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Bruce Fein, Lawyer Representing Edward Snowden's Father Lonnie: Father BACKS Son 100%!

Published on Jul 1, 2013

Fox's Eric Bolling was the first to speak exclusively to Lonnie Snowden after his son, NSA leaker Edward Snowden, fled the country to Hong Kong. This morning on Fox & Friends, Bolling heard from Lonnie Snowden's lawyer, Bruce Fein, who laid out the family's demands for the Justice Department in an attempt to make a deal for Snowden to turn himself in.



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Stick to the point! (just like Bruce Fein does in the interview)

Stop trying to delve into somebody's "heart" or "intentions". It's incredibly difficult to do that, so stop distracting people from the point that matters most of all: that the truth about our loss of rights is being shown to the people.

Whether it's intentional or not, the press has been making this all about Snowden; Where is he? Where is he going? Is he a hero or a traitor? Should he have this punishment or that? Just like they do with EVERY story that really matters, changing it to something that doesn't matter to the people.

What the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc, are doing to US is what matters; I care very little what Snowden's, Assange's, Manning's, Fein's, etc, "heart" or "intentions" are.

And some people here on the DP are also too distracted with the person in the interview, this time Bruce Fein. The same thing has happened in so many other stories -- Same for Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, etc. It's a distraction to ask: Is Glenn Greenwald "one of us"? Has Glenn Beck really "woken up"? Etc.

The ONLY reason to care about such things is IF the person is in a direct position of influence over your personal life (whether as a public official or as your lawyer or confidant). So since they aren't, the only thing that matters is: are they telling the truth and is it about something that really matters to people's lives?

Deciphering the "heart" or "intentions" of a public official are worth discussing, but not with people who can't figure out when they are being distracted by some news anchor or DP poster from the point that matters.

Lucky Fein Worked For Reagan

That gave him credibility and a friendly platform with Bolling.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

OMG - NOT FEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fein is a corrupt slimebag.

Go to Sibel Edmond's boilingfrogspost.com and read her seven part series in which she tried to warn the RP community about his past actions as a foreign lobbyist!

Google Krikorian versus Schmidt and see how he defended a corrupt US House representative in the most infantile way possible, in addition to helping her cover up that her legal fees were provided by Turkish interests. I've read it! I'm also very familiar with Edmonds and her story as well as Krikorian and his. I've directly spoken to both of them! Fein is a statist tool masquerading as one of us!


So, does that make what Fein

So, does that make what Fein says in this interview false or untrustworthy?

Perhaps the info you're pointing out makes me not want to hire Fein as my lawyer, but does your comment help the issue of what the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc are doing, or does it distract from it?

His Congressional Testimony Against The PATRIOT Act

indicates where his heart is.

To My knowledge he never double-crossed Ron Paul.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

He likely doesn't like the patriot act...

...because it impedes financial transactions between some of his foreign clients. Go to her site and research the guy yourself.

Looks like a weasel, sounds like a weasel, is

a weasel. Period.

This is exactly what must be done, and Fein did Excellent.

This is not about Snowden, this is about the secret crimes of Government!


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Way to go Dad!

How very smart to get Mr. Fein. Or, was it Bruce who sought out Dad?

Either way...great hookup!

I personally hope Edward makes it to some comfortable chalet in another country and lives in safety from here on out.

Don't ever trust TPTB to keep their word (Edward knows this, of course).

Bring him back.

Bruce Fein doing a fine job! Those suggested stipulations, well thought out and based on previous judicial actions. Edward S. remains a US citizen, regardless of his passport's cancellation. He needs to return to his homeland securely, and face a jury of his peers. Peers, not corrupt bureaucrats. And US General James Cartwright is a real patriot, puts this country first last and always.

O'Bomba blows fiat billions to drag his 'royal robes'....

... around the globe, simultaneously in celebration of Nobel peace prize and newest war, ...

... as Snowdon and dozens of fellow whistle-blowers ride in NYC ticker tape parade!

This coincides with arrest of Bloomberg, Biden, Cheney, Bush, et al, and the initiation of impeachment hearings...

... followed by stray drone, which ironically saves American taxpayers billions!

But I digress.

way to go Dad :)

way to go Dad :)

and way to go Bruce

and way to go Bruce

A big step in the right direction

Great interview. Bruce Fein was also on Ron Paul campaign staff.

Holly crap. This guy just killed it


+Vote x 100


is an EXCELLENT interview vid... deserves front page.
I would suggest a different title... the dialog has SO much in it.
Father BACKS son Edward Snowden 100%!!

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I agree. My apologies to Big E for changing your title!

Thank you both for helping keep this story alive and out in front of the people so that Edward Snowden's worst fear is not realized.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

Greenwald/Snowden 2016 Start the campaign now!

Out with the tyrants and in with the real Patriots! Now that is a ticket I could support. Not only would we instantly be loved around the world again, we could initiate the chance to restore what has been the greatest experiment in freedom in all of history.


Risky business

Yes, a fair trial would be ideal, while the US Federal government has repeatedly demonstrated malefaction (ie. MLK assassination, Private Manning detainment without trial, Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib torture etc).

In any case, may the honor of conscience and dignified benevolence prevail!