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VIDEO: Police Shoot Dog Defending Owner As Cop Arrested Him - For Filming Them (Warning: GRAPHIC!)

Ashley Collman | Daily Mail | July 2, 2013

A video posted yesterday on YouTube shows the grisly shooting of a dog by a police officer in Hawthorne, California.

The 130-pound, 3-year-old Rottweiler named Max was shot to death after he escaped through a window in a parked car and ran over to his master, Leon Rosby, who was being arrested for filming the scene on his phone.

The video shows Rosby, 52, walking his dog Sunday around 7 p.m. near a house with several police squad cars parked outside.


Read more: http://www.infowars.com/video-police-shoot-dog-defending-own...

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Oh hell no

someone did that to my dog, they've have to shoot me, because their neck would be broken, police or not. There was no cause for arrest, and certainly no cause for them to fire at the dog. Especially considering that the gentleman filming complied to their orders to turn around and was voluntarily arrested, AND made the attempt to put the dog in the car.

Someone actually posted the officer's home address on the youtube video in the comments.

SteveMT's picture

There will be a lot more dogs in heaven and a lot less people.

These police are trash.

What a fucking cowardly piece of shit asshole

I am literally shaking with anger. I really hope someone in that neighborhood fucking makes that cop pay. Preferably with his life as well.

And what is wrong with cops - WTF is he even doing shooting with all those people around.

What did they even arrest the guy for?????????

Yeh, yeh - everyone keeps saying they want a peaceful revolution.

Sorry for my skepticism - but it will only be peaceful if we all effin act like good little slaves.

Totally agree

We have to crush these criminals in costume. Pacifism is BS.

Americans need to take back our streets, if we will ever take back our freedom.

Cops are the Task-Masters.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Your right, that dog would

Your right, that dog would be alive, if the costumes had not made the decision to arrest the guy.

Why was the guy arrested.......what ACTUAL crime did he commit......if there was no crime beyond annoyance, then the costumes created that situation, that lead to that dogs demise......life is going on as normal, and then, bam, what must have gone through that poor dogs head, i really pray that he died with shock, then pain....motherfuckers.........

This is what you get when you have those in authority who dont understand what it means to live in a truelly free society.......these actions, and actions like these will constantly keep us from achieving true peace, that is unless documented acts like these bring the people closer to one another........and i would NOT credit them with that, if that were to happen

looked like

the cop flinched before the dog snapped

I love dogs.

This video made me so sick I called Hawthorn police department. The dog was an innocent victim the dogs owner is an IDIOT. Peacefully filming is one thing. This guy was not doing that if you find the longer versions. I also don't think we need to submit to uniformed enforcers. Good dog + bad owner + trigger happy cops = SAD.

The guy wasn't even doing anything wrong!

The dog didn't appear to be acting violent either.

This is the kinda thing I was talking about...

Yesterday when I was talking about force...

At some point if we want these abuses to stop we will have to replace the police with a well regulated militia, as per the Constitution (being necessary to the security of a FREE state).

That will require a degree of force. There may be conflict.

The point is... We have to WIN the conflict... then the people wake up... and they wake up to a well regulated militia they can be a part of, instead of the Praetorian Guard aka the police, protecting their streets...

In a town militia, the guy with the video camera is another militia man, filming the scene for evidence, and NOT a criminal subject to abuse by the 'warrior class' who have MORE RIGHTS and more power than the average citizen. In a militia the average citizen is the warrior class. Kind of hard to have tyranny and enforce unjust, unpopular laws in that scenario.

Time for more local militias to operate openly and many more new ones to form. Lead by example and out-perform the cops. Keep demonstrating the futility of government police with vides like this and demonstrate the practicality of local militias. It will start in small towns and go from there as the methodology evolves.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I value a dog's life 100x more than....

a cop's.

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

These days, I can't blame you.

Our country has gone so far down the pit. It will be a glorious revolution when the time comes.

In a strange turn of events I chose to put my dog down...

It was the toughest day of my life. When adopted Dash I never imagined I wouldn't have my own house. I (& my wife & 2 dogs)had to move from Wa state to Ca and in w/my wife's cousin. There were 10 dogs total in house. Dash for whatever reason killed a 19 yr old chihuahua,blinded another(old really old chihuahua) and maimed another of the same. That was months ago. Our host and cousin spent 26,ooo$ rehabing the last one. Dash has slept next Kieko. no prob . July 2 my wife and I got home (Wendy, my wife) let Dash into the yard and he bee lined for Kieko and shook till dead.This was the 3rd attack. Pit bulls are more often put down than re adopted. No one else on this planet would swim him 5 times a day. He would @ 10 or 12 yrs old (can't tell 'cause adopted)only expect a 10% chance of adoption to...strangers. I chose to put him down myself. I feel I owed it to him. (couldn't afford vet & having my rancher buddy kill him is just rude.)It was just fucking awful. I do not recomend anyone ever try to put down a pit bull mastiff with fire arms.I am sorry for unloading on you. I can not share this w/anyone else right now. I hope I never have to fire a fire arm again. Post Log ; I just wana tell somebody I had to empty a 38 and run for a 12 gage. I do not know how long this took. I held him and told him I loved him apologized while he bled out. His name was Dash. I miss him alot.

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'