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Egyptians are more determined to save their nation than Americans

America's Voice Now
Mike Evans

With 22 million signatures and massive civil disobedience, the Egyptian people are demanding the end of the tyrannical reign of Morsi & Muslim Brotherhood. Why are Americans so complacent, apathetic and determined to allow our Republic to descend to the point where Massive Peaceful Civil Disobedience will be too late?


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It is NOT at all the same

The revolution was civil till America stepped in and caused blood shed to put in their Government puppets with their teleprompt barrage of broken promises. Morsi holds the cards and NATO globalists have stolen the Egyptians money and livelihood. Just like they have done in the US, Cypress, Turkey, Brazil..........They are setting up the stage to prove democracy is broken because of their own deep and dark corruption so they can put in a Anti-Christ monster....who will again promise to solve all their problems and will do so to an extent..only to steal his ultimate prize..to take their souls. NOW that my friend will be jumping from the frying pan into the FIRE,

Civil Disobedience

I am so proud to be witnessing thousands of Americans protesting the illegal NSA wiretapping on the south side of Chicago right now... Wait. Nevermind. Looks like the enormous crowd is gathering for a TV sale at Wal-Mart.

Good rant

thank you

Is their media Jewish-owned? Is there multi-culturalism?

No and No.

"The CIA World factbook lists "Egyptians" as 99.6% of the population."

Good For Them

They're still operating under the illusion that government, and a country with arbitratrily defined borders which are nothing more than lines on a piece of pater, is the solution to what ails them.

I harbor no such illusion. Be happy to let America, such as it is, fall - with nothing to replace it.

Not going to happen

This idea that America will fall and be replaced with 'nothing' is a pipe dream. Eventually, some other nation(s) and/or other existing power structures, and most assuredly some new ones would all be tripping over themselves trying to fill the massive power vacuum that a collapse would create.

People will always seek power with controlling others as being the ultimate goal. It's pretty much always been that way throughout history (just about any version of it) and I really don't think it's going to change anytime soon.

Sorry to be so blunt about it, but this whole stateless society thing just isn't going to happen, at least not anytime soon. To have it, NO countries could exist, and it's hard enough getting people on this very site to agree with each other, nevermind 7.2 billion+ people.

A signature used to be here!

good propaganda

You have no reason to apologize for your blunt thoughts. but they are just that, YOUR THOUGHTS.

here's mine...

we existed stateless for a couple hundred years here before we allowed slick talking people to assume control over our lives. we came around 1500... the articles of confederation were not formed until late 1700's. .. we existed stateless along with other "countries" in this world... how did that work? because of armed and informed people.

I'll take a couple hundred years of statelessness.
Delaware was the first state established on December 7, 1787.

"Eventually, some other nation(s) and/or other existing power structures, and most assuredly some new ones would all be tripping over themselves trying to fill the massive power vacuum that a collapse would create."

Please, stop your statist fear mongering.

by your logic, what's the point of living? you ARE going to EVENTUALLY die... so what's the point in even trying, right? lol.. what a joke. that's like the slaves saying, "even if we get set free someone else is going to just enslave us, so why even try to be free?" come on man...

btw, seeking and obtaining power are 2 disparate actions. you can seek it all day, and as long as you are met with opposition at every turn, you will fail. we don't oppose jack sh1t as a people anymore. we tolerate and accept everything that happens to us for fear of offending someone else. mental slavery. all thanks to comments and thoughts like yours. "that can never happen" etc... to me, you have already failed. if you KNOW (for a fact) that you can't win, why even try to fight? mentality is half the battle.

We CAN and WILL have a stateless society so long as the people WANT and DEFEND that idea.

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Comfortably Numb

is my speculation...


Too long in coming...

and welcome btw...

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