit signs of their head being bashed into the pavement repeatedly.

There's no two ways around it. Martin assaulted Zimmerman with Zimmerman having done exactly nothing to Martin. If the kid was creeped out by Zimmerman, he should have LEFT.


Well, I'm not full bottle on the specifics,but put it this way, fact Martin was shot dead, fact Zimmerman was bashed around the head, which of these two things took place first, and then second?

I think logic can easily figure that one out.

Of course there is more to it, but why are so many attacking a guy so hastily for seemingly defending himself?

Don't twist my words. There

Don't twist my words. There is a special place in hades for people like GZ. No matter what the jury determines, GZ will get his punishment in the afterlife or by way of karma if you don't believe in afterlife.

We will never know if the kid jumped him because the kid is not on trial and can't mount a defense. however, if he did jump him, then he probably is guilty of being part of a sick culture that expects kids to settle their own scores. That doesn't make him a thug any more than your son or mine probably would be in the same circumstance at the same age.

Meanwhile, GZ and his defenders make responsible gun owners look like raving lunatics. Thanks a lot.

‘Each individual is separated from others by a "taboo of personal isolation"...this "narcissism of minor differences"'
--Sigmund Freud


Again, here's the (undisputed) score:

Zimmerman followed a suspicious guy.
Martin actively attacked Zimmerman.

There is zero evidence indicating any threatening behavior by Zimmerman.

Also - when you're ACTIVELY BEATING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, when they are DOWN ON THE GROUND, yes, it makes you a thug, and when you get shot, you had it coming.

Have you ever heard of "reasonable doubt?" This case is positively DROWNING in it. Zimmerman's story is consistent, the prosecution's case has just been embarrassing, and the prosecution's witnesses have been downright sad.

The undisputed fact is that Martin was actively attacking Zimmerman - just look at the photos. Zimmerman then shot Martin while being attacked. Based entirely on those two facts alone, it can be safely said that Zimmerman was in the right.

BTW - I'm about a year older that Martin. I don't give a crap about "how he was raised." The action is up to the person taking it, and nobody else. Let's put me in the same circumstance. I see a guy following me after I've cut across some lawns at night wearing a hoodie. I continue walking, perhaps a bit faster, and take a few extra pains avoid doing anything unusual. I go back home. I mention the creepy guy following me, keep an eye out for a while, then go to bed.

No, seriously, it's that simple. All I had to do was not attack him.

fireant's picture

Based on the prosecution's case so far,

I have to assume they knew they didn't have a case, and merely succumbed to the PC nattering nabobs.

Undo what Wilson did

I've seen some really DUMB posts here lately...

A kid is standing around in his neighborhood and a known fake vigilante with a history of violence confronts him with a gun. The kid - who didn't commit any crime AT ALL - ends up DEAD. What the hell is wrong with some of you people???

You morons ever hear this - "If you approach me with a gun, you'd better be prepared to use it"???

That's how I feel, and if that nutjob Zimmerman approached me with a gun, someone would've been shot.

You jump on someone and start pounding their head intothe ground

and YOU better be prepared to have the person defend himself.

Look, you don't want someone shooting you? Then don't jump on them and start pounding on them.

I don't care if they were following you! It's a free country. They can walk where they want and keep an eye on you if they want. The minute you make it physical then you are opening yourself up to danger.

that is stupid and illogical

and so are you noob

Whay is Zimmerman lying on film?

On a video re enactment, filmed with a cop, Zimmerman says at one point, "i could not see the addresses as there is only the backs of these condos here so I had to walk down this back side walk in order to get the street name and a condo number". ?????? He points to the left saying that he could only see the back of the buildings, if you look to the right side of the video, you can clearly see a row of condos and driveways, the front of them!! THE FRONT!! plain to see.

The film guy quickly moves the camera left and never shows the front of those units again. The cop seems to be coaching Zimmerman. And at the beginning of the video, someone says "action", implying there may be more than one take.

He's lying because




No he

Shot and killed a getto thug who attacked him, and what a shame that the thugs parents are not being held accountable for allowing the thug to run amuck!!!!!!!!!!!


The kid is dead. He is not

The kid is dead. He is not on trial and can't defend himself. You have no basis for your claims. I have been on this site for a long time and have rarely seen such vicious attacks as I have seen with this article.

‘Each individual is separated from others by a "taboo of personal isolation"...this "narcissism of minor differences"'
--Sigmund Freud

I usually approach things

I usually approach things objectively but I will inject subjectivity into this. Where I'm from, you just don't follow someone at night unless you know them.

On one hand, we can say that it was self defense but then, how can you really call for self defense in a situation that you escalated? While people can say whatever on here (it is the internet afterall), no one put themselves in the shoes of someone being followed by a stranger at night. It's not that hard. Do I believe that Martin was a saint? Nope but I do believe that if Zimmerman just minded his own business (like so many of us on the Daily Paul call for in any other situation), Martin might not be dead today.

In my neighborhood, you know

In my neighborhood, you know your neighbors. And when you encounter a new one, you don't run away and cut through strangers' yards.

And if you think you're being stalked while out for a walk, you call the cops, not a friend.

I question if Zimmerman was even the screamer.

If you listen carefully to the 911 call where you can hear the shot in the background, there is less than 1 second between the end of the last "help" and the shot.

I have a good deal of difficulty believing that Zimmerman would be yelling help simultaneously with pulling his gun out of his holster. Why yell for help with a loaded gun in your hand?

Restraint, my ass.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

So then, the question is

So then, the question is posed, who is initially at fault here, the stalker or the guy that called a female friend instead of the cops? Or Zimmerman shouldn't have tried to play the hero and listen to the 911 operator. Here is a way that I look at it:

A woman is walking alone at night. She is being followed and feels threatened. She cuts through yards to get away. The stranger catches up, she turns around and pepper sprays him, and beings to defend her. The stalker shoots her and he cites self defense. Who is the guilty party?

If we are looking at what happened, and not a race or past, it all boils down to one key fact; Zimmerman had no business playing vigilante. He should have just stayed on the phone with the cops. (that one overlooked fact)