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George Zimmerman’s A Better Man Than I Thought

After a day of very solid cross confirmed testimony in the Zimmerman / Martin case, it turns out that in spite of the fact that Trayvon Martin was pounding the daylights out of Zimmerman's face and skull on a concrete surface, Zimmerman never went for his side arm until he realized that Martin noticed he was armed and appeared to go for the gun saying, "You're gonna die tonight" to Zimmerman.

Only at that point of life or death decision did Zimmerman grab his weapon and fire one shot into Trayvon's upper torso.

Zimmerman testified that he did not realize that he hit Martin... he assumed that when Martin said, "You got me". Martin meant he was going to stop assaulting Zimmerman as Martin leaned back off of Zimmerman's chest.

Zimmerman then testifies that he slipped out from Martin where he was pinned down and jumped on Martins back to restrain his hands to stop his attacker from executing any further blows.

Zimmerman tossed his gun to the side and held Martins arms down as Martin lay face down.

It seems to me that the average person who took a beating from a larger stronger attacker, would go for his weapon much sooner and would not have stopped firing until he was sure the attacker was profoundly incapacitated.

Most people in that situation would have emptied their magazine on the attacker to assure their own survival.

Based on testimony and evidence, George Zimmerman exercised extreme restraint in the use of deadly force. And the single spent, shell casing proves that restraint beyond a doubt.

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Zimmerman made a stupid

Zimmerman made a stupid decision, IMO, but stupid decisions/bad judgement is NOT ILLEGAL. Stop using this emotional argument, the facts according to the testimony thus far:

Treyvon Martin started the physical altercation, and according to the PA's testimony, would have killed Zimmerman had he not shot him. Was it a stupid situation that could have been avoided? Absolutely.

Did George Zimmerman commit a crime beyond a reasonable doubt? No, therefore he should be found not guilty. Not listening to a 911 dispatcher's SUGGESTION is not a crime. Whether he was playing vigilante or not is irrelevant, Treyvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman if the testimony thus far is to be believed.

Where do you see emotion in

Where do you see emotion in my response but let us clear up a fallacy in your "argument." It has not been proven that Martin started the altercation. We only have the word of the man that shot him. So you must ask yourself the question, can you say, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Martin started it? Your answer will more than likely be no. But what is known is who pursued who, if we are to believe the contents of a 911 call.

See, there is no conclusion in any of my postings. You say that I am using a emotional argument while in the same breath stating something as fact that has not been proven. If you reread my post, all I stated is if Zimmerman would have minded his own business or listened to the dispatcher, this wouldn't have happened. If you can point any emotion in my post, I will give you this one but there is none. Matter of fact, I even gave a comparable situation regarding a man and a woman and asked a simple question for objectivity; no response regarding this. We can debate this issue but please don't misrepresent anything in my postings.

First, I never said it was

First, I never said it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Martin started the altercation. That tells me that you didn't read my post fully, considering that I said "according to the testimony, if it's to be believed(paraphrased)."
Also, we have testimony stating that Martin was on top, pummeling him MMA style, as well as conflicting medical experts saying that Zimmerman would have/would not have been killed had he not shot Martin. As far as Zimmerman's own testimony, to his credit, his story hasn't changed, so I believe that is worth taking into consideration as well.

Furthermore, the burden of proof is not on the defense to show that Martin was or was not the instigator, the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman shooting Martin was not in self defense. Can you say, beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman was not acting in self defense? Your answer will more than likely be a no.

I'll concede that saying "It's Zimmerman's fault for playing vigilante" (although it's emotionally-charged descriptive noun that the MSM has been overusing imo) may not be an emotional argument, but it's definitely a red herring considering that "who started it" is not what's on trial.

A woman is walking alone at night. She is being followed and feels threatened. She cuts through yards to get away. The stranger catches up, she turns around and pepper sprays him, and beings to defend her. The stalker shoots her and he cites self defense. Who is the guilty party?

Apples and Oranges. You're also making up a scenario that you don't know the details to. You don't know how fast Martin was running, what he cut through or any of that, so making a comparison with these details is inherently biased.

If we are looking at what happened, and not a race or past, it all boils down to one key fact; Zimmerman had no business playing vigilante. He should have just stayed on the phone with the cops. (that one overlooked fact)

I agree he shouldn't have gone out there (though I would hardly call it playing vigilante, you're jumping to conclusions) and definitely should have identified himself, but there is the very real possibility that Martin attacked him. As long as there is even that small amount of reasonable doubt, he should not be convicted.

Innocent until proven guilty.

If you feel that the above is a misrepresentation of your postings, let me know. I make it a point to try and be level-headed and logical.

Never said that you said

Never said that you said that. I stated that you spoke it like it was fact. You are coming from the angle that he was not the initiator and I have no issue with that. I am coming from the angle that the only thing that is proven is, according to the 911 call, he pursued Martin. That's nothing that I got from MSM (because I don't look at it) or from anyone. I sat and listened to the 911 call and the dispatcher told him not to pursue Martin. So he called 911 on suspicion and then went to pursue him and I'm supposed to ignore that fact. Again, I never once said that he acted in self defense, but then again, I can't understand how an instigator (again, who went after who?) can claim self defense in something that he seemingly started.

The example that I gave is similar considering the preliminary situation. A stranger followed someone at night in pursuit. It's funny how people are responding to this, but if they were being followed by a stranger at night, they would have one hand on the holster. lol. I'm just saying.

