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In 2011 US declared "hacking", an "act of war". Isn't the US now guilty of an "act of war" against numerous countries?

In 2011, the Pentagon released its first formal cyber strategy, which called computer hacking from other nations an "act of war," according to the Wall Street Journal. In late June of this year, WSJ reported that Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, released information alleging the U.S. government was hacking Chinese targets "that include the nation's mobile-phone companies and one of the country's most prestigious universities."

Now that EU offices have been hacked by the U.S. government as well, one must wonder if that was an "act of war" on the part of the United States.

Pentagon officials emphasized in 2011, however, that not every cyberattack would be considered an act of war unless it threatened American lives, commerce or infrastructure. There would also have to be indisputable evidence that the suspected nation state was involved.


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What's worse,

is that the American people, the purse behind the attacks, are the primary target, as usual.


The US government has secretly declared war on its own citizens. Shouldn't we be outraged?

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And the giant hypocrisy tiger comes full speed from behind

to clench its jaws and sink its teeth right square in their ass.


Tune in next week when we see which ones get tripped by their mates and left as tiger food while the rest of the pack scrambles for safety behind a flag pole.

not at all - let me explain

To psychopaths, rules/laws/ethics/morality apply only to others.
Drawn to positions of power, they've been infiltrating the USG since Lincoln.
Now the USG is absolutely riddled with them.
If you want to understand U.S. politics, study the psychopath.

Just more boob bait

for the bubba's.

*The gubbermint has investigated itself and found no wrong doing.

It kind of reminds me of when they said anyone

Who aids Al Qaeda would be considered terrorists, shortly before they decided to start aiding Al Qaeda in Syria.


Re:"that not every cyberattack would be considered an act of war unless it threatened American"

It's only an act of war when someone else does it to the USA. If the USA does it, it's just national security. I know it seems like an obvious case of double standards which are unethical, but I doubt they see it that way.

While the American sheeple bend over & take it...

...with a smile, the rest of the world is getting pissed off!

Amazing how much damage a few greedy, power hungry liars can do.



Free includes debt-free!