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Coal-state Dems chisel away at Obama climate plan

From drudge.com "Why is this economy going to be taking this hit? Why are jobs going to be lost, and they will be lost," Manchin said." "But the industry claims to be struggling to both make those investments and meet the demands of federal regulations. Group President Robert M. "Mike" Duncan says EPA regulations have played a big role in the closure of nearly 290 coal plants so far this year.

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What are the alternatives?

I'm not a big fan of the EPA - I'd rather see companies change their operations without more gov't regulations - but with tort reform limiting the ability of injured parties to make these companies feel the hurt for their disregard of the environment and people's health (especially here in Texas), something has to be done to scale back the pollution/environmental damage/health risks from these plants and other industries like them. I think some companies would take it upon themselves to cut dangerous emissions, but I don't think we'd see that on a large scale if it increases the cost of doing business.

I'm curious as to what a viable alternative to the EPA would look like. And that's not a rhetorical question - I am really curious.