But in none of this have I ever said he was guilty of anything but being an idiot. What I specific state is that if he would have stayed to himself, a kid wouldn't be dead and he wouldn't be in court regarding this.

Everyone Needs To Be Prepared

on the day the verdict is read. If Zimmerman is acquitted (which is unlikely thanks to the MSM) metropolitan areas could see large riots like in California. The publicity in this trial and the racism charges could set them off. The poor economy along with anger with the Government could add to the severity. I would take steps to prepare in case civil unrest happens. Have a game plan and have the means to defend yourself.

Ron Paulers need to be prepared.

Exercise your 2nd amendment rights. Think of it as a practice run in the event of an economic collapse. Arm up (First for a reason), buddy up, and prep.

We Find The Defendant


The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

I'm a Security Officer in Florida

with a class "D" License. I would have shot Treyvon if he was attacking me. Oh, and I should add that I would have shot a man or woman of any race under the same circumstances. This case is not important at all. It's making headlines for over a year is simply due to the same ignorant racism BS that has been blinding groups of people and creating more hate groups for a century. The more we give this case attention the more we allow the media to keep playing this over-dramatic crap and wasting precious air time.

And your ass would be in jail

And lying about how you murdered an innocent kid just like the moron fake cop (security officer?) Zimmerman.


You been around here for a long ass time.. Could you please link to the video or story you are basing your case on?

Zimmerman is alive and gets to tell his side of the story. I am skeptical on both sides of this case and want to base my opinion on the facts I witness. I dont own a TV, so I miss most of the noise, or news that a television barks.

Zimmerman has also had a long time and a great legal defense team. You better believe Zimmerman wants to stay out of jail. He doesnt strike me as the brightest man, but I am positive he can be sneaky. He wanted to be on the force there.. he probably has friends that are on the force. This case is gonna be white hot because of the implications of either side winning. If Zimmerman wins, I am sure race crap will fire up (meaning it will further divide us) or if Martins family wins, its a victory over guns and the left will stand behind tear stained eyes and speak of new gun restrictions.

What a dog and pony show. I dont mean to rant.. but getting a television out of my life was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Unplugging from 'programming' has lit up my brain like a fireworks show.

I agree with Nystrom. The internet is the last wild west. We will look back to the beginning of the internet... Our children will not.

Anyway.. stories like this will hopefully continue to lose their shock value as the internet age progresses. I hope so anyway. If 1% of the energy that was spent on that bullshit, were spent on issues that have long term consequences.. we might be able to solve the problems in our country.

I bet Zimmerman doesn't want to be a cop anymore! hahahaaa

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

The proceedings of this trial

are being uploaded on Youtube. Follow the testimony from prosecution witnesses and their star witness testifying she knew there was racism involved because Trayvon Martin called Zimmerman a "creepy ass cracker." Keep in mind the prosecution is running the show at the moment. When asked by the defense if she thought "creepy ass cracker" was a racial remark, she replied, "no." This from the prosecution's star witness. One would think the prosecution would put witnesses on the stand testifying to Zimmerman's racism, so far, nope, not a one.

The prosecution has yet to place into evidence racism on George Zimmerman's part, but the prosecution's star witness testified that Trayvon Martin didn't much like white people, or as the MSM portrayed Zimmerman, a "white-Hispanic."

Placed into evidence were police interview tapes. Zimmerman states Martin ambushed him, punched him in the nose, and Zimmerman fell to the ground. Martin was punching him in the face, and banging his head against the concrete sidewalk (with photographs entered into evidence of injuries to Zimmerman's head and nose). As Zimmerman squirmed to get out from under Martin, Zimmerman's jacket slide up and exposed his gun. Martin saw the gun and told Zimmerman, "you're going to die tonight, m....f..." Zimmerman had a decision to make, the rest is history.

If the prosecution doesn't have anything more than what is being testified to in court (over 6 days) supporting a 2nd degree murder charge (which is an intentional killing not premeditated or planned, a killing caused by dangerous conduct and lacking concern for human life), in my opinion, the defense should request the charge be dropped. The prosecution, during 6 days of testimony, hasn't provided evidence of a single element of the crime of 2nd degree murder.

We should pay attention to this case. When a vocal minority incites the government to file false charges against what appears to be a man defending himself (based on 6 days of prosecution witness testimony and police video tapes), and the main stream media falsely reports the defendant in this case has committed a racially charged killing (using manufactured evidence), well, this could happen to any one of us.

Right on!

That certainly cleared that up! Thanks for the information!!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I lived in Orlando for quite a few years

But even that doesn't make me at all interested in following this case. Why?

Because Zimmerman is MSM's current timeframe Reality TV distraction.

When they run these 24/7 with "expert!" opinions and panels blah blah bleggghhh ... I always ask the simple question:

What HUGE ELEPHANT(s) are they colluding with the Masters on -- to distract the people from the thing(s) they consider the biggest threat(s) to them and their criminal empire, at the current moment (2-5 day timeframes)

So no .. I'm sure it is an interesting/relevant/telling case. But so was Anthony's Wiener.

From what

I've heard so far, I would make the guess that Martin was the attacker and that things happened exactly or closely to what Zimmerman described. People suggest that Zimmerman instigated by following him or looking at him, but this can not possibly dismiss that fact that Martin attacked and at that point you have the right to defend yourself. The trial is a sham and is just being done to keep the area from rioting, it should never have gone this far.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com