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Firearms Freedom Act to Secure Millions of Wisconsin Gun Owner’s Rights

The Wisconsin Tenth Amendment Center is reporting that Wisconsin Rep. Michael Schraa has introduced the Firearms Freedom Act to the Wisconsin legislature, and below is his legislative announcement for the bill that coupled with the Second Amendment Preservation Act, is inspiring & firing up Pro Gun Rights Americans around the country.

“This bill, the Firearms Freedom Act, sends a simple message to the federal government…Wisconsin will not help you take away our second amendment rights.” -Schraa (R – Oshkosh)

Representative Schraa is calling for all the assistance he can garner because of the massive gun tyranny agenda being implemented nationwide and locally in Wisconsin, which is home to 5.7 million people, 44% of whom are gun owners. Any limitations on Wisconsin gun owners will be major victories for gun prohibitionists who will surely clamor at the expense of the limitation of self-protected citizens...


FULL ARTICLE: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/07/02/firearms-freedom-ac...

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Ill do my best to get my step

Ill do my best to get my step dad to vote for this, it probably wont take much convincing but I am definitely saying something to him.

Scott 'The Tool' Walker will sign this into law w/his right hand

while punching us Wiscowsinites in the butt with his left.

He will be a most excellent president of the U.S. corporation when he is appointed in 2016...

"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut

In La Crosse, WI

and hearing things like this make me believe the anti-gun liberals from Madison, having lost their hero Jim Doyle (was Attorney General then Governor), will have to accept a new era of rights for gun owners.

I'm counting on

all those that fled Illinois tyranny to support this bill. Get-R-Done.