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The Africa Anomaly & Freeing the Market From Foreign Welfare

An interesting discussion occurred following some coverage on the presence of millions of protesters on Egypt’s streets, who are currently rallying against a democratically elected leader of a fairly large government that has not lived up to their standards.

That’s a politically correct way of saying that a president with the goal of being a dictator is bringing his plans to fruition after being elected by a people who have elected many dictators prior to, to the tune of “this time is different“.

Of course, my opinion is that it is not the leader who is necessarily the problem, but the presence of an overly grown government that has intruded into every facet of life from the city resident to the rural farmer. The corrupt leader is the symptom of what the founding fathers of the United States called a poison- government.

Treading further into the discussion, despite my mentioned opinions, I had to question how there could be what was an estimated 28 million people protesting the government, and relatively no technological or business growth in the country over the last decade and more. If all this work is not traded for more government, how does Egypt move forward on an individual level?

Having been to Egypt many times, I can say, that while the government is large and tyrannical, their ignorance and failed theories hold them from flooding the country, meaning that the family farms where there are still many illiterate, are rarely visited by government because they are not within grasp nor care.


FULL ARTICLE: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/07/02/the-africa-anomaly-...

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